#Supergirl "Luthors"

There’s just a few things I want to say about the episode.

Kara isn’t mad no one believes In Lena. She is mad no one believes in HER when she says she Lena isn’t evil. That they don’t trust Kara enough to back her no matter what the evidence says. Kara is the only person who hangs out with Lena, yet everyone else thought they knew Lena better, simply because she is a Luthor. James immediately believes she’s evil, even trying to prove it. “See Kara I was right you were wrong” is what James was aiming for. Going as Guardian instead of with backup shows that it was selfish. Thats not what friends do. Maggie took the evidence face value and arrested her. She is a cop so its her job, but telling Kara to stay out of it was still against Kara’s faith in Lena. It took a while because he is a soldier, but J'onn believed the evidence. And Winn barely tried to go over the video for errors. Mon-el didn’t really care because he was too worried about what Kara thought of him to even ask about how Kara felt. You don’t just go around smashing concrete blocks in anger for no reason. Only person who didn’t question Kara, or say nothing negative against Lena, was Alex. Because she knows Kara, and believes in her. Lena is the same. She doesn’t question Kara, and only truly cares about Kara’s opinion. Kara is a TRUE hero. She doesn’t let her personal feelings get involved. She even let Livewire go because she saw good in her. An actual bad guy. Lex tried to kill Clark, and she STILL believes in Lena. Lillian had Kara kidnapped and tortured, and she STILL believes in Lena. She saw a video of Lena with the kryptonite heart, AND SHE STILL BELIEVES IN LENA.

Lena didn’t think anyone was on her side, ready to run away alone from everything, which is why she was so shocked that Supergirl came, and why Supergirl immediately says “Kara Danvers believes in you.” Kara knew Lena needed to hear it. When it comes to Lena, the lines between Kara and Supergirl are becoming blurred.

As for the end scene, I believe that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl. Its in her offhand comments. “I am human after all, some steel in that Texas wheat.” But Katie McGrath is so good at this type of role, that it seems on the surface Lena is mysterious and unfeeling and maybe still on the fence of good/evil, but I believe that she is planning ahead on how to protect Supergirl. She truly loves Kara and will do anything to protect her. Lillian is still out there and she will do what it takes to stop her. “Don’t hurt her!” She was about to jump in front of Supergirl but Hank stopped her. She knows. And she cares. And Its beautiful.

I think what makes Kara and Lena so frustrating is that there is clearly love there, but the writers expect us to read between the lines. Giving us these scenes of “I looked into her eyes,” and “My office is overflowing with flowers.” I love my friends, but that isn’t a friend thing. At all. You can fight me on that. This isn’t fair to the fans at all, especially with such an amazing storyline.

Oh, and dunno if anyone caught it, but when Metallo exploded, he yelled Kara.


by: mldrgrl
rated: R (language)
summary: Hank meets Stella’s mother

Hank could tell there was something on Stella’s mind from the moment she got home.  She put her things down and shook off her coat at the door.  He had the pages of a new manuscript in his lap, a red pen in one hand, and a drink on his knee.  She came over to the couch and sat beside him, tucking her legs up under her before she reached for his glass and took a sip.

“What’s on your mind, Sherlock?” he asked.

She took another sip of his whiskey and then sucked the aftertaste off her teeth.  “Are you free tomorrow afternoon?” she asked.

“I could be.”

“If you’re not, you don’t have to change plans.”

“It wouldn’t be changing plans, per se.  What’s up?”

“I’ve been summoned to tea at Harrod’s.  I’d like you to come with me.”

Hank flipped the pages of his manuscript into order and then leaned over to place the stack of paper on the table.  He dropped his red pen there as well and then lay back against the couch, inclined towards Stella.  He put his hand on her knee and gave it a squeeze.

“Do I ring Jeeves and have him lay out my top hat and tails?”

“You can wear what you’d like.”

“Who are we having tea with?”

Stella downed the rest of Hank’s whiskey and tipped her head back as she swallowed.  “My mother.”


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Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: After 4.21
Genre: Hurt/Comfort

A/N: Alright, so I actually loved the episode. It reminded me of how good CPD can be, if they pull their heads out of their asses and just fucking try. But you know how I love writings those fics that come after the screen goes black? I couldn’t resist.

I hope you enjoy this & and thank you all for all the support and kind words.

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Colors Part 6

A Charles Xavier Soulmate AU

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here. Read Part 5 here.

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, and there is one color that they can’t see until they meet their soulmate, and that is the color of their soulmate’s eyes. For Charles Xavier, this is difficult, because his powers have filled in the blanks, and he can see all colors. He assumes that he’ll just know when he finds his soulmate. Should be easy for a telepath, right?

Warnings: Angst maybe? definitely, injuries, near death experience, violence

A/N: So, this won the contest! I knew I needed to post this soon, given the awful cliffhanger I left y’all with last time. Well….I’m not gonna say anything else really. Just….consider yourself warned. 


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Title: Professor McCoy
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 670
Characters: Hank McCoy x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Gettin’ hot ‘n heavy with everybody’s favorite professor
Notes: Request from @i-can-see-through-it for “Hi! First of all, you’re writing is lovely. :) also, can I request one between Hank and the reader, where the reader is usually feisty and Hank can be quite timid, but they have some banter and there’s a role reversal and a lot of sexual tension haha, thank you!” // Thank you very much! Hope you like it. ☺ // Hank McCoy has a professor kink and no one can tell me otherwise.

Originally posted by jamesmacvoy

         Waltzing into Hank’s lab uninvited wasn’t unusual for you. You two were good friends, so he never minded; he was always happy to have the company. You thought it might be because he had feelings for you, judging from the way he would blush profusely any time you flirted with him, but you couldn’t be sure.
        Upon entering the lab, you heard a loud groan of frustration from Hank, followed by the clatter of something hitting a table. He had a habit of throwing down whatever he was working on when exasperated, so you assumed that this time was no exception. You found him sitting in front of a table with a… sewing machine?
         “Are you working on Halloween costumes already, Hank? Ooh, are you making mine? There’s not much fabric there, though. Although, I do have a sneaking suspicion that you would just love to see me in one of those super skimpy costumes….”
         Hank’s ears and cheeks turned slightly pink, but he shook his head.
         “I’m trying to make some sort of durable gloves for the X-Men, but none of the fabric I use is working right,” he replied, his tone a bit bitter.
         “So, the genius Dr. Hank McCoy can build a complicated, powerful jet, and a brilliant method of amplifying a mutant’s telepathic abilities, and using that to locate mutants all over the world, and a thousand other incredibly ingenious things… but he can’t manage to make a pair of gloves,” you stated, laughing. Hank shot a glare at you before walking to another table in the lab and fiddling with some more fabric.
         “Have you tried using the silk of a Darwin’s bark spider?”
         Hank stopped what he was doing and turned to you, one eyebrow raised.
         “Its silk is the strongest naturally occurring fiber in the world. It’s stronger than steel; ten times stronger than Kevlar.”
         “That’s… that’s actually really smart,” Hank said, then began scribbling down some notes.
         “I’m a bit insulted that you look so surprised that I said something smart,” you replied, laughing a bit.
         “You do it so rarely,” Hank retorted, and you could tell he was grinning despite his back being to you.
         Hank chuckled then walked over to you, and sure enough, he was smiling.
         “Thank you, Y/N. Really. That’ll help me significantly.”
         “Anytime, Professor.”
         Hank’s smile faltered a bit, and you could tell he was trying to act natural. A smirk found its way to your lips.
         “Do you like it when I call you that, Professor?” you asked in a seductive tone, resting your hands on his shoulders. The shiver that ran down his spine didn’t go unnoticed.
         You could tell that he was fighting between telling you to stop, and pulling you closer. Slowly, you began to run your hand down his chest, underneath the lapels of his lab coat. He closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, resting his forehead against yours. You could feel his shaky breath fanning over your face.
         “Yes, Professor?” you asked sweetly.
         A low growl escaped Hank’s lips when your hand ghosted over the waistband of his slacks, and his hand tangled itself into your hair as he pulled you into a passionate kiss. You flung your arms around his neck, and he was quick to pick you up, his hands gripping underneath your thighs, and set you on one of the nearby lab tables. The metal was cool beneath you, but the man you had your legs wrapped around was warming you right back up.
         “Hey, Hank, did you ever – woah!”
         You both turned quickly to find Alex standing in the doorway, shielding his eyes with his hand. His cheeks were tinted pink, and he called out “Sorry!” before hastily exiting the lab. The two of you laughed breathlessly, then Hank turned to you. The blue of his eyes was almost nonexistent, his pupils blown wide with lust. Hank wore a small smirk when he spoke.
         “This isn’t over, beautiful.”
         “Glad to hear it, Professor.”

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Miracle Baby (Charles X Pregnant!Reader)

Characters: Charles Xavier X Pregnant!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Child Birth


Request: Hey there! Could you please do young Charles Xavier comforting his wife in labour please. (Wheelchair as well too - not when he has the serum). Thanks a million

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Originally posted by edsonlnoe

When you found out you were married, you were so, so excited. You had been married with Charles for over 10 years. You had been through thick and thin with him, as you had been with him before and after Cuba and the serum. Before the accident you had talked about having children, but that came to a halt after Cuba.

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What if...

What if during Warren’s recovery, after he has decided to stay at the mansion for his own sake and is put on 24 hour watch, he begins making the best of his ‘grounding,’ and starts hanging out with Hank down in the labs. Hank said it would help his confidence- both where he had too much, and where he too little. It would give him something to do while his wings grew back. It would keep his mind off of the prominent anger in his head. Sort of like therapy, as he would help Hank with expirements, medical treatment, and cleaning around the school. Warren needed a new leader in his life- someone REAL to look up to and guide him.

Now what if Hank then soon realized Warren’s terrible fear and anxiety around the new jet being built one day, when he has Warren come down to help him with a few things on it. He would see how much trouble the memories and fear and nightmares were giving the winged mutant, and decide to make that the next goal on the list of Warren’s recovery.

