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HOW amazing is this photo of Chace Crawford and Ashley Benson oh my goodness ????

Now this is unrelated to Gossip Girl but can we talk about the PLL FINALE I MEAN ?? I’m not gonna say who A is just incase somebody hasn’t watched it yet but oh my goodness!!!!! I wasn’t expecting it, but I wasn’t all that shocked either?? I personally thought the finale was a brilliant episode but THERE’S STILL SO MANY QUESTIONS! I’m sooo excited for pll to return with the 5 year jump forward. (Also, what’s happening with the pll mums?? I guess they’ll just stay in that basement for 5 years RIP guys)

PS. I’m still rooting for Dan Humphrey to be the REAL A

Chopin : Preludes, Op. 28, No. 20
Sir Roland Hanna, Ron Carter, Grady Tate
Chopin : Preludes, Op. 28, No. 20

Chopin : Preludes, Op. 28 

No. 20 in C minor, Largo

Sir Roland Hanna - piano

Ron Carter - bass

Grady Tate - drums

Après Un Rêve / Venus - Kang & Music, Korea / 2005

-  오늘 햇빛. 눈 시리다. 탄내 나는 거리. 바랜 풍경은 외려 슬프다.  지열에 흔들리는 사람 몇. Fata Morgana.