Treaty Ports, Hankow : 1895 (8 Apr.) 4c. surcharged in red on 3c. reply card to Maracaibo, Venezuela (arrival h.s.), cancelled by “Hankow/C” c.d.s., redirected to Vienna, Austria (28.7), with Colombia Arms 5c. (2) cancelled by “Correo del Commercio/Cucuta” oval h.s. in violet applied for the redirection, showing (on front and reverse) Shanghai (12.4), Vancouver (30.4) and New York (6.5) transit c.d.s. of its original journey to Venezuela, a very unusual and spectacular combination card combining the unusual use of a reply card from a Treaty Port, a rare destination of Venezuela and the adhesives of a third country, Colombia, to pay the redirection. Yang P12. Estimate HK$ 8,000 - 10,000 Lot condition Dealer InterAsia Auctions Auction Starting Price: 7500.00 HK$ (via Philasearch.com - Hongkong Treaty Ports)