So what if then, he decided to start bringing Warren down to work on the jet every day with him. The angel wouldn’t want to upset the only mutant around that didn’t hate him, and would unwillingly agree and follow him down each time. But slowly, as the months would go on, Warren would begin loosening up around the formerly threatening machine. He would see all the parts that went into it- how it worked, how to turn it on, how to turn it off. How it flew- just like him, but not quite. How it was controlled, and how exactly Jean had taken it down that terrible day. He would see how simple it all turned out to be- and where all the exits were if ever another emergency occurred. He would see and help hank put the weapons and extra gadgets inside, and soon, when the new X Jet would be finished, Warren would now know the machine inside and out; less and less afraid by the day.

But then, what if Hank wouldn’t stop there. Warren’s continuous flinching and still unease would not be enough for his satisfaction, so he would decide to go further.

So what if then, he teaches Warren to fly it. By now, Warren’s wings have grown fully in. He doesn’t need the jet at all to reach the sky, but Hank still makes him try. And Warren agrees only because now he looks up to Hank- now he trusts him. Now he sees Hank as family; the doctor hadn’t wronged him yet, and Warren suddenly finds a brand new confidence in his head that he hadn’t noticed before.

Warren would have a panic attack the first time- Hank having to nearly force him into the chair and put his white-knuckled grip on the controls. The angel would go pale and sweaty and quiver with a gasping chest as he took hold of the steering, and allowed Hank to bring the suddenly gigantic jet to life around him.

“I’m right here Warren, you know I wouldn’t hurt you. If you can’t do it, just let me know and I can take over.” Hank would get set up right next to him- relaxed and easy as he would put the headphones on with him and take his controls.

The jet would move, and Warren would find himself in a mad panic as his hands nearly crush the new handles. He wouldn’t last long the first time- his wings opening and his eyes closing against his will as he instinctively yanks the controls up. Hank would then turn off Warren’s side; flying on his own but leaving the angel sitting next to him. He would test out the new pieces and parts of the jet, and talk to Warren as he flew them around. The angel would keep his grip tight on the steering and his eyes securely closed as he nods to Hank in response, until the doctor sighs and looks over at him.
“Warren, open your eyes. Look, we’re just flying…” he’d speak softly.

Warren would then slowly pry open his eyelids, to see only white clouds and blue sky through the windows in front of him. He’d huff a shaky laugh, but close them again and finally wish to go back.

Hank would let him, and return to the mansion.

But as the days would go on, Hank would take him out more and more. Day after day, until Warren was finally able to steer and fly all on his own at Hanks side- laughing hysterically as he suddenly sees what he can do.

And then what if- after Warren has mastered the new jet with Hank and figured out how to give it command and make it do what he wants it to do- the X Men are sent on a mission across the country. Warren would be with Hank as they prep the jet and ready it for take off- but before the angel can step back out to let them leave, Hank gently grabs his shoulder, and sits him down in the chair. The X Men would be confused and bewildered as to why Hank would trust Warren with such a job, but all it takes is one confident, calm look from the doctor, for Warren to know that he can do it. He’s ready.

So what if then Warren is able to fly with the X Men- fly them in the jet that nearly killed him just a year and a half ago. The X Kids would he astounded at the sight of the confident winged mutant controlling the machine that once caused him so much pain. And then what if, after a few more runs and a few more missions, Warren finds himself joining them in battle- leaving the jet to then fight at their side with out realizing he’s even joined them; living in the adrenaline and new found security.

Rewriting the Story of Time (Erik Lehnsherr X Reader)- Part One of Two

Word Count: About 10K

Summary: This is the sequel to a previous Erik smut I had done where Y/N was there when Erik was arrested for the assaination of J.F.K. This piece follows the story line of X-Men: Days of Future Past, so all rights to plot, characters, setting, etc., belong to the brilliant writers at Marvel.

Warnings: Drug abuse, addiction, mental-emotional abuse, depression, anxiety, language, and over all angst.

Author’s Note: Hello reader, you have stumbled upon a gift for my lovely friend Tessa, better known as @superwholockstringpuller and she has a mighty love for the famous metal bender along with heart breaker, Erik Lehnsherr. Even though I’m almost two months late on this, I have finally finished it. So please, Tessa, and my readers, enjoy.

It was nine in the morning when you had walked out of the kitchen with a granola bar in hand. That’s when you heard a sound that you found unfamiliar at first. Then it had sunk in that it was nothing more or less than a doorbell. You paused, no one ever came there. The last time you had heard the doorbell was in 1968. It had been literal years. Five years to be exact.

You didn’t quite know what to do really, until you heard the voice of Hank and he shouted, “I got it,” before mumbling, “it’s probably someone who doesn’t know there’s no professor here.”

You sighed as you sat yourself on the stairs. You figured you may as well wait for Hank to finish up so you could hang out with him in the lab.

Hank definitely had the fashion sense of the time for not getting out much. He had thick framed glasses that started out black but faded to clear. His outfit was a yellow shirt with red stripes, a red cardigan over that, and reddish brown pants. Hank then opened the door, but I couldn’t see past him.

“Can I help you?”

You heard a pause followed by a slightly higher, yet gruff voice.

“Uh… yeah. What happened to the school?”

Even while sitting on the steps you could see the confused expression on Hank’s and you were pretty damn sure your face mimicked his. The school hadn’t operated since the early sixties. Why would this man just now be asking about the school?

Hank, being the intelligent and perceptive man he was, of course voiced your thoughts. “The school has been shut for years. Why, are you a parent?” Whoever was on the other side of the door chuckled.

“God, I sure as hell hope not. Who are you?”

Hank gave him an uncertain look, but spoke up anyways. “Hank McCoy. I look after the house.” You wished you could see past Hank to whoever was on the outside but instead you heard a second long silence before a sigh of aghast.

“You’re Beast? Look at you, you’re a late bloomer.”

You felt yourself tense up. No one except them called him that. The original group who called themselves the X-Men. Your head solemnly lowered. All of them, dead or dead to us. Alex was long gone at war where he couldn’t focus on anything but how to stay alive. As for Erik and Raven, they had been alive but missing ever since Cuba.

Hank shook his head and his tone had raised to more than unfriendly. “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Hank began to force the door but the man on the other side was adding pressure too. The door was deadlocked between them. You stood up, not knowing whether or not to intervene. You could simply stop time and get the man far away, but something deep in your gut was beginning to kick in. Time was in distress, it was unbalanced.

“So where’s the professor?”

Hank began to push on the door with more strength, you were fearing he was going to go beast mode. “There’s no professor here.”

He grunted as he continued trying to shut the door, nearly growling and the veins in his arms popping out.

“You’re pretty strong for a scrawny kid. You sure there’s not a little Beast in there?” The voice was definitely becoming more strained with each passing moment.

You wanted to shout, you wanted to do something but you felt frozen.

Hank almost got the door closed as he refused to make eye contact as the other man kept talking. “Come on Beast.”

Through a struggling tone Hank spoke up once again. “He’s not here.” Mystery man kept pushing.

“Come on Beastie.”

With a final shove, the man pushed the door open and waltzed in. My head throbbed at the sight of him. Something about him wasn’t right. It couldn’t have been.

In a way, you had a feeling of dejavu, or a feeling of your fate changing within you. It felt like you were seeing this man for the first time yet like you had known him for over thirty years.

While looking at this tall man who was sculpted like a G.I. Joe action figure, and staring at his pointy hair and stubble, you couldn’t fight back the name that came tumbling out of your mouth. “Logan.” Although the man didn’t hear it and began to push through into the main hall.

Hank followed behind shouting, “hey!,” over and over while the man took steady steps and Hank grabbed onto him.

“I said the school’s closed so, um, you need to leave.” The man, who I felt was named Logan, had gotten closer to the steps where I was. I moved, feeling like he shouldn’t see me if he hadn’t already so I found myself crouching next to the staircase, listening to the conversation pm unfold and just barely looking through the staircase rail.

Logan’s feet were halfway to the stairs and he repeated himself. “Not until I see the professor.”

Hank grabbed Logan’s shoulder and turned him around. “There’s no professor here. I told you that already.”

Then Logan spoke up. “Listen kid, you and I are going to be good friends.”

Logan just flat out punched Hank in the nose.

“Hank!” You began to run over to him, but stopped yourself. You stopped because Hank was no longer shy, clear headed Hank. No, he was beginning to change into what was really Beast.

You stood back as Hank was on the ground covering his face and Logan added, “you just don’t know it yet.” He turned around and made his way back towards the stairs. Hank took off his glasses and by the way his shoulders were tensed up you could tell he was now past returning to normal or calming down.

Logan was running up the stairs. “Professor!”

Hank had slammed one of his hands on the ground. He began to get up and you saw his hair and skin turning blue. You inched closer. You knew Hank wouldn’t hurt you, but something deep inside you always held that fear when he was angered.

“Hank, please calm down.” You were less than three feet away when Hank’s head shot up and he was bearing teeth. Like an animal, he shot forward on all fours and was up the stairs before you could comprehend it. You cursed yourself for wearing heels before barreling up the stairs.

You found yourself useless as you stared down a hall where Hank, silent like an animal ready to strike at its prey, Hank jumped into the chandelier just barely hanging on by his fingers and at the sound, Logan turned around only to be pinned down to the rug covered wooden floor.

There was the clatter of Hank throwing Logan against everything and then Hank actually threw Logan out of the hall. You ducked as the more human man was hurdled out of the hall and back to the stairs. You pulled your arms away from your head and began to stand up until you saw Hank leap, causing you to fall flat on the floor to avoid from injuring yourself.

That’s when the thud of Hank landing on a body rang out and he took that very body and threw it over the railing. You gasped as a groan of pain came from the lower level and Hank stop on the railing. He slowly prepared himself and he was jumping. Hanging by his feet, Beast was dangling over Logan, growling loud and ready to maul him.

That was, until the sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway next to you and you saw a face that you hadn’t seen in weeks. A tired one with red eyes likely from tears or lack of sleep, but most likely both. Dark circles sagged under his eyes and he looked like he was dealing with a hangover as always. His wavy hair was a wreck along with his outfit. It was Charles.

