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I just posted my first theory about that finale and it was specifically for Aria, HOWEVER this theory is about ALL the liars and Ali(Mona). The prom dresses all have significance if you pay close attention. Take a look at this BTS picture. 

Now lets compare this to a chess board and the pieces.

Let’s look at HANNA: she is in a lovely RED dress. Now we know that Hanna has dressed up as Red Coat before to expose Spencer.(that happens in season 3) You could say that was the plan A wanted, no? To test Spencer’s loyalty and throw the girls off of the red coat trail, by being worried about Spencer’s involvement. Let’s call Hanna the ROOK. The rooks are usually off to the side of the board. Used when necessary.They “protect”. They are a lot of talk, hardly any action. (”Give her her stuff back RIGHT NOW or I’ll RIP YOUR HEAD OFF” “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool my friends, you’re DEAD FREAKING MEAT.”) 

Now look at EMILY: She is in a long gorgeous blue gown that reminds me of her “Rosewood Sharks” days. She was always an important part of the team, but she eventually left. The dress highlights her boobs and her long legs. Kind of distracting huh? Well most PAWNS are pretty must used like that. They are the first to go. The easiest to move because they only go one way. THERE ARE MORE PAWNS THAN ANY OTHER PIECE IN THIS GAME. 

If you look at the back you see one lovely SPENCER: She is in a plaid getup, which remind everyone that she is the nerd of the group. Her makeup and the color of her dress are kind of dark, especially for Spencer. HOWEVER, they do remind me of those days that Spencer was called upon to be on the A-team. I remember her makeup being very dark at that time. In chess, the KNIGHT is a very “self-representing” piece, the HIGHLY EDUCATED and WEALTHY men could become knights. We know Spencer to be very highly educated and wealthy. Even when she WAS on the A-team, they knew she would stray, and go her own way. 

That leaves MONA and ARIA: I am doing these two together because they ARE standing right beside each other. ARIA’s dress look very “queen-like” to me, while Mona’s looks princess-like. This, to me, describes their relationship perfectly. Aria is Mona’s “evil mother” if you will. She gives her the orders. Mona is her right-hand woMAN. Now in chess, Mona would be considered the BISHOP, she was third in command. She was ON EITHER SIDE OF THE QUEEN or king. She is the third-most important. ARIA is the QUEEN, she represents herself in this game. (Does this hint that Aria is the UBER A that is using this board? She put herself in this position of the game?) Dressed up in a beautiful queen-like dress. SHE IS THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT piece in the game. She can move anyway she wants. She can be WITH the liars or AGAINST THEM, whenever she wants. She is PROMINENT, and a favorite. 


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Non-replica Christine dressing gowns from “Phantom of the Opera”:

  • Sofie Asplund, Finland
  • Hanna Liina Vösa, Estonia
  • Irina Ioana Baiant, Romania
  • Michaela Gemrotova, Czech Republic
  • Another of Michaela Gemrotova, Czech Republic
  • Edyta Krzemien, Poland
  • Linda Kiraly, Hungary
  • Emmy Rossum, 2004 movie (dream world version)
  • Emmy Rossum, 2004 movie (real world version)
"When life gives you lemons"
  • Aria: writes a book about the lemons
  • Spencer: throws the lemons at other politicians
  • Mona: do you have nightmares about the lemons to?
  • Hanna: design a lemon dress
  • Emily: make a drink of the lemons
  • Alison: please give freedom to the lemons
  • Toby: build a house for the lemons
  • Caleb: takes the lemons to Hanna's hotel room without calling first
  • Charlotte: but did the lemons die?
  • Charlotte: fuck i died
  • Jason: don't approve the yellow color of the lemons
  • Ashley Marin: rebuilds Radley to a lemonade bar
  • Ezra: builds houses of the lemons for homeless people
  • Veronica: runs for lemon senator
  • Fandom: trend the hashtags #5LemonsForward and #SpencerThrowingLemons
  • Plot twist: the lemons commits suicide by cutting themselves in pieces
  • Plot twist #2: someone had already cut the lemons, they didn't commit suicide
  • Dr Rollins: if I knew this would happen I wouldn't have given you the lemons
Don't Do It

This is a prompt based on Emily going to Ali’s wedding. You know things won’t be that easy though, it’s Emison after all.

