Imagine: Comforting Spence after he wakes up from a nightmare.

“Shh, it’s okay. You’re alright. You’re safe.” you comfort Spencer, holding him gently in your arms. 

“I had that dream again.” he whimpers, “The one about Tobias." 

"Tobias can’t hurt you anymore.” you assure him, pulling away from the affectionate hug to give him a tender peck on the lips,“I’m right here.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you.” he smiles, studying your eyes.

You lie back down, pulling him with you. Wrapping your arms around the profiler, you both drift off into a sound and comfortable slumber. 

Okay just saying

Final episode of Criminal Minds

Emily steps down from Unit Chief after a case forces her to a make a choice that put her team at risk for the sake of others.

She does it, because she knows her job, but she looks at them and knows she’d never forgive herself if they were hurt. She wants to be a part of her team, but not over her team.

Cruz talks her into taking the Senior Supervisory position in lieu of Rossi retiring, and she agrees after one final case. 

That final case is Scratch. They catch him, as a team, facing their collective nightmare together and coming out stronger for it. They relive their pasts, but this time they’re not alone.

Reid sees Hankel again, but this time JJ is with him and he’s never taken. Doyle doesn’t get to Emily in Lauren because her team protects her. JJ was never taken and tortured because her team was there with her. They still have the bad memories, the trauma, but it’s tempered by their absolute belief in their family.

Throughout this, Emily tells the team she’s stepping down. They support her.

Cruz contacts them to tell them her possible replacement has agreed to maybe taking the position, but he wants to meet them first.

They walk back into the BAU together one final time as the voiceover quote begins with Emily saying “I’ve always heard every ending is also a new beginning, we just don’t know it at the time.” 

Hotch stands from Reid’s desk where he’s been waiting for them, smiling. The voiceover finishes as they move towards him in shock. Fade black.

Hotch: “I’d like to believe that’s true.”

I and Love and You

Title: I and Love and You

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Based off of this anon request:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a drabble (ReidxReader) set during the end of 2x15 where the reader is part of the team and absolutely frantic about Reid being held and tortured by Hankel and when they find him she doesn’t want to leave him alone at all and feelngs are confessed? Thank you so much if you get around to this, I love your drabbles x (Also if you could pretty please mention brown hair and/or hazel eyes for the reader, that would be so amazing <3) 

A/N: This is a little short and I also changed some of the events from the episode just so it would be the reader finding Reid. Let me know what you think! Thank you so much for requesting! XOXOXO

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Imagine helping Dr. Spencer Reid after he’s been tortured by Tobias.

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The signs as Criminal Minds killers
  • Aries: George Foyet
  • Taurus: The Footpath Killer
  • Gemini: Claire Dunbar
  • Cancer: Carl Buford
  • Leo: Henry Grace
  • Virgo: Donnie Mallick
  • Libra: Tobias Hankel
  • Scorpio: Ian Doyle
  • Sagittarius: John Curtis
  • Capricorn: Izzy Rogers
  • Aquarius: Frank Breitkopf
  • Pisces: Billy Flynn
A Lapse into the Past

Spencer was seated on his couch, reading in the late hours of the night. Shilo was already in bed, sleeping soundly, but he found he couldn’t join her. For some reasons, nightmares were plaguing him this evening. Nightmares about his time with Tobias Hankel, about his team being in danger without him being there to help, about Maeve getting shot right in front of him… All of his demons were coming out to play that night.

So, he sat with his glasses on, scanning through an old book for what was at least the tenth time. He’d thought about making himself a cup of coffee, but he didn’t really think he needed any help staying up. He figured he’d probably still be in this spot when Shilo woke up- maybe he’d attempt to make her breakfast, despite his lack of skill in the kitchen. However, he had no idea that he wasn’t the only one having nightmares that evening.