“Hank, what’s going on here?”

Charles completely ignored you as he looked down at Hank who now looked like nothing more than a fluffy blue teddy bear hanging upside down from the chandelier. His face was one of fear and nervousness.

Logan raised his head and looked at the man walking down the stairs. “Professor?”

Charles spoke up. “Please don’t call me that.” Hank’s voice heightened in pitch as he asked a vital question which befuddled him.

“You know this guy?”

Charles responded, “yes, he looks… slightly familiar. Get off the bloody chandelier, Hank.” Charles pointed up to Hank and within a moment Hank did another perfecf flip to land on the ground like nothing happened. That’s when you finally began to make your way downstairs while Logan was still laying back feeling the sting.

“You can walk.” Logan made the statement like it was impossible to believe even though Charles had been walking again for years. Charles quickly responded, “you’re an perceptive one.” The sentence reeked with sarcasm and narcissism; Logan still looked confused.

“I thought Erik-” Logan could not continue his sentence because Charles was going on a small rant, very deeply interrupting him.

“That makes it slightly perplexing that you managed to miss our sign on the way in. This is a private property my friend. I’m going to have to ask him to ask you to leave.” Charles pointed to Hank who was still in his blue form.

Logan spoke up and gave a sigh. “I’m afraid I can’t do that because… uh… I was sent here for you.”

Charles laughed. “Well tell whoever it was that sent you that I’m… busy.” Hank sighed and Logan laughed while you stared on in awe. Could that man be the reason everything felt so imbalanced? As if your body was telling you that you were right, your stomach lurched and you braced yourself on the stairwell railing.

“Well, that’s going to be a little tricky, ” Logan said, “because the person that sent me was you.”

“What?” That was all Charles could manage to say, yet the look in his tired eyes said more stronger than words. Yet, the living action figure didn’t even bother to notice as he continued, taking a stance.

“About fifty years from now.”

Charles’ eyes were wide and filled with uncertainty like an injured animal. You didn’t know how to deal with all of the hostility in the room other than to just simply watch as more of the story was told.

“Fifty years from now. Like in the future fifty years from now?” Charles could only pose such a question as he sat on the stairs, an empty scotch glass in hand. You sighed as you remembered another man who loved scotch more than he did, big lightly shook your head to get the thought to flutter away.

Like it was as easy talking about a potential new timeline like as if it were a conversation about the weather, Logan responded, “yeah.”

Charles looked at the living action figure with an expression even you couldn’t read, but he did manage to surprise you with another question. “I sent you from the future?”

Logan just gave another simple answer and Charles laughed a laugh that reminded you of a beautiful vase, shattered. After that he added, “piss off, ” for good measure. That’s when Logan had finally looked into Charles’ eyes and you felt something surge in you that showed the smallest size of what seemed to be hope.

“If you had your powers you’d know that I was telling the truth.” Within that single moment, everyone except for Logan stopped breathing. You didn’t notice that Hank was by your side but he stiffened. You on the other hand couldn’t help but have a silent gasp escape you as Charles looked on with a mix of emotions: fear, anger, confusion, and most evidently, shock.

“How do you know I don’t have my- who are you?”

Logan only said, “I told you.” Charles couldn’t believe him, yet you could somehow. Still Charles pressed on, needing an answer, a logical one to help him make sense of it. In his mind he didn’t want to be dragged into things again, he couldn’t be dragged into things again.

“Are you C.I.A.?”

Logan curtly responded, “no.”

Charles was still trying to figure him out for something that there was no way to figure out. You wanted to reach out to your long time friend, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it, knowing full well that it could break him.

“You’ve been watching me.”

Logan, who had his arms crossed for a time now, sighed. “I know you Charles; been friends for years. I know your powers came when you were nine, I know you thought you were going crazy with all of the voices in your head. It wasn’t until you were twelve that you realized that all of the voices were in everyone else’s head. Do you need me to go on?”

Your head whipped over to Charles, to see if those were true and the ex telepath was staring at the ground, his eyes wide and glassy. “I’ve never told anyone that before.” It was just barely a whisper.

Logan continued, for the first time you could see the smile on his lips. “Not yet, no, but you will.”

When Charles’ head lifted from staring at the wooden planks beneath him, he nearly looked as if he was going to take everything that follows seriously. With a voice that reminded you of the old Charles, how he was before Cuba, he spoke. “Alright, you’ve peaked my interest. What do you want?”

There was no time to take a breath or even put in your own thought before an idea was thrown at all of you as hard as it could’ve been.

“We have to stop Raven.” Immediately you saw Hank tense once again, and to stop him you gently wrapped your hand around his arm, to which he didn’t worsen. Charles on the other hand, nearly looked sick. He was dazed as Logan only continued on. “I need your help. We need your help.”

Charles stood up, his legs wobbling a bit. “I think I’d like to wake up now.” Your eyes welled in pity for your colleague. He didn’t have a good life, it was just plain and simple. Then to have something thrown in his face about the very girl, the very sister who betrayed him, to be thrown into his face, it had to have been maddening. For you it would’ve been like being told that E- he was being forced back into the equation.

Charles silently, but shattered like a wind up toy with a broken leg, walked to his study where mounds of bottles, cans, and glasses all lined up. On the way there, he placed his hand on Hank’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze before moving on.

You heard Hank mutter, “what does this have to do with her?”

Charles was off in his study, most likely drinking his troubles away once more while Logan carefully explained to Hank and yourself what Raven caused in the future.

You and Hank looked at each other and knew something had to be done. So after a few more exchanges of words, you found yourselves marching into the study. You explained, Hank popping in a few words from time to time and at the end, Charles was looking like he comprehended it, but wished as if he didn’t.

“So you’re saying they took Raven’s power and what, they weaponized it?”

While nodding his head, Logan said, “yup.” Then Hank spoke up to help back it all up even more. The more logic on your side, the better chance of Charles playing along.

“I mean she is unique.” Charles just echoed his words and Logan continued with an expression of sorrow and of recollection.

“In the beginning Sentinels just targeted mutants. Then they began to identify the genetics of non-mutants. They would eventually begin to have mutant children, grandchildren. Many of the humans tried to help us, it was a slaughter. Leaving only the worst of humanity in charge.”

Hank looked morbidly intrigued, and you were too but at the same time you were focused on Charles. He looked as if he no longer believed in it all, that he thought Logan was pouring his heart out for no reason as he droned on.

“I’ve been in a lot of wars. I’ve never seen anything like this.” Hank was sitting next to the man looking deep in thought. Then he added, “and it all started with her.”

While sitting on his ratty, old blue couch, Charles seemed to humored him. “Let’s say for the sake of… for the sake of believing you, I choose to help you. She won’t even listen to me. Her heart and soul belong to someone else now.” You could see Charles lower his head as well as Hank. They both thought it true, but deep down you knew different. Raven couldn’t just abandon emotions like that.

“I know. That’s why we’re going to need Magneto too.” Your stomach dropped. Your heart dropped. Everything inside of you dropped. You felt sick, like you needed to lie down. But you still stood strong as you could as Charles gave a nearly psychotic grin.

Hank inquired, “Erik?” Charles began to hysterically yet dryly laugh just at hearing the name. Hank continued speaking in his place. “You do know where he is?”

The man in the leather jacket coolly responded, “yeah.”

Charles was still laughing like a bloody hyena and stood up. That laughter had turned into the raw anger that he had felt for years. With venom lacing his words, he spoke up, resisting the urge to let his strained voice turn into a yell. “He’s where he belongs.”

Charles sauntered out of his study, his glass still in hand and a single, calloused finger tracing the rim of the glass. At that point you could no longer stay silent, but Logan’s voice rang out and gave meaning to the words in your head. “That’s it? You’re just going to walk out.”

Charles wore a mocking grin and tried to sound impressed, only coming off as hostile and narcissistic. “Ooh top marks. Like I said you are perceptive.” Charles faced away yet again, but Logan growled after him.

“The professor I know would never turn their back on someone who lost their path. Especially someone they love.” Suddenly the broken man had paused at the stairs and slowly turned on his heel to face the three of you.

“You know, I think I do remember you now. Yeah, we came to you a long time ago seeking your help and I’m going to say to you what you said to us then. ‘Fuck off’.” In a second or less, Charles was being help up by the collar of his stained shirt and Logan no longer had time for patience. You yelped as you saw your closest friend in danger but Hank kept you back.

“Listen to me you little shit,” Logan said, “I’ve come a long way and watched a lot of people die. Good people, friends. If you want to wallow in self-pity then you’ll watch the same thing. Understand?”

After staring down for a solid five seconds he let go of Charles who happily regained his balance. Charles then turned serious again looked Logan in the eyes before ruthlessly saying, “we all have to die sometime.”

He began to walk away, your heart stopping with shock, and you heard Hank disappointedly murmur, “I told you there was no professor here.” With echoes of Hank’s words in his mind, Charles walked up the stairs and left all of you to sit in silence.

Charles blindly found himself stumbling to his room, looking for nothing in particular except for a way to escape the pain. There were certainly ways to do it, ways that would silence his pain for eternity, but he had always turned such a dark thought away. He couldn’t leave you. He couldn’t leave Hank. No mater how useless and pitiful he felt, he could never do it. By reflex alone, Charles took his scotch glass and filled it with the contents of the bottle closest to him. It didn’t matter what time it was. He drank from the time he woke up to the time he passed out.

Charles drank himself to unconsciousness because that was the only thing that let him reach the sensation of sleep. You along with Hank were surprised that he had never managed to get alcohol poisoning. Maybe his mutation gave him a strong liver too.

After he had downed the glass, he pulled out an old rag, almost like a bandage you’d use on a sprain, but much shorter. He wrapped and tied it around his arm, pulling it tight with his teeth as he prepared to jam a needle into it like a heroin addict.

As Charles plummeted the metal into his arm, he could only think of a few things: Erik, Raven, the school and you. All of his friends, family, he let them down. He was such a failure in his own ocean eyes. He had them, all of you, he had everything but he just couldn’t keep them. He couldn’t hold on.