“Time!” Hanna called out. “We’ve got an hour before it starts.” Aria replied passing me a dress. “Hanna you can’t be serious. This is too short.” I say examining the teasing plunge line and the length of the small dress. “There’s no such thing, I mean it will make it harder to say no to you when you’re in that dress” she replies checking her mirrors before she quickly over takes the two cars in front. The swerving and speed had me falling onto Aria. “Han could you maybe slow it down,” I ask rubbing my head where I just banged it. “No time.” She swerved past another car just as she said that. “Emily put on the dress,” Hanna demands as she eyes me from the front. “Was it not bad enough that you made me change into lingerie, in a speeding car, in front of you?!” I ask incredulously. “What shoes did you bring?” Aria asks attempting to change the subject. I slip on the tight dress that just about covers my ass. “Flats, I’m already taller than Ali, I don’t need a pair of six inches.” I say as I manage to sit back down. Aria laughs as she shakes her head. “Emily you are hopeless.” Hanna says laughing along with Aria. I start putting on my make up using the mirror Aria is holding up. I nearly poke my eye out with eyeliner a few times due to Hanna’s driving. I wonder who’s idea it had been to let her drive. Once done I finally sit down and quietly think about what I’m doing. After a while panic hits me like a truck. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t be doing this, it’s mad, it’s completely nuts, this is Cece level crazy.” I ramble out all in one go. “Emily breathe!” Hanna shouts from the drivers seat. I run my hands through my hair for the thousandth time in the last 15 minutes. Well I think it’s been 15 minutes, but surely it can’t be. The ‘Welcome to Rosewood’ sign already coming into view. However Hanna is driving like the road limits don’t apply to her so that may explain the time. “Stop the car, I have to get out.” I say suddenly finding it difficult to breathe. My chest begins feeling tighter and airways feeling constricted as I heave in the oxygen. I feel a hand on my back rubbing soothingly. “I think she’s having a panic attack, Han.” Aria calls out to Hanna from the back. “For God sake Emily get it together,” Hanna’s voice is evidently annoyed as I feel the car pull up on the side of the road. I pull open the door and fall out onto the floor. The fresh cold air hits me in the face kickstarting my lungs. I keep taking deep breaths for a minute before I’m fully calm. When I do look up I see Hanna staring down at me with her arms folded and a 'no games’ look on her face. “Maybe you drove too fast Han, I mean you nearly ran over several people leaving Philly.” Aria says understandingly. Hanna just shakes her head at me. It had really been quite comical though, watching Hanna and Aria run towards me in their bridesmaid dresses, makeup half done and hair still with rolling pins. They had all but lifted me and thrown me into the car in the space of approximately 3 minutes. “Have you guys forgotten what we are doing here?!” Hanna asked incredulously. I hadn’t, how could I? That was why I was having a panic attack in the first place. Hanna had incessantly called me for a week telling me to get my 'stupidly sexy, too beautiful for life, stubborn butt’ back to Rosewood. When the invitation for Alison’s wedding had arrived, it had taken me almost a month to open it and read the letter she had sent with it. To say it hurt was not explanatory enough, I had literally gone into depression because of my heartache. Maybe I was stubborn but I believed Alison no longer wanted me. The letter had been hand written for me, with tear stains on it. It somehow helped me get myself together. I had got a job at the clinic within the next week and started to find myself again. Even though she had no idea she had aided me when my life was very dark. I had finished university, and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I had no one remotely special in my life and I truly was just lost. The letter had read,

’ Hello Emily,
Gosh why does that sound so formal. I’m not used to writing letters like this I guess. Am I just supposed to write what’s in my head or do I get straight to the point? I don’t know, so I’ll do what I think is right. By now you will have seen the wedding invitation. I know it’s only a couple of months away but I was really hoping you would come. The other girls have agreed to be bridesmaids but I won’t request you join them, if you’re not comfortable. I didn’t know whether to call you or not, if you would like to speak to me then it’s all in your hands; seeing as you changed your number. I know there’s not much contact between the two of us now but I would love to see you here, for me. I won’t blame you if you don’t come. There’s a lot history between us and I’m not sure how I will handle it when it’s your turn, I’m already jealous of the blessed woman. Now that I’m moving on with my life I know that I cannot step through one door when I have left the other open, so I would like to apologise for the times that I hurt you. I am truly sorry. I wish we could have worked out. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say that but it’s the truth. Even if I don’t see you again, I hope you are happy.
Love Ali.’

I had read it over a thousand times and I decided that I would not go, I would allow her to love her life without painful reminders from the past.

