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Just thought Id mention sometimes yer artstyle reminds me of the art in /Hannas Not a Boys Name/ and I was wonderin if ya knew about it and/or liked it

woah anon, that is some seriously high praise, thank you!!! i love tessa stone’s art style! and HINABN was an amazin webcomic, so i this gave me the urge to doodle some fanart~

veser doodl i did to unwind a bit!


I love Valentine’s Day literally just because I have an excuse to make these silly things :)c


Today I met Tessa Stone at Boston Comic Con. I can’t even put it into words how much I aspire to her art and her in general. She’s meant so much to me for like 4 years? And at the time she disappeared after her comic came out. She came out with another one (I’m not too into it but w/e) but I still got a chance to see her. When I saw her I tried to keep a conversation and I asked her to sign my sketchbook. When I told her I had a (bad) cosplay for Veser she added him to the signature. I had to leave because I legit started sobbing from happiness. After about 40 minutes when I recouped I came back and took some selfies with her. She honestly changed not only my artistic aspirations, but I’d say my life. I’m just so grateful I got to meet her. I remember when I was like 13 or 14 I was so invested in her comic (Hanna is not a boys name) that I legit cried just knowing Tessa is out there and doing something unrelated to it. But I finally came to acceptance that she moved on, and so I did. Once I saw her and saw her art style and as I watched her draw Veser, all my emotions and tears from when I was younger just flooded back. If I could tell my younger self I got to meet her in person, she wouldn’t believe me. But it’s true. I love you Tessa!!! @whoatess