Through college I stayed weird and, socially, it finally started to pay off. People thought I was terribly interesting, even if, or maybe because, I smelled weird after a day of dumpster diving. I ate only the marshmallows from my Lucky Charms, I swam in the pond people feared would become a Superfund site someday, I wore pantyhose to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Hank Green (x

Anyone who hasn’t read Hank’s old column really should. It’s a great read. (Also, why did he wear pantyhose if he was Rocky?)

Guys! Its Hank Greens birthday today! Meaning, HANKODEMAYO!

Happy Birthday Hank :)

(I also stupidly sent my Hankodemayo card before I took a picture of it… so I’m stupid but hopefully the post will get it to where it needs to be :P)

DFTBA Nerdfighters!

so we went to the mexican resturaunt and realized that it was cinco de mayo, so when we walked in and they yelled “FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO!: I said yeah! Happy Hanko De Mayo!!!

and they stared at me

i assume they are not vlog brothers fans…