I think… it is perhaps a good thing, in life, to cultivate an attitude of forgiveness for the faults – or more pertinently, the lacks – in human beings, including ourselves. 

You know Occam’s Razor? And do you know Hanlon’s razor, which follows from it?

It reads, "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" or “Don’t assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding.”

Snagged that from wikipedia, thank you wikipedia. 

I’d add another corollary to the effect of “Don’t attribute to bad intentions that which is as easily caused by imperfect courage, or imperfect methods, or ignorance, or etc.”

Because like, as a rule people are small and scared and have no idea what they’re doing. But generally speaking their feelings are in the right place. … Poor social and/or emotional education aside. Jackasses also aside, but that said, jackasses generally definitely don’t know what they’re doing, with the added element of most people have to deliberately blind themselves to obvious cues and nuances to live with being a blatant dick to the people around them, which is. A vicious cycle. 

. anyway,, 

The things that aren’t ‘right’, in this world, are almost to the last the result of tragedy - that is, the failure of well-intentioned individuals and groups, or the outsized consequence of what seemed only a small selfishness at the time - and not the likes of grand adventure epics where good and evil are irrevocable and sharply delineated.