Then he heard things. He began to hear voices in the dark recesses of his mind. Their voices. They were all tearing at his being, he just couldn’t take it. He pushed down the end of the syringe which was already in his arm, and watched the liquid gold, almost like honey, slowly fill his veins. He just wanted the pain to go away. Only you, who stood downstairs, knew that for Charles, the pain would never be gone.

Charles ripped the old rag from his arm and threw it to the floor almost as if he was angry; angry at himself. So he fell back onto his bed and turned his head sluggishly to the side.

In front of his eyes was a nightstand, littered in bottles and glasses of the past. Yet through them he could see a single picture illuminated by his bedside lamp. The picture was of a girl, of Raven. Not Mystique, but Raven, the girl he knew, took in, and cherished like a little sister.

He took a deep breath as the moment they met in that very home filled his mind. How he found her in the kitchen, disguised as his own mom, but failed to act like her. The lonely man laid still as his eyes looked like glass and released hot tears. He didn’t want to think of her or any of them. That caused pain and Charles… he just wanted the pain to go away.

Yet it didn’t. His mind then drifted to Erik and how he stole her. He stole Raven, made her into a completely different person. Erik also gave Charles you. Another loss. You may have still been by his side, but in his eyes, you didn’t even regard him as him anymore. Charles remembered the shine in your eyes, the way your lips curved when you smiled, and how strong you seemed when you carried yourself. You were a friend to everyone you met. Only that had changed.

When Charles and Erik first found you, you found yourself in love. Charles knew, since way back when he could hear minds. He knew that Erik returned such feelings, but ignored them in fear of losing more than he already had. Then you two grew closer, and that led to a night where Charles couldn’t sleep due to such provocative thoughts racing through his mind.

Then on the beach in Cuba, he felt your heart shatter as he fell to the ground. He felt your heart stop as you shouted and pleaded with Erik not to leave. Yet he did. Then when you were invited to Dallas, you came back with a blank expression and a heart that was nearly mended but broken once again.

With everything, you just weren’t the same.

Finally, Charles took a deep breath, pulled himself out of his thoughts. He rubbed the tears away as he sat up, knowing what he needed to do, not just for Raven but in having the small hope of fixing you. So he stood and made his way from his room, slamming the door behind him, and wobbled down the stairs. He stood in the foyer and spoke with Raven clouding his mind once again.

“I’ll help you get her. Not for any of your future shite, but for her.”

You along with Hank and Logan turned around to see Charles standing there, drunkenly. You were going to say something until Logan shrugged and spoke up.

“Fair enough.”

It seemed as if that would be a close to the conversation, but Charles had spoken with spite. “The thing is that you don’t know Erik. He’s a monster, a murderer. You think you can convince Raven to change, come home? That’s splendid. But what makes you think that you can change him?”

The room went silent like something had killed every voice. At least, until Logan had the guts to slice the silence.

“Because you and him sent me back here together.”

Everyone but you was shocked. Somehow it felt normal, like you’d been expecting it.

More of the same went on, making your brow furrow in not only frustration, but as well as annoyance. That is when you could no longer take it anymore.

“Logan, Charles, silence!” With that the eyes of the three men were on you and your composed yourself a bit more before speaking, first aiming your message at Charles. “Charles, can you please just accept the bloody fact that this man is not on a drug trip? If he were he’d be stumbling not only over himself but his words as well. I can feel something about him! Time isn’t as it should be and the feeling got stronger with him around. He’s ripping the balance of time, and to do something like that, whatever is going on must be dire! Just consider it, please. And Logan, Charles may seem like a dick right now, and I know you’ve been through a lot, but this man over here, is one of the most unfortunate men I’ve ever known. Just imagine the person you trusted most, and them ruining your life.”

Logan sighed, looking unamused. “Well kid, hate to break it to you but my future ain’t so bright. Even with an old friend like you.”

You paused. “What year did you say you’re from?”

“I didn’t. 2023.”

You quickly did the math and concluded, you were old. Very old. “How the hell did I live to 92 in a life like this?”

Logan laughed, but seemed kind of sad in a way, “you get more ornery over the years.”

You sighed and shook your head to get back on topic.

“Well we’re all on the same page. Now we just need to come up with a plan, unless Logan, you have a plan already.”

“About that, I don’t.”

You sighed, nearly ready to pull your hair out. “You really didn’t have a plan already?” He laughed and Hank spoke up.

“I’m going to run to the lab really quick. I’ll meet you in the study.” You sent him a confused look and he ran towards one of the other wings of the building. You looked back to Logan as he walked into the study. Charles followed and a second later all of you were standing there waiting for the brains of the group.

A moment later Hank ran into the room with a rolled up paper. They seemed like plans, but plans for what was the question. Since it was Hank you were talking about, maybe it was some sort of invention he needed to find parts for that would help you.

Hank unrolled the paper onto the table. What you saw was the outline of the Penatgon. “Hank? How in the hell did you get this?” You looked up at him in utter awe and saw a mischievous grin appear on his usually wary face.

“Well, when I worked at the C.I.A. I got access to a lot of secret files, and when I quit they didn’t bother to take the files back.” You couldn’t help but smirk and give off a chuckle or two. What could you say? It was exciting.

Hank began to explain things on the floor plans and gave some history on the facility. “The room they’re holding him in was built during the second World War when there was a shortage of steel so, the foundation is made of pure concrete and sand. No metal.”

That explained why Erik couldn’t escape, but that was no helpful information considering you had no clue how far down he was.

Charles continued. “He’s being held a hundred floors beneath the most heavily guarded building on the planet.”

Charles had to have been right because you had been to DC before, and nearly everywhere you went there was some security.

Logan spoke up. “Why is he in there?”

The air in the room filled with thoughts of sincere and utter doubt. How had Logan not known? You’d think the hero of the century would know what he’s getting himself into, but of course he did not.

Charles spoke up, almost sounding like he found it amusing. “What, he forgot to mention?” Charles’ figure which was holding itself up on the table had raised his head slightly. His eyes showed a bit of amusement as he looked at Logan. Then he began to laugh. Your heart sank. It felt like you were watching someone who wasn’t Charles, this man was too broken. Hank spoke up in Charles’ place.


You put your head down. You were with Erik that day. You never saw a gun. Yet, Charles was so positive. Sometimes you questioned what you really saw that day, but you’d always end up with an opinion no different than begone. You felt like Erik was trying to save Kennedy but you kept your opinion to myself.

“He killed-” Logan didn’t get to finish his sentence because Charles laughed again and looked at Logan with visible amusement playing on his face.

“What else explains a bullet miraculously curving through the air? Erik’s always had a way with guns.”

Charles’ once smiling face had faded as Hank and Logan sat there with scowls. Charles only continued. “Are you sure that you want to carry on with this?” The uncertainty in Charles’ voice grew and you could tell that a part of him wished that Logan would give up. Naturally that didn’t happen.

“Hey, this is your plan, not mine.”

Hank immediately rebutted, “we don’t have the resources to get inside.”

Charles supported him by adding, “or out. It’s just me, Hank, and Y/N.” You sat there and thought about it. If you could use your time manipulation on that many people… then you decided not to consider it. Even if that would work, it would exhaust you to the point of unconsciousness and you wouldn’t be able to get everyone back out. It was a fruitless idea.

All of them looked deep in thought and then Logan spoke up. “I know a guy. Yeah, he’d be a young man about now.” Lived right outside of D.C.“ Logan’s eyes changed. Instead of the cold, hard ones his eyes began to get soft around the edges. A look of fond memories filled his dark orbs and he laughed. "Yeah, he could break in anywhere. I just don’t know how the hell we’re gonna find him.” I immediately thought of Cerebro and I looked into Hank’s eyes. A certain glow that I recognized all too well had appeared on Hank’s face. We had the same thought.

Hank turned to the professor with a questioning look. “Is Cerebro out of the question?” He said it in a very hushed tone and Charles rolled his eyes. It wasn’t in a sassy, cinical way like it normally was, but more of a tired and exasperated way. He hung his head and slightly shook it. You mentally screamed at Charles, but he couldn’t hear it and most likely would die before he ever could.

Hank just sighed and looked back to Logan. “We have a phone book…” With that, Hank went to go grab some yellow pages and you noticed Logan staring at you. You turned to him curiously, wondering what that look in his eyes said. The look in his eyes was sad and fond in a way. “Hey Logan, what is it? It looks like you just watched a dog movie.”

He laughed and I saw his eyes become a bit glossy. “You’re just a sight for sore eyes.” Your head slightly tilted in confusion. What did he mean by that? He noticed your obvious befuddlement. “Well you’re not the same in the future. You’re not as sweet, so it’s nice to see you as your old self.” A part of you felt as if he was lying, but if he was, you didn’t want to know why.

Hank came back with four phone books, one for each of you. “So what’s this kid’s last name?”

Logan quickly replied, “Maximoff.” You made a guess about where to flip. You landed on an “mc” page and took a bit more time to flip back, scanning all of the names. It didn’t take long to the name. “Logan, I found it.”

He came and looked over your shoulder before saying, “Let’s go.”

With that, all of you went outside and got into your cars. You were stepping into your car as you heard Charles speak up, catching you just slightly off guard. “Hey, you’re not driving that.” You turned to him, a hand on your hip.

“And why not?”

“Y/N, I need to make sure you’re okay. Especially with the past you and Er-” you stopped him by getting in the car quickly and practically slammed the door.

You let the three boys ride in the front while you had the back of the car to yourself. At a stop sign Logan spoke up. “Since I’m driving around with a stolen car, I think we need to get a rental.”

You immediately straightened up. “You stole this?”

He smirked. “Yeah. I stole it from a guy earlier today. He wasn’t a good guy. Anyways, Charles, can we use your card to rent one?”

He sighed. “I suppose.”

You stopped at a place to get another car. It was very similar to the one that you were previously in but the second one was blue instead of black.

You all got in the same way as the last one and began your drive once again. Before you knew it you had ended up at a nice looking home in Maryland. The exterior was all black and white with tons of windows. It looked like an expensive house to say the least.