Yet even after that, here I am back in Rosewood to stop the wedding. Stop the wedding, God that sounds crazy. I’m thankful that Hanna, Spencer and Aria had opened my eyes. If I didn’t try to stop this then I would probably lose her forever, and end up regretting it the rest of my life.
“I haven’t forgotten what we are doing here, believe me. I just needed a minute to think,” I reply getting back into the passengers seat. Once Hanna is back in the car she’s doesn’t wait to drive off. “You’ve had years to think Emily. You and Ali have been in love since like 1801, it’s time you finally admitted it.” Hanna replied animatedly. “Yeah Hanna’s right,” Aria adds from the back. “Aria I’m surprised you agree with this,” I state turning to face her. In times of panic Aria is the voice of reason, and I need her to tell me if what I’m doing isn’t completely insane. “I mean I had to be talked round and there could have been better timing than the day of the wedding, however it is all very romantic. It’s like something from a film.” She replies with an honest smile. “Why didn’t Spencer come?” I ask genuinely curious as to why the other brunette is absent. “She’s with Mona keeping Ali busy,” aria answers beginning to finish off her make up. “That, and she’s the only one who can stand to be in a room with Cece for more than 5 minutes.” Hanna adds. I have no idea what I am walking into. This is by far the most impulsive thing I have ever done. I’m not sure I’ve thought it through. I’ve not even started thinking about what I’m going to say. I had just booked a ticket yesterday evening and hopped on the plane a few hours later. The panic starts to rise in me again. “Oh God, I’m not sure I can do this guys. I mean it’s her wedding day for God sake,” I say as I see the church come into sight. “Emily yes you can,” Aria replies softly placing a hand on my shoulder. “I don’t even know if I’ll have a job tomorrow, I just up and left. What have I done?” I say frustrated as the car pulls round the back. Hanna pulls up the car before turning to face and look me right in the eyes. “Emily you need to at least try. You may not have a job tomorrow but you may have the love of your life. Those don’t come around as often as jobs do okay.” Hanna said placing her hands on my shoulders. I nod my head as I try to calm my breathing. “Go and get your girl Emily,” Aria says as Hanna reaches over and opens the door. I take a quick look in the mirror and sort out my hair before Hanna all but pushes me out. “Go, it’s the third door on the left."A huge smile crosses her face. I take one last breath before I begin running for the church.

I open the doors to the back of the church and see Spencer poke her head out from the door down the corridor. A smile is plastered on her face as she signals me over with her hand. I run over to her and begin for the door before she stops me with her hand. I look at her confused before she points to my shoes causing me to roll my eyes. "Hey Cece, Mona; I need your help out here,” she calls into the room she is currently preventing from getting into. The two women come out and immediately notice Emily. They both smile to Spencer before pulling me into the opposite room. “We will be right back Ali,” is all I hear before the door shuts and the women are squealing. “I can’t believe you came,” ; “this is is so romantic,”; and “Emily, I missed you,” all three women say at the same time as they hug me. “I was under the impression that time was running out,” I say to them. “Yes but you are not seeing my sister with those on,” Cece says pointing at my shoes. I roll my eyes as the three women begin to work on me. I feel Cece pulling at my shoes and putting me into some heels, Mona is at my hair with a brush and some curlers and Spencer is fondling with my boobs and fixing my make up. Within a minute they are done and appreciating their work. “Now you are ready,” Mona says linking arms with Cece. It’s all very odd the relationships and interactions with Cece. I suppose the others all had time to get used to it when they returned to Rosewood. Before I head for the door Cece hands me a red rose, “why do you think I never outed you on that night in your bedroom, I’ve always been rooting for you.” She whispers in my ear. I’m not sure what to think of that as I stare down at the woman who had tormented me for so long. I don’t have time to think about it either as Spencer pushes me out into the corridor with a wink and a little smack of butt.

