Out of all the Ships in KagePro



Takane being a tsundere and they both have this disease which makes it hard on them

They both die before Takane could confess

The both die

Takane turns into Ene/Haruka turns into Konoha







But like

SetoMary: Disney princess fairy tale

KanoKido: They die repeatedly but they dont remember they die so it doenst count?

HibiMomo*: They can eat ice cream all they want


But I think HibiHiyo is worse cause like

Hibiya sees his beautifulmeanthegirlhestalks dies like over 9000 times.

Shintaro just knows Ayano dies. 


So my conclusion

HaruTaka/KonoEne had the hardest time

Some SetoMary <3, I was bored. 

Who’s the messiest one: Mary, she drops things and forgets where she places them. But Seto would clean up on his days off, or Kido - if she’s there. 

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA: What. what do you mean uncomfortable. Do they even know what PDA is. They ARE PDA. THEY ARE THE DEFINITION OF PHYSICAL DISPLAY OF AFFECTION, THERE IS NO EMBARRASSMENT. 

Who’s the funniest drunk: Seto - but I have a reason. Because Mary is like a billion years older, she can learn how to control her liquor. So even after like 10 beers, she can still act ‘normal’. Seto actually doesn’t do much, he talks a bit about embarrassing things, especially about Mary and then falls asleep on Mary’s lap. Seto says the most CHEESIEST pick up lines when he’s drunk - so yeah, embarrassing. Then Mary falls asleep when Seto on her lap as she strokes his hair. Then they wakeup with MASSIVE hangovers. 

Who texts the most: Seto, because Mary either forgets her phone or is asleep. But anyway, Seto would text Mary random pictures or say hi or cheesy pick-up lines just to make sure she’s happy/okay. And then Mary would find her phone and get like 15+ messages and get so flustered. When Seto comes back, Mary apologizes over and over and Seto doesnt care because Mary’s so cute. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Seto secretly listens to punk/alt, rock a bit like Kido’s taste. because of his jobs, his co-workers often listen to it and then Seto just likes it. One day, kano was snooping around and found the Sex Pistols on his phone. 

Who reads the most: Mary, she has more time, she reads her records, DOUJIN, FANFICTION, books, KUROJUTSUJI, YAOI DOUJIN

Who’s better with kids: Seto, just a bit. because Mary gets flustered to easily, and Seto just understands. but they both know and understand kids. Just that Mary needs time to comprehend THAT ITS ALIVE. 

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Seto. There’s not even a headcanon for that. I mean this is what he does. 

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: Mary does obsess over kurojutsushi and Yaoi, so I guess her?

Who cooks and who cleans up: I would think Seto would cook breakfast in the morning because he would leave to work and Mary would eat it later. And then Mary would clean up the house when he’s gone, if Kido’s not there. Then she would be done making dinner for him about the time he just gets home. But when seto’s a bit older, Mary makes all the meals for him and cleans up.

Hetalia actor AU Headcanons

Italy’s actor is so emotional. He really likes the arcs of Chibitalia and HRE. He cries really easily, like Italy himself, but can sense the atmosphere. He likes taking selfies though, especially with Germany’s actor. He like making a silent expression and convincing Germany’s actor to make a silly one. He also pretends to be a fangirl on the show on tumblr to explore the fandom. 

Germany’s actor is almost the opposite, and he pretty much does improvising. He loves improv. He messes up a lot during filming. He’s also actually friendly, he’s the one who updates his twitter the most. He, Italy and Japan’s actor are all very close just like the show. 

Japan’s actor is a known pervert with stashes of yaoi he made that is known to the cast. He likes putting on a hair tie on his hair so it doesn’t get in his way. He likes skinny jeans, and keeps up with the fashion way more. Korea’s part was down, but he’s good friends with Korea’s actor. 

America’s actor is a hollywood star before he began Hetalia. He takes his acting very seriously, but enjoys it. He’s in love with the newest apps, has a score of twenty on Flappy Bird and is a total dork for Pokemon. He and England’s actor are drinking buds. 

France’s actor is like the most kindest person ever. He helps those elderly cross the street and give food to the poor on a weekly basis. He has his own charity, donates money regularly. He’s actually a very clean man, doesn’t drink at all. He’s good friends with the FACE family cast. 

England’s actor is an exact copy of England’s punk phase. He has a lot of piercings on his ear, and has to get rid of his hair dye before the filming. He sings covers for different classic rock/punk bands to promote Hetalia. Constantly wearing tight black jeans to mess with his fans, he loves taking pictures of himself and post them on instagram. He’s very confident.

Canada’s actor is the loudest person ever. Once a week, he’ll dump a whole bottle of maple syrup on one of the cast’s head and post it online, calling it ‘Canada’s syrup dump’. He loves to fool around with the script, usually improvising with Germany’s actor. 

Russia’s actor loves his fans a lot, will be the one to sign every one of his fans who come to the hosted meetings. He has a tendency to show up late however. Also in a real-life relationship with Belarus’s actor. 

China’s actor auditioned with his real-life brother who is Hong-Kong’s actor. He puts his hair in a high-ponytail instead of the low-one in the show. Sometimes he shows up cross dressing as a girl to premieres to mess with the audience (he loves cross dressing). 

Romano’s actor auditioned after Italy was cast. (Their twins in real life). He actually is a queen-bee who’s fashion sense is much better than yours. He’s up to date with social media, often taking selfies with Spain’s actor. (Secretly dating Spain’s actor)

Spain’s actor actually was already dating Romano’s actor way before they were cast of Hetalia. The BTT love fooling around, just like in the show. He hates tomato, in contrast with his character. Goes often with Romano’s actor for shopping sprees, where they g

et crowded by fangirls. Best friends with BTT. 

Prussia’s actor hangs around the BTT and frying pangle and Canada. He joins Canada in his maple syrup doses. He’s loud, just like his character - but he’s a damn hipster. Goes frequently shopping with Romano’s actor, where they gossip to no end. Sometime’s he and Canada’s actor go get a drink as well. He also needs glasses, where Austria’s actor does not. 

Austria’s actor actually recommended making his character have glasses, because he had a glasses fetish. He is talented in piano, but he loves math. He’s a geek. He loves math homework, often does it in between filming. 

Hungary’s actor also loves going shopping with Romano’s actor (who doesn’t) and actually has blond hair, which she had to die for the show. She often goes to nightclubs and gay bars to have fun. She also helps Prussia’s actor with math homework, because Austria’s actor is too busy with his math. 

*I like to imagine that their actor’s names are their 'real names’

I think that unrequited love is like the strongest love. This person loves this person so much, even though the person doesn’t return those feelings. They stay strong seeing that person with another. In extreme levels, they will do anything to make this person happy, knowing that they will never love them in return. They are so unselfish to the person they love, they could die for them