These are soft custom plushies that resemble the famous Hanklerfish art as drawn by Hank Green. They are adorable and squishie and I love them. I want a whole school of them.

A shout-out to Hank for coming up with this beast and writing it a wonderful song, and to Kristen, our project manager, for working with the manufacturer to get these lookin’ just right.

They are available now from DFTBA as a pre-order, shipping mid-February. And they won’t be the last plushies coming this year. =)

[Plushie designed by radtastical/Chelsea Suarez]


“The Vlogbrothers go to Hogwarts”

This is something I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. I decided to do a crossover painting of my two favourite things (it’s kind of a sequel to this I guess) This is also the reason I was asking opinions on Hank’s Hogwarts house and although Hank says he’s a Ravenclaw, I decided to go with Pottermore and Katherine’s opinion on this. Enjoy! ~Sarah


For those of you familiar with the Tumblr Hanklerfish Comics, you may be familiar that they made a t-shirt (Second picture). A pretty freakin’ sweet one at that. I made an attempt at creating a photoshop version of said shirt (First picture). Buy the Hanklerfish Shirt at DFTBA Records.

My apologies to everyone involved. 

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” -Tolkien

Edit: The indiegogo is now closed! Thank you to everyone who donated for the art perk and the other perks, your generosity will go on to save and better lives of others around the world!

This little comic is the last P4A perk I have to upload- this one took me the longest to paint but it was my favorite to do. Project for Awesome is one of the great things about our community, but what makes it special is not just the money raised. I think what this community is able to accomplish in its unity is remarkable, and I think that we are proof that an internet community can be so much more than words on a screen. I don’t think the majority of people any time soon will be able to understand online community, I don’t know that I fully understand it because it is so constantly evolving… but what I do know is that communities like this are a source of positivity and support, and in our often dark world I for one appreciate the light. Hopefully the comic’s meaning is clear. 

I just want to thank each of you who have taken the time to look at or share my work, particularly in the last few days, it means much more to me than I could ever really express!

Last night at the concert, I told Hank that he would find out why I asked him to Hanklerfish a specific spot on an otherwise blank page. Thanks edwardspoonhands for (perhaps unknowingly at the time) contributing to the drawing of this comic! 

As the only authentic Hanklerfished Hanklerfish Comic in the world, I’d like to pretend that the black and white paper original is worth a lot of money.

Free the giraffes!