This talk of kicking Sungmin and Kangin out pisses me off because it reminds me of three various years:
2006- “Kick Kyuhyun out”
2007- “Kick Henry out”
2008- “Kick Zhoumi out”
This isn’t a spin-the-wheel-and-let’s-see-which-member-it-is-this-time game. These are living, breathing people. This is their career. Just leave them be. They’ve been together 12 years. Stop this.


Bringing back the classic and iconic underwater kisses(for science!) from Suju’s EHB series.

If you are a new kpop fan, this is some sort of educational video about advanced level skinship(for science!) that not a lot of groups have ever done. :)

As Super Junior’s comeback draws near, I keep seeing so many negative articles coming out about kicking Sungmin and Kangin out of the group.
First off, Sungmin got married. He did nothing wrong here. He doesn’t have to tell anybody about his personal life, he owes fans nothing aside from performing when he has to. I hope this doesn’t shatter people’s image of K-pop idols, but they do have a life outside of the variety and music shows you watch. This man is in thirties and he’s starting off as a happy family. Be glad for him! He’s such a sweet guy, and he had never brought issues to SJ before. Why do fans act like he killed a person? He hasn’t “betrayed” anyone, because he didn’t belong to the fans (contrary to popular belief). I don’t know about you, but I just want him to be happy. And I like to think that he is.
And now onto Kangin, I know this one is also extremely controversial. There’s no denying what he did was extremely wrong, and he is definitely paying the consequences for it. But I feel like people are just painting him out to be this big monster, yet they forget that we as fans don’t actually know what he has been going through. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a fan of them since ‘05, but honestly I’m just worried for him. Many ELFs know that he has changed from how he was before he went to the army to how he is now. He is very much subdued. So what I worry about is that since it’s his second DUI, we can guess he has some sort of drinking problem. But instead of stoning him, we should be encouraging him to seek help. He obviously needs assistance, and kicking him out would only worsen the situation.
If you call yourself an ELF, you should be supporting them. Super Junior has lost too many members already, and it wouldn’t be the same without Sungmin and Kangin on the team. I hope you realize that.