hanna is a not a boy's name


I love Valentine’s Day literally just because I have an excuse to make these silly things :)c


I knew Mary when I was in college. I was a senior, she was a… free spirit. We dated for a while, then she just… disappeared. Why didn’t you tell us about this before? Because I had already promised Mary I wouldn’t tell anyone that she was staying with me. I was trying to keep my word to an old friend. That was before… Before what? After your visit, I asked Mary why she really came to see me, after all this time. She told me we had a child together. Charlotte? Yeah. Only I knew her as Charles. Fifteen years ago, I ran a camp for troubled boys. Charles was one of my campers. He was… soft spoken, sweet, way smarter than all the other kids. I had no idea. That she was your child… The other boy in this photo, do you know his name? That was Charles’ only friend. Luke? Lucas, maybe? Lucas Gottesman? You know him? You’re sitting on his couch.

Here I go again, trying to keep dead things alive. I doubt most of my followers will know what this is and I doubt there are very many original fans still searching the tags, but this is Conrad and Doc Worth from the amazing and tragic web comic “Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name” by Tessa Stone.

It’s been years since it was abandoned and will probably never start back up. But I love it too much to let it fizzle out. As usual, I plan on making some hinabn comics.

Hidden (Part 6)

It’s tempting for Jinyoung to sit still in his office when he knows he has more of his memories with Hanna stored away in the locked drawer below his desk. The ones he shredded in front of Soojung weren’t the last. He knew his heart would long for his late-wife (if he could call her that), so he had to keep the remaining photos elsewhere. As soon as break comes, he requests that no one interrupts him as he’ll be having his lunch alone. It’s the perfect excuse to get a glimpse of the memories after so long.

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  • Conrad: Hello, people who do not live here.
  • Toni, Veser and Hanna: Hi.
  • Conrad: I gave you the key for emergencies.
  • Hanna: We were out of doritos.