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Psst *whispers* there is an error on the new episode... when Austen is talking and says "I can handle it" about half way, it's spelt hanlde. Thought you should know! It's nice to see that even professionals aren't perfect! :D

*whispers* oh dear I’m not a professional I’m incapable of even going a month without a typo in Always Human, when will someone make a drawing program that includes a spellcheck? *cries*

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it and send it to the webtoon staff :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Do you ever Take commissions for art? You are an amazing artist, so I was just wondering if you did…

Awww, thank you so much <3

I have in the past and I probably will open commissions again after Always Human is complete. I’ll post about it here if/when commissions are open in the future :)

Anonymous said to alwayshumancomic:Can I get a masterpost on mods? How do they work, what all is possible with them? Any and all information about them would be awesome!

I will do this! But only after the comic is complete~

Our "Monk" gains a particular Familiar

So, a little background here, mike is playing a half-orc barbarian who thinks he’s a monk.  he’s not muti-classing as a monk, he is so stupid that thinks he’s a monk.  He doesn’t carry any weapons, and has gotten the Tavern brawler feat, and so will simply pick up anything to use as a weapon Including other party members).  so our party is going through the woods and we have a random encounter with a pack of wolves:

Mike (“Monk”): I wish to roll “animal hanlding” to go up and “pet” the wolf too hard.

DM (trying not to laugh): ok, roll it.

Mike: *rolls 18*

DM: ok, roll for intensity of petting.

Mike: *rolls max damage, snaps the wolf neck*

DM *shaking his head* ok, you are now holding the corpse of a wolf.

Mike:  Grom starts petting the wolf and says, “I call you fluffy”

Fast forward a bit to our destination

DM: So leading into the darkness is a stairwell, what do you wish to do?

Rogue: *rolls to find traps, fails*

Me: *roll to find traps, Crit fail*

Me: well, looks like it’s safe…

Mike: grom holds out his hand to stop you.

the table is holding it’s breath to see what grom will do here.

Mike: Grom holds the wolf infront of himself, says" Fluffy, Scout.“ and throws it down the stairs.

we had to take a five minute laughter break….

On the canon and why it is very unlikely, that Mishima is canonically trans

I actually wanted to solve this in private and I honestly hate to be THAT person in the fandom but those two … uh… replies on a message I got where I talked about not being into trans headcanons of canon cis people, gave me some vibes that were off which I wanted to talk out with them.
But since they don’t allow messages from people they don’t follow, HERE I AM TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION THAT POPPED UP IN THEIR HEAD TO MAKE MYSELF CLEARER! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

First things first, I would like to point out that this post is in no way going to be transphobic, I am not a transphobe and I support trans people out there with all my heart. Believe me, a very close friend of mine is transgender himself, and I know the struggles behind it and I support and love him a lot.

In order not to annoy people who don’t want to read about this I am putting it under a read more!

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