I just wanna take a moment to appreciate the voice @therealjacksepticeye does for Anti. Like, it’s wonderfully creepy and the way he plays with like, maniacal giggles and pitches is just SO good? I’m watching him play Heartbound right now and THAT VOICE is just so clear and distinct and like, I immediately associate it with Anti? Like, I cannot imagine Anti having any other voice. It’s amazing ‘cause you know when you watch a cartoon and you have that one character who’s voice is a huge part of their personality - Jack’s done that with Anti. All the other egos too, mind, but Anti especially, it just feels so well fleshed out and like, the little edits Robin does are amazing (thx Robin my dude I love u) but even like without the glitching it still made a literal shiver run up my spine, it’s so weird and creepy and bordering on crazy.

Like, it’s in those moments that I really hope Jack is looking into voice acting because like, he IS good at it and we’ve seen that in the games he has voiced characters in but like, he has so much potential that just really shines through to me when he’s voicing Anti 'cause he’s familiar with him and like you can see his eyes widen 'cause he’s acting it out at the same time and it’s just aaaaaaaah amazing I’m really happy leave me alone

i love my sweet murder child ok and he wouldn’t be the same without that voice