hanna's shit

Marlene said this season will be romantic so I thought I’d make a quick recap of all the “romance” so far. (Warning: contains a lot of sarcasm)

Aria cheated on her boyfriend with her ex. You know the one who stalked her and her friends, whilst he was their teacher? #goals.

Caleb tried to get back together with his ex girlfriend (whilst still in a relationship with her best friend) literally STRAIGHT after she freed herself from being kidnapped. After being rejected, he then attempted to get his current girlfriend into bed with him. Jane Austen couldn’t write this shit.

Hanna, fresh from a fucking torture chamber in the middle of nowhere, sexed herself up and reunited with her fiancée. Ya know, the one who didn’t even know she had been kidnapped in the first place? She tried to create a perfect night with him, failed, and then broke up with him. Well, at least she tried… I guess?

Toby hasn’t seen his girlfriend in about 99 years it seems. Maybe it’s a long distance romance…? No matter, he’s still getting his fix of flirting over picking locks with his ex girlfriend, who is currently in a relationship with his best pal. Dreeeeeaaaaaam-y.

Emily is trying her hardest to protect Ali. It’s so sweet. Not as sweet as when she accused her of murdering her own sister based on, well, nothing. But still pretty sweet.

2 episodes in, and I can safely say, if this is romance…. Do not sign me up.

PLL Finale

Now that ABC family have confirmed what we are gonna find out in the season finale I am slightly worried that were not going to see the face of charles!!

They say we find out A’s motive to why he’s been torturing the girls…

But it says “Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna come face to face with A”

It doesn’t say that WE as an audience will.

I swear if that episode ends with the liars faces in shock I am done.

the signs as... shit hanna marin does
  • Aquarius: Breaking into a science lab in the middle of the night and releasing a raccoon from its cage, but then you get scared so you throw Cheetos at its head to keep the creature at bay.
  • Pisces: Cheering on your Grandma as she sings the National Anthem.
  • Aries: Slapping a blind girl in a public restroom. No one seems to remember WHY you did it, but everyone is on your side in this scenario.
  • Taurus: Tearfully eating half a dozen cupcakes in one sitting... in public.
  • Gemini: Unwittingly stepping into a gay bar and stealing the hearts of half the patrons within mere minutes.
  • Cancer: Successfully stealing a car by giving yourself a breast examination in front of the valet.
  • Leo: When 'Bang Bang' plays during dance rehearsal and you get so turnt up that you forget your routine so your uppity beauty pagaent manager quits on the spot and calls you a lost cause and makes you cry in the hallway and you're also wearing skull-print leggings.
  • Virgo: Wanting to wait and see if they crown you Homecoming Queen before you try and save one of your friends from a possible psychotic killer.
  • Libra: Not wanting to confront your feelings in group therapy so you just go shopping instead.
  • Scorpio: Being a misandrist film noir telephone operator.
  • Sagittarius: Wanting to wear a cherry red bandage mini dress to the funeral of a recently deceased and reprehensible detective.
  • Capricorn: Dressing up as an elf for a children's Christmas party and then making thinly-veiled death threats towards the more mean-spirited kids in attendance.
Twin reveal

I think Marlene was always going with the books until she realised how disappointing it would be, the re-occuring picture of the two little blonde twins. Don’t care, she’s had no clue what to do with the storyline, it makes no sense whats so ever. Why would only Hanna and her mum see the twins? Why where they young? Nope not having it, bye.

Why is it that the “anti-Frozen” blogs are more supportive of Hans fans than the actual Frozen fandom??? Like…he was part of the movie too??? When the people who run blogs solely for bashing a movie start defending members of that movie’s fandom because they’re being bullied so much by the rest of the fandom…isn’t that kind of a red flag???

  • <p> <b>me @ pll:</b> wtf is dis show. i dont understand? dis is the dumbest show ever like wtf<p/><b>also me @ pll:</b> OMG YE GO MAMA MARIN GET DAT BITCH OH SHIT YE RYT DER OH FAK MAH OTPS ARE RISING LIKE MAH BLOOD PRESSURE WHILE WATCHING DIS OMG SHIT IM GONA READ THEORIES AND FANFICS ONLINE AND HURRY 2017!!!!! GONA STALK MARLENE TONIGHT<p/></p>
  • emily: i think i like someone and they look exactly like u
  • jason: omg really
  • emily: yes and their hair is so blond
  • jason: omg is that me
  • emily: no its ur sister