irlfairyprincess-deactivated201  asked:

for the ship meme: Kanhan and kojumune!! (I hope I'm not too late D:)

HanKan: I actually don’t ship it that hard, tho I do find it to be cute and I find really adorable how they basically are made for each other and are important for the other development… Also those cute re-colors that give them each other colors. <3

KoMasa: At first I didn’t shipped it was just a part of the Oshuu Trio… But after that one scene I just end up loving them [at first I only liked relationship/interaction itself than their more romantic side]… weirdly enough I don’t tend to ship romantically these kind of lord-retainer type of relationships [tho, I do tend to see if a romantic possibility exist]… They trully care for each other and adorable together <3.