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*starts singing* it’s the best of both worlds!

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While growing up Hermione let Rose read the book series, “A series of Unfortunate Events”. Rose related to Violet in many ways, one being whenever she had an idea or would study she would put her hair into a bun, much like Violet tying her hair with a ribbon.

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there are five roses and one is black - black is always a colour of death and grieve. so what if one of the liars dies?
also the title of this episode is a big hint: “till death do us part” idk where this picture is from or who posted it, saw it on tumblr but sadly forgot on which blog, sorry! i don’t even know if this is an official picture but the title remains a clue that one of them could possibly die

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american ninja warrior au: the competitiors
  • john, carter, shaw, root and dani are competitors on american ninja warrior
  • john is competing for his 4th time
  • he’s made it to Vegas last year but ended up failing in stage 2
  • the damn hourglass table got the best of him
  • he’s hoping to make it again this year, make it to stage 4 and conquer that damn mountain
  • he’s a gymnastics instructor and built his own anw obstacle 
  • he now trains future anw competitors
  • it’s hella cute seeing john helping the kids run up the warp wall
  • they all call him uncle john
  • this is also carter’s 4th year
  • she’s made it to vegas 3 years in a row
  • first and second time she failed in stage 1 and last year failed in stage 3
  • she was 1 obstacle away from completing stage 3
  • her arms gave out on those damn floating boards
  • she won’t be defeated by those again
  • john has mad respect for her
  • they train together sometimes
  • carter was in the army for a short time
  • a machine gun tore up her right leg and she was sent home
  • she got stronger and back into shape and decided to try out for this show for shits and giggles
  • now she’s dedicated to it when she’s not working a homicide case
  • dani works with carter in the homicide task force
  • this is dani’s very first year competing
  • she sent in an audition tape instead of doing the walk in line
  • fuck that shit
  • her girlfriend harper convinced her to give it a shot
  • “the worst you can do is fail the first obstacle-but please don’t or else I’ll have to rethink this relationship”
  • “love you too babe”
  • harper’s totally kidding she loves her little detective too much
  • carter helped train dani for the past 7 months
  • dani’s main goal is not to fuck up on the first obstacle, the floating steps
  • as long as she can make it past that one she’ll be good
  • shaw has been in the marines for quite some time now
  • she has never in her life heard of america ninja warrior
  • all she knows is it’s brutal and physical and not too many women make it
  • oh she is gonna crush them all
  • she looks up videos and diagrams of the obstacles
  • she sees what muscle groups are used and she works them out
  • she notices grip is the main thing and by now she can probably crush a watermelon with one hand
  • she also submits a tape in and of course they take her
  • she doesn’t care that this is her first time
  • she’s gonna be in vegas and be the first women ever to win this show
  • this is also root’s first year
  • her best friends hanna and harold are addicted to this dumb show 
  • harold mostly watches for john
  • he has a lowkey crush okay leave him be
  • one day root foolishly makes an off hand comment about how it has to be rigged
  • hanna fucking goes off
  • “even if it was rigged there is no way they could save your noodle ass from even the first obstacle”
  • root is offended and up for the challenge
  • she starts training and she figures out the angles on each obstacle and how to tackle it
  • yes upper body is needed for it but root is smart enough to figure out that it’s not just brawns required
  • she has to hack the anw servers to get her audition tape accepted
  • she’s gonna shock the nation with how far she’ll go
  • honestly the network isn’t ready for what is in store this year on american ninja warrior
Surprises; Ezria Oneshot

It was honestly the prettiest invitation Aria had ever seen. The envelope was patterned with pink and red roses and numerous, real petals were scattered inside. She sighed as she read the fancy, calligraphic writing on the card: Hanna Elaine Marin and Caleb Anthony Rivers invite you to join the celebration of their marriage. Aria just read the words over and over and ran her finger over the font absentmindedly. She was snapped out of her trance though when the door clicked open.

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Hanna was in A colors the whole time in The Dollhouse.

Also, the roses shirt. Roses have been a big deal throughout the series. (Another post to come)

But the other liars wore clothes similar to what they wore back when they hung out with Ali before she went missing. But not Hanna. She wore baggy sweaters back then. But A had her dressed in a very sexy red dress with black gloves. And then after their torture time, she’s in skinny reddish jeans with a tight black sweater with roses which is significant.


A Clue in PLL 5x14 - ROSES (Updated)

I re-watched 5x14 “Through a Glass, Darkly” for any clues I might`ve missed the first time around and I noticed something interesting. Roses. In this episode Alison, Aria, and Hanna wear shirts with roses on them. The word ‘rose’ can be seen on the back of Hanna`s vest. Rose petals are falling down in the scene where Hanna and Mrs. Grunwald talk about Mona.

Did the PLL stylist choose these shirts randomly or is there a meaning behind them? Should we be paying attention to more connections between Aria, Alison, and Hanna in 5b? 

UPDATED - Rose sightings in 5x16 —>

* Roses on Emily`s shirt which actually belongs to Paige. She puts it in an envelope and sends it to Paige at the end of the episode.

* Aria gets texts messages from someone called -H. Eventually -H leads Aria to a flower shop where Aria is handed a bouquet of flowers that she is supposed to deliver to Ashley Marin.