I breathe in and out slowly as I count to five then knock on the White door. “Rollins that better not be you,” I hear her voice filled with happiness and amusement. I almost afraid to walk in now but I know it is literally now or never. I open and shut the door and take two full steps before looking up at her. She’s not facing me when I look up, she’s looking in the mirror and I can only see her dress and flowing blonde hair, that now sits low on her back. My eyes are wide as she turns around and my breath is stolen from my lungs as I take her in. She’s breathtaking. I drop the flower in my hand in absolute shock at seeing her after all the years I had gone without. Questioning myself, how did I manage even a single day? If I thought she was beautiful before, time has only made her blossom more. She wears a fitting mermaid style white dress with sequins around the chest that is simply gorgeous. Her face though, that’s what takes me back. Her blue eyes dazzling with the dark eye makeup and light pink lipstick to go with it. Her hair is styled with a plait along the middle. “Emily?” She questions, bringing me out of my trance. Her own eyes having looked me up and down appreciatively, however shock was evident on her features. I go to speak but my mouth is dry and I don’t even know where to start. She notices me and takes a few steps towards me looking me in the eyes before pulling me into an embrace. I hold on tightly to her as I take in her truly missed vanilla scent. “You look radiant,” I whisper into her ear. “So do you,” she says burying her face in my hair. “I know…"I say with a new found confidence. "that was a joke,” I say a second later, causing her to laugh. I can feel her laugh against me and I revel in having her so close. I’m reluctant to let go and I can tell she is too but I finally decide to pull away and take a step back so I can have room to think without just pulling her into a kiss, because lord knows that’s what I’ve wanted to do since I walked into the room. “I can’t belie-” she begins as I say, “you’re gettin-” we both laugh shyly looking away from each other. I just know a blush has crept onto my face as I feel my face getting hot. “You first,” I say smiling at her. “I can’t believe you came, I honestly thought I was never going to see you again.” She says as she gives me that most jaw dropping smile I’ve missed. I almost forget to talk as I keep gawping at her. She smirks this time as she surely notices I’m lost for words. “It was a last minute decision, I, uh-” I say beginning to stumble my words. I close my eyes and take a second to gather my thoughts as her mere presence distracts me completely. “It was a last minute decision to get on the plane and come here. I’ve been travelling since yesterday and have not had a single second to just think about what I want to say to you.” I say subconsciously stepping towards her again. It’s not until I reach for her hand I realise how close I am again, and how I’m beginning to get lost in her eyes all over again. I gather all the confidence and courage I have as I look into her all knowing cerulean blue eyes. “I ran here for you. I ran here because…because, I couldn’t let you marry someone else before I let you know how I feel.” Shock registers across her features with every word I say. “I am still in love with you Alison. I know it’s been five years but I can tell you right now that the distance has sorely been felt. I know now, in these few minutes of being in this room with you, that I love the new person you are, even if I don’t know her. I was stupid all those years ago, I should have fought for you, instead I let you go to Lorenzo. I should never have forced myself into something with Sara when every time I looked at her I wanted to see you. I should have never left for college without taking you with me. I know this is crazy, I know this isn’t the best time but please…just please, don’t do this, if there is even just a small part of you that still misses me.” I say. Tears having already rolled down my cheeks. I watch as she takes her hand back from me, tears have welled up in her own eyes too. I can tell I have caught her off guard as she continues to look at me with wide eyes, obviously searching my eyes for, something.
She paces for several minutes. Up and down, up and down, the length of the room. Anticipation gathers up in my chest with every second she doesn’t say anything. She sits down at the chair by her cosmetics and mirror. She’s baffled and I can tell because she has shaken her head several times. “I don’t know what you want me to say?” A tear escapes her eye. “Honestly, I was hoping you would say you still felt something for me.” I answer meekly. “Even if I say it, it won’t change anything,” she says as more tears flow down her face. “If you say it, and you really mean it, it will change everything.” I say my voice straining. “It’s my wedding day Emily!” She whispers anger seeping into her tone. “I know it’s not the best timing-” I begin to say as she cuts me off. “It’s the worst possible timing. You had five years. I was waiting.” She replies sadness evident in her features. Disappointment alight in her eyes as she stares straight into my soul, dissecting and exposing all of me. I was terrified of what she would say. I was scared that she would say no and tell me to leave but I was frightened that she might say yes. This had my heart beating hard and fast in my chest. I could physically feel the strain of blood in my veins. The silence in the room only seemed to make it beat harder and faster. “I was stupid, I should said something sooner.” I say as I kneel in front of her. This time when I take her hands she pulls back so quickly, like my touch actually burnt her. “I gave you a chance to stop me Emily, you think I sent that letter because I wanted you to come to my wedding. I wanted you to stop me then. You never came. I wanted you Emily, but you never came. You can’t do this to me now,” Alison’s voice raised with every word till she broke down into tears. I didn’t know what to do, I was hurting her again. Her sobs were loud and they were powerful as I watched her whole body convulse with every cry out.