The boys argued about how Charles shouldn’t get used to driving us around while you slowly got out of the car. You looked around to see if you could see anyone but only saw the boys already getting ready to knock. Charles turned around and even when he had on rich brown sunglasses that covered half of his face you could tell that he looked confused. “Bloody hell Y/N, what are you looking around for? Get up here.” You looked at him with a fake, sarcastic smile and high pitched voice like that of a housewife from the forties or fifties. “Okay dear.”

He grinned.

You ran up the steps as a woman opened the door. Her hair was a bit on the longer side, blonde, and was in waves. Her face had wrinkles that could only be from furrowing her brow and making other worried facial expressions. Her eyes were wide and she sighed.

“What’s he done now? I’ll just write you a check from whatever he took.”

Logan coolly responded, “we just need to talk to him.” With that she nodded.

“Okay.” Then she raised her voice. “Peter! The cops are here! Again…” You sighed just looking at the woman. She looked tired and a bit disappointed. While the boys began to walk downstairs I walked over to her.

“Hey, how about you take twenty bucks and go get yourself a bottle of wine?” You reached into your wallet and gave the woman a twenty. She looked up at me with worried eyes.

“No, I can’t.”

You smiled and held the bill onto her hand. “Don’t worry. It’s just twenty bucks, and that guy with the long hair is loaded. He’ll probably give me money later on for no reason. Also you won’t have him to look after tonight. We’re going to take him on a trip to set him straight.”

Ms. Maximoff smiled at me. “Thank you.” With that she sped out of the door. You smiled to yourself and made your way to the basement. The first voice you heard was Charles. “How’d you know that we got a rental car?”

“I checked your registration when you walked in the door. I also had some time to kill so I went through your rental agreement and saw that you’re from out of town.”

With that, you saw a boy with silver locks sitting on a ratty old couch. “Are you F.B.I.?” And then the boy was behind Charles, holding his wallet and a card. “Nope, you’re not cops.” He also mentioned a place on the card. “Hey, what’s with this gifted youngsters place?” Then he dropped it along with the wallet onto the ping pong table. Charles picked them up, a bit flustered, and you couldn’t help but laugh at him. He shot you something a little less of a glare and spoke up.

“That’s… an old card.”

Hank was all smiles. “Well he’s fascinating.”

Charles bitterly spat, “he’s a pain in the ass.” You ouldn’t help but at least give a single chuckle at Charles’ behavior. It was quite funny to see him that aggravated.

Hank looked over to Logan with pure curiosity. “What is he, a teleporter?”

He shook his head. “No he’s just fast. When I knew him he wasn’t so… young.” Before you could even bother to comprehend it, he was on the couch with a popsicle. His cocky personality shone through. “Young? You’re just old.”

The boys all turned around to the couch that the Peter boy was sitting on and Hank spoke up, “so you’re not afraid to show your powers.” The best way to describe Peter’s face was that he was challenging all of you.

“Powers? What powers? What are you talking about? Do you see something strange here? Nothing that anybody would believe if you told them.” You saw Logan sigh out of the corner of your eye as you tried to figure the kid out. Of course he sped away while you were doing so. Then you heard the sound of an arcade game behind you all. He was playing pong.

“So who are you? What do you want?”

Logan decided to cut to the point. “Peter, we need your help.”

The boy still had his eyes glued to the machine but still manged to respond, “what?” Logan tried to explain it.

“We need you to break into a highly secured facility and try to get someone out.”

Peter had just put on a mischievous smirk. “Prison break? That’s illegal you know.”

With that all of you looked around the room of stolen property. He had a stockpile of TVs and enough sweets to last him through the apocalypse. You ignored the kid’s logic as Logan tried to further convince him. “Not as long as you don’t get caught.”

Peter’s smirk only widened. “So what’s in it for me?” You looked over to Charles to see him taking off his sunglasses revealing the dark circles under his eyes and spoke up in his cocky voice that he and when you were younger. The voice he used when him and Erik found you. His charming personality that you thought had long been lost within the broken man, never to be recovered. “You, you collective maniac, get to break into the Penatgon.”

Peter froze on the spot. Then he slowly turned to face you. “How do I know I can trust you?”

Logan responded, “because we’re just like you.”

Charles looked over to Logan. “Show him. You too Y/N.” Logan raised his hand and claws came out. Peter promptly replied, “that’s cool but disgusting.”

Then he looked over to you. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Your muscles tightened, and were put to the limits, feeling like they were going to rip apart. The earth was giving a silent scream as it stopped turning and you opened your eyes to see everyone in the room except for yourself and Peter frozen. Not encased in ice, but encased in time. Peter looked around, wide eyed like he had just witnessed something unimaginable, which he had. With a sigh and a laugh, he said, “now that’s cool.”

Suddenly your grip one time faded away and you heard Charles laughing behind you. “That was splendid. I wasn’t able to see it myself but I know it was splendid.”

It was moments later that all of you ran upstairs, but Peter was by far the first one up and had ran through the whole house by the time you were at the top step. Although, Peter looked befuddled, so you stopped and spoke to him. “What is it?”

He turned back to you with his hand awkwardly on the back of his neck. “Well my mom’s gone.”

You smiled and joked with him a bit. “Oh, she was stressed so I gave her money to go buy herself some wine. She needs it with a kid like you.”

Peter only smirked and confused you. “Wait, aren’t you insulted by that?”

He shook his head. “Nope. I can’t argue with you on that one.” You just sighed and gave a giggle as you all made it to the car. Charles came up to you. “That was kind of you, buying his mum a bottle of wine.”

You shrugged and simply said, “Sometimes a mom just needs a nice drink. That’s what my mom always told me. She said when, and of course it’s actually if, I ever have a kid, to always have a wine bottle and glass handy.”

Charles laughed before him, Hank, and Logan once again filed into the front seat. Peter and yourself filed into the back and once the car started moving Peter spoke up. “So how did you guys find a girl this hot?” You turned red and Charles almost slammed the breaks out of suprise. After he regained his composure he spoke up.

“I came across Y/N in 1962. And you mister, should be going for girls your own age and not roughly thirteen years older than you.” You gave out an awkward and weak laugh while Peter spoke up again.

“As long as I’m legal it’s cool.” Then he laughed, unable to take himself seriously.

Charles continued, “I’ve been a close friend for years now.” You nodded even though that was only half true. You and Charles had indeed been friends for years, but how many years had it been since it felt like you two were friends? Not even months but years. It was 1967 when Charles shut the doors to his manor and he would no longer come out of his room. Yet you stayed with nowhere else to go.

Finally you just sighed and settled for staring out of the window, thinking over the plan.

Peter would run to Erik’s cell, that much was obvious and you decided purely based off of the fact that no one could keep up with him, that he would be fine on his own. Then you needed to find out a way to get in. A tour, yeah that would work. Hank would be on the tour, he could use some sort of device to alter the security cameras. Then you were left with the roles for Charles, Logan, and yourself. You could all start off on a tour, find a corridor or staircase that would lead to the kitchens, and meet Peter and Erik there. Yeah, it would work.

You noticed a store on your way and you spoke up. “Charles, I need to run into that store, and I need to borrow some cash. I have an idea for the plan, and if it’s gonna work, we’ll need disguises.” In the rear view mirror you saw Charles sigh but he did as you asked and pulled put a crefit card only to hand to you. As soon as the rental car was parked, you hurried out into the parking lot and into the store. If your plan was going to work then you’d have to look the part.

Oddly enough, you actually ran to a toy aisle first and found a remote control toy car. Maybe Hank would be able to tinker with the remote so he could change frequencies or stations of cameras. That brilliant man could make a circuit board out of a bottle cap, half broken computer chip, and a small piece of copper.

To help him with the tinkering you grabbed a small toolkit. Right before you were about to leave to go grab clothes, you realized that Hank would need something to conceal the remote in. A not very manly idea came to mind, a fanny pack.

It took you a few minutes to even locate something like that but the only color they had was blue. That would not go with Hank’s yellow and red outfit. And he needed something nicer looking to wear to the Penatgon.

So you actually decided to buy Hank a whole outfit, which you had to get in a section for lanky men, but had to guess his size on everything. You prayed that it would fit alright or the whole plan could have a possibility of failing.

Then you went to the normal men’s department and looked in the dress wear. If Charles was going to be masquerading as any sort of professional he needed to dress like one. Anything was better than the outfit he was wearing then, stained and over a decade old. You picked out black trousers, black dress shoes, black socks, a black jacket, and red patterned tie, and a white button up shirt.

You thought you were ready to go find something for yourself, but then realized that Erik, as much you hated him at the time, would appreciate an outfit other than his prison getup. You sighed and tried to guess what his size would be based off of the last time you saw him. Images of his clothes on the floor, your wrists being held captive by the headboard, and his moans filled your head. At which you wanted them to stop. You wanted to stop thinking of him. You had to stop thinking of him. So with clothes for him, thrown sloppily into a cart, you ran to the women’s section just to get away.

You probably had two hundred dollars worth of clothes and gadgets but you still needed to find something of your own. When you walked into the store, you were wearing jeans, a blouse without shoulders, and sandals. You were rocking the whole disco hippie vibe, but you needed something serious to wear.

You grabbed a pair of black high heels, a black pencil skirt, a black blazer, and a white button up blouse. Your outfit was just the female version of Charles’.

When you paid the total rang up to over three hundred fifty dollars. You pulled out a credit card that belonged to Charles. Before you left the register, you spoke to the cashier. “May I change in the dressing room? I’m kind of in a rush.” She gave you a grin.

“Yeah. Just take number three, here’s the key.”

She pulled a key out from under the counter as you went to go unlock the dressing room. Inside you changed, threw all of the price tags away and separated your clothes from the boys’. Then gave the cashier the key back, threw away your old outfit, and made your way out of the store.

You expected to see them all in the car but they were all standing outside of it, leaning up against it and casually chatting like they weren’t going to break into the Pentagon in the next hour.

Then Peter looked over with a blank expression before saying, “now you look like my middle school principal.” You laughed before Charles looked over and raised an eyebrow. “You certainly went shopping didn’t you?”

