spencer + Wren?

anyone else think how odd and random it was that spencer met wren. I mean the scene literally came out of nowhere. 1 min she was upset and fury the next she was upset coming out of the shower, how did she end up at the airport with wren in between? If they’re going with the twin plot line, i feel like that wasn’t wren and spencer, but actually wren with spencer’s twin. That explains why she didn’t want ezra to mention it. Especially with wren’s connection to radley and mary and charlotte i truly wouldn’t be surprised if he was conspiring with the twin.

***I know this is a reach but with this show i truly don’t know anymore***


YAY we are back! Tonight’s episode was alright but had an amazing director. I really hope episodes keep building up from here till the end.

1. Caleb Rivers hasn’t been on my screen for three weeks now, if someone could return him home to Hanna, that would be awesome.

2. “Do you two want to be left alone?” I ship the game and Mona. Everyone deserves someone to look at them the way Mona does with that game board.

3. Mary Drake needs to get her butt back to Rosewood to finish up her long drawn out story line. Also give us the dirt on Peter “cant keep it in his pants” Hastings, my guess is Peter is actually the father of Emison’s baby.

4. Peter actually fathered all of us.

5. Speaking of one of the worst story lines that they are trying to make romantic, Alison is keeping the baby.

6. AND Alison kind of came out to PAIGE?

7. OH AND PAIGE, just because you knocked and a door is unlocked doesn’t mean you can just welcome yourself in. Creep.

8. Paige looking over Alison was the creepiest part of this episode.

9. But I got to give it to her, she saw the terrible story line the writers were going with and left the show.

10. Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, no big deal.

11. Spencer and Wren were fighting? I know people are going to use this as a Spencer has a twin clue and I’m upset because I really don’t want a twin. It would almost be as bad as when Sydney tried to be AD for 10 seconds and failed. By the way Sydney is probably dead by now, terrible acting job she did.

12. Wren was back, literally shook Ezra’s hand and was gone.

13. Speaking of the asshole, Ezra was being really weird tonight?

14. I’m thinking Nicole is code for something AD related because Ezra isn’t just a normal guy, he is a stalker and freak who creeps on teenage girls for a “book”.

15. By the way was Ezra wearing an earpiece?

16. Aria was amazing calling him on his shit. Honestly Ezra is blaming everyone but himself. Aria deserves a lot better…

17. Aria also need to stop helping AD, SHE IS LITERALLY TELLING AD EVERYTHING?

18. “Are you Lucas?” You think AD is going to be like “Heck yeah I’m Lucas, you got me!”

19. NO

20. ALSO Hanna imagines her babies with Caleb, SHE THINKS THEY WILL MAKE CUTE BABIES! But its no big deal.

21. The Facetime calls with AD being Aria were so disturbing?

22. AD is one needy person though, imagine being one of his/her helpers.

23. You never miss one of AD’s calls, as Aria misses like 20 calls.

24. AD didn’t really think it through picking Aria to be a helper, if she see’s Ezra, that’s all she will focus on.

25. “Lucas’s Loft is probably bugged” YOU THINK?

26. “Lucas is a nice guy” the more you know Hanna, the more you know.

27. I think the writers are going down the Lucas killed Charlotte path which at least will prove his shady “nice guy” act was all fake.

28. But I’m not giving up on the Lucas is AD train.

29. Lucas also sold the factory and crushed my poor Hanna.  To make matters worse she still has to play the game aka Monas new interest.

30. Mona is too good for this show.

31. OH MY GOD and the comic book! Lucas was part of or in the dollhouse! 100%!

32. Hanna and Emily dramatically narrating the comic book. If it ever gets made into a movie I think Hanna and Emily should get a role.

33. Mona is going to die this season. I can feel it.

34. Spencer used Rollins (he has like 12 different names I don’t know if there is one I’m supposed to call him by officially?) card that night when she bought drinks and signed for them. Didn’t we all think that though?

35. She also told Marco she was burying a body. Smooth move Spencer.

36. Marco followed Spencer to the lost woods, then waited in his car for 58 minutes. Don’t tell him it was an hour, because it was exactly 58 minutes.

37. Marco is one smart detective, I got to give him that. We have never seen someone ACTUALLY solve something in Rosewood.

38. Speaking of solving things do the cops even care about who killed Charlotte?

39. Caleb is out of town with Toby because he just lost his wife. But now watch Toby come back and be 3000% okay and just start dating Spencer. WE ALL KNOW ITS COMING.



42. The promo for 7x16 show Lucas getting his shady ass caught. BUT remember not to believe half the stuff he says, cause he is a LIAR.

43. He also tells Hanna the reason she was tortured. WHAT A LOVELY GUY…



Ezra Fitz- just an all around terrible human and is sketchy, but whats new.

Spencer’s twin- PLEASE NO. PLEASEEEEE no twins.

Lucas “Why wont Hanna love me? Is it because I watch her sleep?”- Just another fake person on the show and is going to get called out on it.

Wren- I honestly don’t think he is AD, I just love him<3

Aria and Ezra- Really weird conversations tonight.

Till next week! BYEEE

PLL 7X15

these are never in order so: 


- im guessing emison are having a kid (NOT SUPRISED)

-mona is honestly my favourite person on this show, shes so happy, im fucking so happy 

-wren was in this episode for 30 fucking seconds what the actual FUCK

- aria you hella sneaky 

- troians work today was amazing on this episode, she should of directed more 

- spencer x wine 

- really missed haleb

- tbh it was a good episode not like the others

Mind Blown

Maybe “Spencer” asked Ezra to not mention to anyone that he saw her at the airport with Wren because then someone would be like “No,No that’s not right Spencer was with me at that time.How could you have seen her? You’re mistaken.

Then Ezra would say are you telling me I don’t know what I saw? I saw Spencer at a table in the airport

Whoever he told would go on to say “Look Ezra I don’t know what you saw but it wasn’t Spencer” Twin Theory

  • *Mona almost got stabbed by the knife after touching a part of the game board*
  • Mona: Touchy isn't it?
  • Hanna: Mona, i brought you here to help me. Not admire the craftsmanship. My turn is next. We have to shut this thing down.
  • Mona: I understand that, Hanna, but sometimes you have to stop and admire the craft behind the dirty trick. I wish i could've built something like this.
  • Hanna: You do?
  • Mona: Think about the mind that conceived this. Why build a dollhouse when you could turn the town into a dollhouse. It's brilliant. It's beautiful.
  • Hanna: Do you two wanna be left alone?

My favourite thing Is Emily stepping up to the plate and tearing into Aria for abandoning Alison..Have you ever noticed the only time Emily has gotten that riled up and yells is when it concerns Ali ? she almost cut off Spencer’s existence for ruining her meeting with Ali
Then she almost made Aria shrink a few more sizes for abandoning Ali and she almost made Hanna have to go resort to her comfort foods after she tore into her because Hanna made a comment about Ali and Emily holding hands when they were watching the news..


Ok so now we know that Lucas was also behind/inspiration for the dollhouse!

I’m pretty sure the beautiful protector girl is supposed to be what Charles wanted to become later on since he helped create the comic when he was a young boy! Which poses another question, who was bullying little boy Lucas for him to write this comic book? Was it still Alison even back then? Why was he so troubled as a kid?!