A fire ignited inside of me as I watched her almost weep. I will fight for her harder than I have for anything ever in my life. “I’m sorry Alison! I am sorry” I said clearly and passionately as I held her face in my hands forcing her to look at me. I held her there as she took in my words, I needed her to hear me. “I’m sorry for not staying loyal to you all those years ago. I’m sorry that I let you believe that I didn’t care about you when we had the chance to start again. And I am sorry for abandoning you, when you needed me the most. I am honestly and wholeheartedly sorry for all of it.” Her sobs had stopped so she could stare at me. I could tell that it had set off something inside her, she didn’t realise she had been waiting for me to say that to her. I wasn’t surprised when she kissed me and I marvelled in it. Marvelled in the feeling of her lips against mine, how soft they were, how they fitted mine as if they were made for mine. I reached up on my knees to be closer to her as my hands got lost in her hair. I was lost in everything Alison and there were no longer boundaries to where I ended and she began. I never wanted this moment to end because as she allowed my tongue entry I got lost in her further and further. Our lips and teeth and tongues clashed in this epic battle of love. I didn’t know what this would prove but it was desperate and filled with spark. It ignited us both, leaving my skin tingling and ablaze like she had set my very body on fire. I was up in flames and I was up in heaven. Her mouth was sweet yet scotching and her hands pulling me closer had my eyes rolling into the back of my head. The were moans and gasps as my lips moved to her neck. I needed to breathe but if I stopped I didn’t know whether this would be the last time. I didn’t know if it had been seconds or minutes but a knock on the door kicked us both back down to earth. It was like being dunked in ice cold water.

I stare at her as we both get our breath back. Her eyes remain closed and lips parted and her head tilted to the sky. Her hair is slightly messy and my red lipstick has left a mark on her face and a trail down her neck. There’s a knock again before she quickly turns away from me instead to the mirror and begins re-applying her make up. “Y-yes,” her voice comes out uncharacteristically wavy. “It’s me sweetheart. Everyone is ready, I just wanted to hear your voice one last time before…we are actually married,” he says joy evident in his voice. I see a pained expression come across Alison’s face. I see guilt on her face and I instantly feel dread. Dread that I didn’t do enough, that she has actually moved on. She clears her throat before she answers attempting to sound upbeat, “you know you can’t see me before the wedding Rollins.” There is a soft thud against the door, I can imagine him banging his head against the door. After all he is set to marry Alison Dilaurentis, perhaps the most beautiful woman on earth. The woman I had stupidly let go and thrown away with both hands. For the first time in my life the song, 'Best Thing I Never Had’, by Beyoncé comes to mind. “Please Ali bear, you can put the partition up and I won’t peek, I swear,” he pleads with her. The atmosphere in the room is currently at an all time awkward as Alison looks away from me and stands behind the partition in the corner of the room. Her eyes are still watery and with every pat of foundation another tear falls. I look at her one last time before she fully disappears behind the partition. “Come in, then.” She says. Her voice seems lighter than a few minutes ago. I turn to the door as he comes in. He is surprised to see me but a charming smile appears on his face as he says jokingly, “why Ali I do like the new hair colour?” I can see what Alison probably sees in him. He seems kind, charming and genuine; everything Alison needs after everything. I laugh as good nature. He looks at my face, which reminds me I had probably forgotten to wipe away my tears and may have Ali’s make up on my face. I think a flash of sadness comes across his face, but by the time I think to register it, it’s gone. There’s another awkward silence as Alison fails to say anything but we can both her sniffles from where we stand. I see the cogs in his head work overtime to figure out the situation. Understanding dawns across his face as I continue to just look at him, not exactly sure what to say. I was envious of him, he seemed to have it together, he was handsome, a doctor from what I had heard and had Alison. Jealousy when it came to Alison never sat well with me. A genuine smile spreads across his face before he puts out his hand, “ you must be Emily. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I smile back at him and shake his hand. I head towards the door to give the two a private moment, as he catches my wrist, “I’m glad you came Emily, Alison has obviously missed you.” He says kindly. I pick up the Rose that I had accidentally discarded earlier. I open the door only to see a crowd of brides maids step back quickly, acting as if they had not been pressed up against the door. Mona, Cece and my other three friends share a look between themselves. No one speaks as I wait by the door. I keep chanting in my head, that it’s still not over, 'Pip gets Estella in the end’ comes to mind.