You frowned. “It’s all part of the plan Charlie.”

“You haven’t called me that in a decade.”

“Well we’re about to see a friend from a decade ago, may as well bring back tradition.” Then you decided to shift to plan mode. “Listen, I came up with a plan, but it will take a lot of work do stop and pay close attention. First,” you looked over to Peter. “Okay kid, so your job is to get Erik. You will masquerade as the guard who delivers the food to Erik. You need to figure out how to break the glass, but I have a feeling that it’s not your first time doing that.” He grinned and you looked to Hank. “Hank, we’ll need someone to hack the security cameras. Do you think you can alter this remote to do that?” You handed Hank the controller and a few other things to let him mess around with it.

“Um yeah. I need more room though so you or Peter would have to get in the front.” I smiled. “Fantastic. I’ll sit up front. Oh and Hank, I bought you an outfit. Since we’re already so low on time, I’ll just freeze time and you can change outside of the car.” You handed him a bag of clothes and Logan got out of the car to let him by. You then turned to Charles.

“We’re going to pretend like we’re authorized agents putting the building on lock down. Logan will come with us. We’ll get Peter and him, then get the hell out. To do that, here’s your suit. Now get on the other side of the car and put it on while time is frozen.” He just sighed and got out of the vehicle.

Charles got out of the car and you slid onto the middle seat of the front. Logan spoke up. “I’m glad that you’re not making me wear a suit.” You just laughed.

“Well with how tough you look you don’t need a suit.” He just smirked and moments later Charles and Hank were back in the car.

When Hank was in the back seat you spoke up. “Can you find a way to make a diversion in the kitchen?” He nodded.

“Yeah. I’ll be finished by the time we get there.” You smiled to yourself as you all began to drive off.

All of you got through Pentagon security without a hitch and got onto the tour. Of course Peter was already on his way to his cell. Logan, Charles and yourself made a break for the nearest stairwell.

Making a quick escape from the group and the corridors, you found yourselves in the kitchen, the fire sprinklers engaging. You could hear the panic from down the hall. Charles began to yell while you along with Logan were getting soaked to the bone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is a code red situation. We are evacuating the entire floor so we, uh, um, my associates and I can, uh, secure the prison.” The guard walking up towards you all seemed to find it unconvincing, and you couldn’t blame him. For being an ex telepath, Charles was not at all fluent when on the spot.

“Who are you?”

Charles tried to come up with an adequate explanation, but groping for one had ultimately failed him.

“We are special operations C.B.F.B.C.I.D.,” he paused. He then preceeded to shake his head and brush away his panicked and rediculous answer. “Look, perhaps you didn’t hear new the first time but it is imperative that you understand that we are in a complete lock down situation. We have to get to the third floor and-” Charles was interrupted by Logan elbowing one of the two guards, then grabbing a frying pan, and knocking both of them out. You raised and eyebrow and approvingly nodded at his quick work.

When Logan turned back around he looked to Charles. “Oh I’m sorry, weren’t you finished?” You sauntered to Logan’s side and gave him a high five before Charles sighed. The British man knelt down by one of the two unconscious guards and pulled the keys out of one of the their pockets. He then walked over to where the elevator while you remained still.

Charles finally responded to Logan. “Sorry, I’m just not very good with violence.” You noticed that his cheeks were red but it was his clear embarrassment. He had hardly come up with anything to say a few moments prior and he had failed at making a solid cover up. Then the door behind him opened. Standing there was him. Erik. The very man who had crushed you more than once.

“Charles?” Within a second Erik was on the ground rubbing at his cheek. Charles was shaking his hand as if the punch he had just thrown hurt. A choked laugh had barely made it past your lips as Erik struggled to regain his usually suave composure. “It’s good seeing you old friend, and walking.”

Charles scoffed in return. “No thanks to you.”

You agreed with Charles’ bitterness. Erik was the reason for Charles’ paralysis. He was the reason for mutants being exposed. He was the reason people hated mutants so much. He was the fault of it all.

You silently watched their conversation from across the room. Erik remarked, “you’re the last person I expected to see today.”

Within a blink, the space between the two had drawn thin and a look you had never seen in the eyes of Charles had appeared. It was one that could threaten the existence of anyone who looked into them. His voice only conveyed the same. “Believe me, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to. If we get you out of here we’ll do it my way, no killing.”

The German bastard gave a smile that could easily trick one into letting their guard down. “No helmet. I couldn’t disappear even if I wanted.”

You bitterly thought about how the only things he had done with that helmet were disappear from your life as well as destroy it.

All of the pent up emotions in the room caused a heat that you could feel. Charles was greatly contributing to it. “I’m never getting inside of that head again. I need your word, Erik.”

Erik silently nodded, still not noticing you. Without warning, the door that you and Logan had stood by opened. A hand was thrown over your mouth as your hands were pulled behind your back. Guards began to shout.

“Nobody move!”

“Hold it right there!”

Without warning you were kicking and trying to yell as you were dragged into the hall, and you were thrown to the hard ground, being kept still by all of the hits thrown your way. Your drenched body had curled up until you felt something jab your side. At first, nothing, then a second later you screamed and seized. Electricity was coursing through your veins, leaving you unable to do anything but listen to the scream of not just Charles and Logan but a third voice. A third voice screaming, “Y/N!”

The electricity wouldn’t leave. Just as a single shock would end, another one even more painful would begin. Your throat was already feeling raw from helplessly making sounds of the scorching pain. Your head turned as you saw the security member who shocked you get tackled by others. Apparently you weren’t supposed to be that attacked.

“Get her medical attention immediately,” one of the guards ordered.

You felt arms slide under your back and knees before you were limply moving to the steps of the guard that carried you. You were trying to focus on time. You couldn’t be taken anywhere. You had to stay with Charles, Logan, Peter, and especially Erik. You tried to reach out, but the most you managed was the twitch of your finger.

After being carried for a minute or so, you had finally regained the ability to speak. “Put… me… down…”

The guard didn’t do as you said. You just kept repeating it like a metronome until, you found that his footsteps stop. Time had stopped. You had managed it but you didn’t know for how long. So you threw yourself out of his arms, your own limbs feeling weak. So hunched over and taking in harsh breaths of pain, you began to stumble down the hall.

When you got to the main entrance, time had resumed. People hustling and bustling, but you had remained unnoticed, as if seeing someone who was nearly electrocuted to death was a normal occurrence.

You managed to stumble out without falling to the ground. Only when you heard the voice of a past lover did you finally hit the pavement.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

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Hank McCoy x Reader

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Author: Morgan

Prompt(s): “Hi! May I please request a cute fic with Hank McCoy? Like him and the reader like eachother and they won’t admit it until the other X-Men get tired of it and kinda urge Hank and the reader to confess?” and “Hi! Could oyu please do a oneshot with Hank (XMen) where the reader and him are dating and she kisses him to shut him up? Thanks!”

Note: Gonna change the second prompt a teensy bit to fit the first prompt. Also, takes place like right after First Class. At this point, Charles, Hank, Alex, and Sean are the only ones there. But for the sake of this fic, let’s pretend Erik and Raven are there too.

Warnings: FLUFF and Steam

Hank McCoy had had the biggest crush on you since the day you came to the mansion as a new teammate. A new X-Man. It was 3 in the afternoon about three weeks after you arrived that Hank was taking your measurements for your suit.

He wrapped the measuring tape around your waist, trying his hardest not to blush, but to no avail. He swallowed thickly, your closeness making him very nervous.

“You all right?” You asked with concern. He nodded.

“I just, um…yeah. Yeah I’m fine,” he mumbled. His tongue seemed to be tied in a knot.

“You sure?” You asked, pushing him upright. “Your face is all red. Do you have a fever?”

“I think,” he coughed. “I think I’m fine,”

“Okay good.” You smiled softly, looking up at him. “You have all the measurements you need?”

“Y-yeah. Yeah I’m good,” he nodded, pushing his glasses up his nose. You nodded and took a seat at one of the stools in the lab.

“You’ve got a lot of cool stuff in here, Hank,” you looked around.

“Thanks,” he rubbed the back of his neck. “You know, your mutation is really something. I’ve, uh, never seen anything quite like it.”

“Is that an invisibility pun?” You smirked, shaking your head.

“I guess it is,” he laughed. “But I meant your force-fields. They’re getting really strong.”

“Yeah, I’ve been trying to-”

Everyone to the living room for a friendly game of spin the bottle. Charles projected through the house.

“Spin the bottle?” You asked, scrunching up your face in confusion. “There are like two girls here.”

“That’s odd,” Hank looked equally confused. “I guess we better head up there, huh?”

“Yeah.” You agreed, following him up to the living room where the others were sitting out on the couch, chatting and laughing and smiling. They were acting strange, but normal at the same time. Very odd, you decided.

“Great, you made it,” Sean crossed his legs. “Take a seat.”

“Actually, we couldn’t decide between Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, so…” Alex shrugged, winking at Hank. You looked around at the others suspiciously.

“What are you-” Hank started.

“(Y/N), why don’t you go first?” Charles suggested. You shrugged and reached forward, spinning the empty Coke bottle. It spun and spun and then magically, very abruptly stopped at Hank.

You could have sworn you saw a glint of a metal paperclip sitting in the bottle before Alex and Erik shoved you and Hank into the nearest closet. The game was rigged. This was the plan all along.

You looked up at Hank, the only light coming through the slits in the door. His heart was racing. So was yours. You felt as if a tornado of butterflies was loose in your stomach.

“I think we’ve been set up,” Hank said after a long silence. You nodded.

“How did they find out that I-” you started, stopping yourself before you spilled your secret.

“That you what?” Hank asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That I…have a crush on you…”

“You like me? I thought you liked Alex!”

“Of course I like you! I’m just really shy, and when I get nervous…” you disappeared. “Oh no,”

“Where are you?” Hank asked.

“Right here.”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Anything,” you nodded, not that he could see it anyways.

“I’ve had the biggest crush on you since the minute you walked through the front door, but you’re way out of my league and my mutation is-” You cut him off with your lips, unable to hold it in any longer. His eyes went wide and he backed up, his back hitting the wall. Hank bent forward and wrapped his arms around your waist as you reappeared, your hands cupping his cheeks.

