funny how mona started to come around when wren was seen at radley. he said it was because hanna had been visiting, but hanna had been visiting for weeks and mona was static the entire time, but then when he appeared she started paying attention again. if wren is charles, he has motive against hanna because she blew him off and so did spencer first. and marlene has said charles punished mona because she started helping the girls after -A stole the game from her. so when it came to faking her death charles kidnapped her and attacked her with his/ her face covered up so mona still didn’t know who he/ she was. wren says ‘your friend mona deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered, i understand why you want to punish her’ hanna says she didn’t mean to lose it and he says he’s done worse than that and admits to have gotten angry/ violent - thrown a bowl across a room. he then admits his father had mental health issues for years ‘he traded our family room for the curses in his head’. he then talks about an ambiguous loss, there’s been a death but there doesn’t have to be a body. could he be talking about charles’ ambiguous loss? losing his family/ his life, being sent to radley, like he’d died practically. then being taken out of radley and hidden away as if he had actually died. 

Aria’s “Boyfriend” in “Iceland”

Ok so i was thinking about this scene from season 1

Remember how hanna asked “So you didn’t had a boyfriend in Iceland” and than Aria says “yeah i..i did it was just COMPLICATED”

what if the “boyfriend” she had was actually charles and what if she didn’t went to “iceland” but to radley and that’s how she met him and that’s why she says it’s COMPLICATED. They are working together! they were together in radley the whole summer and came up with a plan to make the girls suffer.


Motives for Aria : Bethany young is her sister and she thinks the girls killed her, she wants revenge, she can’t see the truth because she has a split personality. She than works with Charles to make a plan that will make the girls suffer for what they did.

Motives for Charles : Charles is mad because his father and mother just took him to radley and left him there. He met Aria than when he was in Radley. He became friends with her and told her about his COMPLICATED life and Aria told him about what the girls had done to her sister (which didn’t happend, only in her mind). Charles tells her his parents doesn’t know his alive because he doesn’t want them to know. He wants to make them suffer for putting him away. Aria then comes with a plan to make that happen but in return she wants him to not only go after Ali ( he wants revenge against alison because he thinks it’s her fault he got send away by his parents) but also after the three girls including herself (otherwise she could be a suspect) = A lot of people always say Why would charles go after the three girls? well this is what i think about it, i think it could actually happen at the end of 6X10 shown with flashbacks. This actually makes me get goosebumps thinking about Aria and ChArles working together.

You don’t think this could be an actually theory? 

Look at this scene from 2x25, well not actually a scene but a glimpse of Aria talking in the dark shadows with a stranger. 

Doesn’t this stranger looks really familiar?

mhh i wonder what they were talking about.. another plan to crush the girls?

I’m onto you Marlene King!

My theory on why/how Mona looked so dead when she wasn’t

So my theory is that A possibly injected Mona with something to make her look so dead. It’s the only way A could have her looking so calm and cooperative (unless she’s still part of the A team and it was all part of her plan). A did this so he could torture her mom or tease the police, knowing full well there’s no way that the police could catch him/her. A needed the police/Leona to really believe that Mona was dead by giving them a body without giving them a body in the form of a photograph, sending it to them anonymously as A does. A needed them to stop looking for Mona so they can keep her in the dollhouse and no one would ever find her because as far as they’re concerned she’s dead.
Notice how she’s covered in a blanket up to her neck? And also remember the blood stained clothes of Mona’s they found in the storage unit? Well I think A had already undressed her like he did to the girls in the dollhouse at the time she was in Alison’s boot or it was there just purely for the fact to show us that there was actually no physical cause of death. If she had been stabbed or shot (unlikely) the blanket would have been blood stained as well and there would have been a lot more blood on her clothes considering how much blood there was on her walls.
Also, Mona being ‘dead’ in the boot reminded me of 6x01 where the girls looked dead in the morgue. We know that’s when A microchipped them but I think he didn’t microchip Mona because he knew she wasn’t getting out of the dollhouse, just the same as why he never microchipped Sara, the two people who were supposed to be dead and had been in there the longest. I also think he didn’t gas Mona and put her in the morgue because he’s already got her ‘dead’ photo. But taking a picture of the girls’ 'dead’ bodies we know is something that A would definitely do to torture the parents.