An older woman, I’m assuming to be Rollins mother, walks over and ushers the women away to take position. “It’s time Son, you better not have seen her already!” She calls out with a smile. “Alison dear your father is waiting,” she adds before looking at me. “The guests are already seated…” She signals for a name, “Emily.” Her face lights up, “were you the other bridesmaid?” I’m unsure if I was included so I just nod. “We have a couple of minutes if you can change that quickly,” she begins for the bridesmaids room. “It’s okay, I’m not sure I’ll be staying.” I answer honestly. “That’s a great shame dear, I heard the other girls talking about you.” She says just when Rollins walks out. He offers me a smile before his mother literally drags him away. I walk back into Alison’s room as she fixes her hair in the mirror. “So you’re going to go through with it.” I state rather than ask. She doesn’t look at me but continues to fix her appearance. “When have I ever not gone through with something.” She says poetically. “I know you still care about me Ali.” Her eyes snap to mine when I call her out. “Don’t do this,"she responds her voice dangerously low, warning a threat in her voice. I am not backing out easy however. "Not until you tell me the truth, to my face,” she whips around and steps towards me like she will say something. Instead she simply holds my glare. I curse myself as I feel the tears escape my eyes once more. She looks away as if it’s too much for her. My heart begins to race when I hear the music of the church start to play, the church bells ringing loudly. I’m running out of time. “Ali, just say the words and I will take you anywhere you want to go. I’ll spend the rest of my life making you happy.” Desperation seeps into my voice now. “I can’t do that, don’t you get it, this is my wedding day.” She is angry and I see her trying not cry again. She picks up her flowers and adjusts her veil. I grab her hand before she can cover her face. “Alison please,” I beg shamelessly. “If I choose you then I can’t stay here,” she says looking up at me pained. “We can go to Cali, or Paris or wherever you want to go.” I say frantically. “I have a life here,"she tries again. "Your life won’t end if you’re with me.” She’s debating in her mind and she’s panicking, I can see it in her eyes as she looks between me and the door. “I love you Alison Dilaurentis, that should be enough.” I say holding on tighter because with every second I feel her slipping away. A loud knock on the door causes us to go rigid. This is bite time, she has to make her decision. “Alison we have to go,” I hear Kenneth call out. I stare back at her bringing her chin to look me in the eyes. “Ali please,” I whisper pleadingly. “Look me in my eyes and tell me you don’t love me, tell me that, and I’ll walk away and won’t look back…I promise.” I say knowing I’ve caught her in a trap. Her eyes widen. She barges past me for the door after whispering, “I can’t.” I grab at her again before she can make the door. Her father knocks again louder, “Alison come on.” She looks at me as I hold her wrist tightly. “Then, I can’t let you marry him.” I say challengingly. “If you ever cared about me then you won’t do this.” She’s says leaving me standing shattered in the room.

It takes a few seconds to register what is happening and I rush out the room after her. I have no idea which way to go and I get lost twice before I finally spot Alison linked with her father about to walk in. She turns to me with the veil on. I sprint faster than my legs have ever carried me before, the 40 meters to her and her father seem like 40 miles. But the huge church doors have already opened, people are already cheering. When I’m right in front of her I see her watery stormy blue eyes beg for me to let her go, and so I do. I take a breath and attempt to give her my most radiant smile.
“I bought you a rose, to go with your flowers…something to remember me by.” I say pushing it into her bundle. I stroke my hand across hers one last time before giving her father a smile to signal they can continue. I stayed standing at the door as I saw my love walk down the aisle into the arms of another. I walked away when he held her in his arms. I felt sick, physically ill. I walked away head held down, I guess I was too late. What had I been thinking, after five years I could walk in and she would drop everything for me? It sounds absolutely insane.
I didn’t make it far. I walked to the steps of the church and sat down.
It wasn’t even a minute before I heard a loud collective gasp from behind. When I stood and turned around Alison was running towards me. She was running towards me. I pinched myself because I would literally die if this is was a dream. “Emily!” She shouted as she reached me. She jumped into my straight into my arms. She held me so tightly. “I can’t breathe Ali,” I said into her hair. “I don’t care,” she said with a laugh, and in that moment I didn’t care either. The only thing that mattered was that she was holding on. “I still love you,” the greatest words I had ever heard.

Hans: “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Anna: "Merry Christmas you great, big, wonderful, adorable husband you! Do you love me?”

Hans: “Mhm-hm.”

Anna: “How much?”

Hans: “A lot. But not enough to tell you what your Christmas present is.”

Anna: “Now what makes you think that’s what I wanted to know! And what is it?!”

hannaficdump I’m your Secret Santa! Enjoy and Happy Holidays<3

Bonus: There’s a hidden Mickey! :)


The theme of the PLL prom is Fairytales… Aria’s dress is most likely to be inspired by Snow white, Mona’s Little red riding hood and Troian tweeted her dress is inspired by Ariel. What princesses do you think Hanna and Emily’s dresses are inspired by? Btw, I love them all!! So beautiful!!