You continued to kiss him, lips sliding across his. He stepped forward, pushing you against the other wall. His animal urges were coming to the surface. He pulled you up onto his hips, your thighs coming to rest on his waist. He groaned, a low growl coming from his throat. His muscles bulged. There was a *rip* as his body grew slightly, tearing the seams of his shirt. Fur grew all over him, thick and blue.

Just before things could hit another level, Alex opened the door.

“Woah!” he covered his eyes and stepped away. “My God Charles, I owe you ten bucks!”

Hank set you down, rubbing the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to go blue…”

“Hank, your mutation is part of you. Don’t be ashamed of who you are.” You told him, slipping your hand into his. He smiled, fangs poking out the slightest bit.

“I needed to hear that,” he looked down at you. “I, uh, better put on a different shirt…”

“Right,” you nodded, squeezing his hand before he ran up the stairs. “Thanks for that, Erik.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked innocently.

“I saw the paperclip.”

“Maybe it wasn’t me. Maybe it was fate finally pushing you two together.”



Later that night, you and Hank were cuddling in his bed. He was wearing an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of loose grey sweatpants. You were laying on top of him, and his arms were around your waist.

“God, you’re so warm…” you hugged him tighter. He chuckled.

“Comes with being a big blue monster, I guess.”

“You’re not a monster,” you shook your head.

“Oh yeah? Then what am I?” he asked with an amused grin.

“You’re just a big cuddly teddy bear,” you tilted your face forward and kissed his cheek. He sighed, one of his hands gently and very carefully stroking your hair. He played with the strands between his fingers.

“I’m never gonna get enough of this.”

“Me neither…”

The Detective, The Writer, His Ex, and Their Darling Daughter

by mldrgrl
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Continuing in the adventures of Hank and Stella, the unlikely duo spend a weekend in Connecticut…at Karen’s.
Note: This will probably not make much sense without reading the rest of the stories in the series.  I will add the links to each part at the end of this story.

July was probably the worst time to come to New York, but it fit into both of their schedules.  Heat, humidity, summer tourists.  All things both Stella and Hank would have rather avoided.  They landed at JFK at 8pm EST and waited in the sweltering taxi stand for over half an hour amongst throngs of tired and impatient travelers for a ride into the city.  All Stella wanted by the time they arrived at Hank’s loft, was a cool shower and a soft bed.

Stella knew that Hank was tired as well by the simple fact that he made no attempt to invade her shower.  She left her hair wet, knowing it would be wild and untamed in the morning, but all she’d wanted was to get the stink of jet fuel and sweat off of her before she headed to bed.  Hank had already crashed, sprawled on the bed in his underwear with the sheets kicked away.  She slipped on a pair of panties and a loose, cropped camisole and joined him, falling quickly asleep to the metronomic click of the ceiling fan.

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what about the "i tell my friends i come to the cafe you work at because they have the world’s greatest milkshakes but i love the little notes you leave me scrawled on napkins every time you take my order and you smile at me like the sun from across counter tops" prompt with Hank McCoy because our boy doesn't get enough love (and I lowkey love cafe/coffee shop fics) please and thank youuuu

@madelyne-pryor @alexsunmners @mutantlaura @rax-writes @kurtwxgners @v-writings

Hank usually doesn’t go out often, considering the amount of work he has, between his own experiments and the things he had to build for the CIA, he hardly even has any time to eat or sleep. But on the rare occasions he does have time to go out, he comes to the little diner on Main Street. It’s cozy, charming and calm compared to the school. Yeah, that’s exactly why he comes here. It definitely has nothing to do with the cute waitress that serves him every time he goes down there. Not at all.

The first time you leave a note, it’s because you can see how tired he is and it’s a little concerning. He looked worse than you do after a double shift and that’s saying something. He had just looked around for you when you left his copy of the receipt on the table, holding the thin piece of paper in his hand and a look of confusion on his face when you just look over at him for a moment, blushing when your eyes meet and go back to writing down the order for a little family of four. 

He looked down at the little message you left him in pink ink. ‘Get some sleep!’

That made him come back the next day. It makes you smile, seeing him so soon because usually, he only came around once a week.

“You’re looking better, Hank. Still want the usual?” You ask, pulling out your pen and notepad.

“Uh, yeah.” He clears his throat, pulling at the tie around his neck.

He comes around as often as possible and each little note that you leave on a napkin or his receipt makes him smile and they’re too cute to just throw away. Hank might actually die if you found out that he kept them.

His days are made better when he sits down in his regular seat with the same burger and fries and chocolate milkshake and talks to you. His favorite nights though, are when he’s the only customer in there and you can afford to take a break and sit across from him, listening in fascination as he chatters on about what he did in the lab today. 

Truth be told, you don’t know what he says half the time but you listen anyway, you can tell he could use someone to talk to, you knew that from the first time he came into the diner. You didn’t really expect to actually come to really care for him. Now you anxiously wait for when he comes in and smiles brightly at you.

Alex, of course, gets suspicious when Hank stops showing up at dinners at the mansion and he interrogates him, wanting to know where he’s been slinking off to. He laughs when Hank spills his guts about this little diner.

“And it has nothing to do with a cute waitress, does it?”

“What? No!” Hank goes bright red at that and ducks his head down, pretending to busy himself with papers. “They just have really good milkshakes.”

“You’re so full of shit, Hank.”

Imagine #10 Charles Xavier (Logan Howlett?) - Part 2

Requested by Anon: Hi love I just found your tumblr and its amazing, and I was wondering if you’re planning to write a part two of the Charles Xavier imagine where the reader has siren powers? 💗

 Requested by Anon: Hii could you do an imagine where you have the ability to make everyone horny who touches here (like Alisha in Misfits if you have seen it) and she is barraly 18. she has a thing for for Charles and Logan and yeah… I love your blog ❤ 

Originally posted by xavierstea

 Not my gif

Words: 2181

Warnings: Swears, fem!reader, angst-ish, typos

A/N: Well, both these requests are from months ago and I am really sorry! I’m also sorry for not uploading in weeks. I’m really busy right now with my brother moving in and my other brother behaving like a twat, uni is killing me and I have a date tomorrow, which is probably going to be a fucking disaster, since I have neither confidence nor social skills. Also, I have no idea, why every Part 2 to whatever I write turns into angst. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Part 1

You could see the mansion from all the way down the street, its roof peaking through the scanty green of the early April trees. You hadn’t been here in a long time. And if you were completely honest, you had to admit that the way you had left hadn’t exactly been the behaviour of a young, well-mannered lady. The past years you had been trying to blame it on your mutation, but at least saying goodbye wouldn’t have hurt anyone, that you couldn’t argue with.

Seriously though, you thought, as your reluctant steps brought you closer and closer to the last place you wanted to be, what were you doing here again? You had always hated confrontation, nothing had changed about that after you had left Charles and the others. But you had also never in your life felt as bad as the months after you had disappeared without notice.

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hurry home, partner. [part 3]

- Yes, it’s still going because I’ve grown to love it way too much. Here’s another piece of the story and I actually teared up while writing it so my apologies and it totally did not go the route I was anticipating. Enjoy and as always let me know what you think!

“Jay, I swear to God- you know how much I hate surprises,” she muttered, trying to stop a grin from turning up a corner of her mouth and trying to stop the rapid, enthusiastic beating of her heart because to be up and not limping in itself was a win but she had a feeling the day was about to get even better as she felt his body lean into her from behind, leading her on a random path throughout their apartment with his hands placed firmly over her hazel orbs so she couldn’t see a damn thing and if she was fully healed she would’ve put up more of a fight at this point because she really couldn’t take the suspense anymore but he insisted and she melted at the sight of his delighted expression lighting up his perfect blue eyes and the way he nearly bounced over to greet her at the door as Hank had dropped her off after the check up at Med and given a nod of a hello in his direction and she knew her partner was still scared shitless over the fact that Hank stopped by every once and awhile to check up on her because they were living together again and sleeping in the same bed and he would never be quite comfortable or at ease around the father figure in Erin’s life because he hadn’t quite learned how to separate his boss from his girlfriend’s guardian.

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Not Much of a Looker (Part 2)

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Not Much of a Looker (Part 2)

Part 1: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/145272330699/not-much-of-a-looker

Prompt: Several of you. Like literally all of you. Hope you like it! :)

After two months of living at the Mansion, you fell into a routine. Every morning, Jean or Ororo would walk you down the stairs for breakfast, and then Kurt would pop in, usually a few minutes later. After that, the two of you would be inseparable. Not quite dating (yet) but certainly more than friends.

After every class, he would teleport to you so he could walk you to the next one. You ended up eating lunch and dinner with him and the others pretty much every day.

And you noticed something while living at Xavier’s. For once in your life, you weren’t an outcast. Even though you couldn’t see, the others did their best to help you in every way and make you feel comfortable and welcome.

You were walking to lunch, latching to Kurt’s arm, as you usually did, when Hank stopped you. He was your science teacher, and it had come up in discussion the day before that your mutation was the reason you were blind.

“Hey (Y/N), can I talk to you for a second?” he asked.

“Sure,” You replied, stopping. “What’s up?”

“Well um,” Hank started. “The discussion we had in class yesterday about your mutation blinding you really gave me an idea. I use a serum to suppress my powers temporarily. I’m not saying it’s a guaranteed fix, but I could make a solution that works for a few hours maybe.”

“You’re saying you could give me my sight, even for a few hours?”

“Theoretically, yes.” Hank nodded. “It’s not guaranteed, but I think it could work.”

“Thank you so, so much!” You said excitedly. Kurt smiled a little, but his smile faded when he realized what this meant. No longer would you have a vague image of what he looked like. You would see him in all of his blue, three-fingered, red-eyed glory.

He walked with you down to lunch and both of you sat with the others. Your smile gave away your good news, so you shared it with the others.

“So you might be able to see?” Jean asked, smiling. You nodded excitedly. “That’s great, (Y/N)!”

