hanna is a not a boy's name


I love Valentine’s Day literally just because I have an excuse to make these silly things :)c

Here’s to assuming everyone made it out of that situation alive.

I’m going to be making fanfictional comics that take place after where Tessa Stone left off. I’m not continuing the canon comic’s story, cause I honestly don’t know where Tessa was taking it and I don’t think that’s something I should try to touch, but these will be little side comics. I’m calling them “hinabn: Afterthoughts” Hopefully I’ll get better at mimicking Tessa’s style.

All characters belong to Tessa Stone. I don’t own anything. 

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Any yaoi/manga you reccomend? Currently just waiting on KS updates

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Uhh…. I used to read comics more but then I got lazy and tired of filtering through all the bad ones. I’m super picky though. The only comics I’ve read that aren’t like mainstream comics, or are currently reading, are:

1.) Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet (discontinued but still amazing)

2.) Killing Stalking (warning: gore, violence, sexual abuse, abuse in general) NSFW

3.) OH! Holly

4.) I Love Yoo

5.) Litchi Hikari Club (warning: gore) NSFW

6.) Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name (discontinued)

7.) Out of Control (I didn’t care for the ending but chapter 1-50 or so were good) (boys love) NSFWish

8.) At the End of the Road (boys love. Also veeeery interesting)

Like I said, I haven’t really read anything in a while. This is all I can think of on the top of my head.

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teresa i like ludo but i don't know what hanna is not a boy's name is?

I’m going to answer this publicly for everybody in case other people never experienced my the love of my 2010 life.

hanna is not a boy’s name (hinabn) is a webcomic that was like alive around 2009 to about 2011? and it focused around a dude named hanna who’s a paranormal investigator who’s roommate is a zombie who can’t remember his name (most people lovingly refer to him as “…”) and it was my life.

basically, every chapter is hanna getting into stupid ass shenanigans and there were a lot of fun characters that were honestly everybody’s post-scene phase 2010 brand. the last update was valentine’s day 2011 where the creator tessa stone was like “hey y’all, I’m moving so expect like a two week delay on next update.” The update never came

now tessa’s floating around the internet with other webcomics and even did a variant cover for lumberjanes (catch me weeping because I was never able to buy that issue), and did the art for a really fun graphic novel called “buzz” (it’s a super short read with a lot of cool visuals, I recommend it!) she has two webcomics, not drunk enough and some ns*w comic I can’t remember the name of and she never talks about hinabn anymore and honestly, I’m super close to funding her on patreon so I can request her to art of my best girl toni.

the site that it was on no longer exists, but somebody luckily tumblr archived it. you can read it at http://hinabnontumblargh.tumblr.com/ but of course it ends on a cliff hanger

ANYWAY, when tessa was first drawing hanna art, a lot of the captions for the art would be ludo lyrics or did some cross overs with the lead singer of ludo hanging out with hanna. and so, eventually a lot of hinabn got into ludo, or in my case, the opposite.

I have a lot of feelings about this damn webcomic and I even named my bass guitar and trumpet after two of the characters.

Here I go again, trying to keep dead things alive. I doubt most of my followers will know what this is and I doubt there are very many original fans still searching the tags, but this is Conrad and Doc Worth from the amazing and tragic web comic “Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name” by Tessa Stone.

It’s been years since it was abandoned and will probably never start back up. But I love it too much to let it fizzle out. As usual, I plan on making some hinabn comics.