hankou seimeibun

Red MoteL translation

You were called the QUEEN of the red-light district,
The fascinating whore1 who gets her hands on people’s money
Dazzling demeanour, stifling cologne
You dance, your bronze hair disheveled
The JUNK me pays for
The wanton you with dirty money
With pity, I mixed just a little bit of DOPE in a wine glass,
And made you my slave

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[DIS] translation

Is the PEACE MARK thrown into a bleak world of “war declarations” a lie?
Modern society is rotten. It’s like an era of brats.
They said they would change Japan. Isn’t it strange that politicians are criminals
And police who are supposed to punish crime are just deeply apologizing whenever they commit something?
“Riots” change the crops of 2003 from abductions to nuclear warfare
I grew up looking at idiots, and murder cases instigated by brats
Society has gone insane. Maybe the world will just end?
Now is the time to take action. Those who will fight, raise your hands!

We’ll change the state of “Heisei” era. “Revolt”

Pretty sure both the abductions and nuclear warfare refer to North Korea.