“I can’t wait to put the faces to the voices,” You said. Kurt still looked distant, but didn’t say anything. Jean took a peek in his mind and looked at him with sympathy. She knew how each of you felt about eachother, but didn’t want to intervene.

“So when might this happen?” asked Peter. “When do you get to see how attractive I am?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure. But I can’t wait!”

“I bet,” Scott smiled.


It was a few days later that Hank came to you with a little briefcase. He took you to his office, a few of your friends standing there to meet you, officially, for the first time. Kurt, Scott, Jean, Ororo, Peter, and Jubilee all stood there waiting in anticipation as Hank slid the needle into your arm and squeezed the medication into your veins.

You closed your eyes. They stung a little, but nothing too serious. You blinked, tears forming in the newly functioning eyes. As soon as the medicine took effect, you heard a *bamf*. You rubbed your eyes. Everything was fuzzy, but things began to come into focus.

You looked around at the mutants standing in front of you and started guessing their names.

“You’ve gotta be Peter,” You pointed to him first. The silver hair was a dead giveaway. “And you’re Jean, right?”

“Yep,” she smiled.

“Ororo, Jubilee, Scott…” you listed, pointing to each one. You looked around. “Where’s…Where’s Kurt?”

“He teleported out a few seconds ago,” Scott said.


“I think I know why,” Ororo shook her head.

“So do I,” Jean nodded.


“Right there,” Jean pointed from the steps of the mansion. Kurt was sitting at the fountain, staring at his reflection. His tail swayed back and forth, and the wind ruffled his black and blue hair.

“Which one?” You asked. As it was a Saturday and the courtyard was flooded with students.

“The blue one,” She smiled. Your eyes found him.

“Awwwww, he’s so cute!” You gushed. “I don’t know what he’s so worried about.”

“Go get him, tiger,” Peter patted your shoulder. You made your way across the courtyard, walking down the path. The other kids stopped to look. They all knew who you were, and here you were without anyone to guide you.

“Hey there,” You said quietly. Kurt turned, jumping in surprise.

“I see you found me.”

“I did,” you motioned to the others on the stairs. “With some help.”

“So…I’m ‘not much of a looker’ as Peter says, ja?”

“Kurt, you are the cutest. Literally. You are so, so cute. I don’t know what you’re so worried about. I mean, after all, blue is my favorite color. And it looks so, so good on you.” You told him. He smiled, heat rising to his cheeks. He felt like he might melt.

“You mean it?”

“Of course I do,” You smiled, happy tears running down your cheeks. “I have been waiting forever to see you,”

“Oh, don’t cry, liebe,” he pulled you into his arms, holding you tight.

“They’re happy tears,” you laughed, sniffling.

“Ich liebe dich,” Kurt whispered so softly you barely heard it.

“I love you too, blue,” you smiled, hands rubbing his back. He gasped softly.

“You know German?”

“Only a little, and I only learned so I could tell you that I love you in your own language.” You confessed.

“So are ve…?”

“Dating? If you want to,” You told him. “But I’m still going to need you to be my seeing eye man.”

“Vhy is zhat?” he asked softly. You pulled out of the hug to look at him, lifting your hand to touch his cheek. He smiled, and you took in all of the details of his face, every intricate design. You tried to memorize every facet of him.

“It’s already going away,” You sighed sadly, vision beginning to blur. He stared at you, wide-eyed.

“Zhen let me do zhis vhile you can still see me,” Kurt said.

“Do what?” you asked, but you were cut off my a pair of soft blue lips. He kissed you softly, passionately, like he would never get another chance. His three-fingered hands held your cheeks, thumbs softly stroking your skin as the colorful world around you faded to black once again.

anonymous asked:

Would you be able to do 12, 21, and 63 for Hank/Stella, pretty please? :)

12. “Are you high?”
21. “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”
63. “Is that sass I hear?”

Hank had never seen Stella laugh so hard.  Usually, if she found something amusing, she would give a polite chuckle or a smile with a light expulsion of air from her nose.  Something next to silent, never a guffaw or a chortle, never a shriek or an uncontrollable giggle.  What she was doing now was not any of those things, but it was definitely laughter, and more of it than he’d ever encountered.

He couldn’t imagine what could be so funny.  One minute she was cross-legged on the bed, answering email, and then she was shaking with so much laughter she was holding a hand to her stomach as though it pained her.  Hank crawled up the foot of the bed after coming out of the bathroom and lay on his stomach next to her, weight on his elbows.

“Are you high?” he asked.

“What?” she answered, still laughing. “No.”

“You’re practically riotous.”

“No, it’s just…” She broke off as another wave of laughter hit and sank backwards into the pillows.

Hank craned his head to look at her computer screen and saw nothing of note aside from her inbox.  He raised his brows a little and pushed her laptop aside to crawl over her.

“Don’t laugh,” he said, taking her hands and pinning them down beside her with their fingers laced.  The direct order seemed to increase her giggles, which was very much his intent.  “Do. Not. Laugh.”

Her mouth opened and a bark of laughter came from somewhere deep inside her which made Hank chuckle and Stella’s cheeks darken, but she didn’t stop.  The outside corners of her eyes pooled with moisture.

“This isn’t funny,” Hank said, shaking his head.  He slid down her body slightly to lower his head and drew the edge of her t-shirt up her belly with his nose and teeth.  He licked a circle around her navel and then put his lips onto her stomach and blew a raspberry.  Her laughter only increased and she twisted her hips under him.

“You better pipe down right now, Sherlock, or I’m going to have to spank you,” he said.

“I’d like to see you try,” she panted through her giggles.

“Is that sass I hear?”

“You better believe it, Watson.”

Hank grinned and shook one of his hands free to tickle her side.  She laughed and twisted and slapped at his arm.  Beneath him, her legs shuffled as she tried to get away.

“Stop!” she cried, trembling with giggles.  “Hank!”

“Say, Hank Moody is by far and large the most superior lover I’ve ever had.”


He taunted her by poking her sides and avoiding her slapping hand.  “Say it and I’ll stop tickling.”

“Hank Moody is the most superior lover I’ve ever had,” she exclaimed.

“You forgot the by and large.”


He stopped tickling, but slipped his hand under her waist and pulled her against them as he rolled, so they were face to face, on their sides, and she was still chuckling.  He kissed her face and pinned her hip down by throwing his leg over hers.  Her laughter eventually tapered off to a few soft chuckles and he wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“What the hell was so funny?” he asked.

“Someone I used to work with sent me a video of our former captain’s retirement party.”  She giggled again and her eyes crinkled with a smile.  “They put those trick candles on his cake and he couldn’t blow them out.”

That is what had you prostrate from glee?”

“Well, it was quite funny.”

He didn’t want to tell her she was completely adorable for fear she might kill him, so he just kissed her instead.

The End


Erik’s looks
Charles - I guess.

Erik shows some of his mutant abilities
Charles - 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

jfc, i am never coming up with drunk comic ideas again.
also i am just gonna be making hair jokes until i see more trailers

Charles Xavier (Professor X): Rewriting History (Part I of V)


“Hello?” I answered as I sat down in my cozy DC apartment.

“Y/N…It’s me.” A masculine voice said on the other line of the phone.

I leaned the back of my head on the wall behind me. What happened now?”

“It’s Hank.” He says nervously.

I let out a breathy laugh. “Yeah, I know.” I said. It has been a long time since I heard his voice.

“I know you don’t really want to see him but we need your help.” He says quietly.

“He doesn’t know your calling me.” I say bitterly. Which meant that he still choose to shut away his beautiful gift.

“No.” He says and I can tell that he is hanging his head. “Look, things are a little complicated here and we-I need your help my friend.” He says.

I take the phone away from my ear and close my eyes. I walked away after Charles decided walking was more important than everything else. I put the phone back to me ear to hear Hank.

“Y/N I know it’s a lot to ask especially after what Charles sai-“

I shook my head. “Give me a few hours.” I say.

“Actually, can you meet us at the Pentagon?” He asks.

Of course they were already there. I bit back a groan, “Yeah hank I call me when yo-“

“We are already there.” He says.

I rolled my eyes. “Give me twenty minutes.” I say.

“And Y/N?” Hanks says pausing.

“Yeah Hank?” I question.

“He doesn’t know I called.” He says before I hung up the phone on him.

Great. Just great.

I sighed as the taxi pulled up to a stop in front of the Pentagon visitor’s center doors. I grabbed my coat and slid out the back passenger side door as I searched for Hank in the crowd.

“Miss?” The cab driver asked warily.

I smile sadly. “Yeah, sorry.” I said tossing my money over the seat and shutting the door quietly behind me. I stepped away from the cab and made my way closer to the gate as I spotted Hank wearing an ugly hat. He seemed to not have noticed me which made me smirk he never really did a good job in stealth mode.

I watched as he looked around warily and still didn’t spot me. As I jogged closer I realized he was not only with Charles but with another man I didn’t recognize.

“Okay the tour will begin in ten minutes guys.” The peppy twenty something said.

I rolled my eyes as I made it to stand directly in behind Hank and a long haired Charles.

“Thought you quit working for the man Hank?” I said as I smirked at him. I watched as he turned around and out of the corner of my eye I saw Charles stiffen in response to hearing my voice.

“Yeah, well I think this is more of a sticking it to the man kind of thing.” He says smiling and pulling me into a hug. “It’s good to see you sweetheart.” He says as I stare at Charles over his shoulder.

I felt a lump in my throat as I connected eyes with the man I once admired above all else. “Good to see you too Hank.” I say pulling away quickly.

“What exactly are you gu-“ I am cut off by a scowling Charles.

“I told you both that we didn’t need her.” He growls out.

Ouch, I winced at the tone of his words. At least I knew where I stood with him. I ground my teach suppressing the urge to tell him to fuck off but realized he said both. I turned to see a tall man wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses that I had never seen before. As I sized the man up he moved to hug me. My eyes widened what the hell was going on?

“Uh hi?” I said as the tall gruff one hugged me tightly. I put my hands up awkwardly not really sure what I was supposed to do in this situation.

“It is good to see you alive old friend.” He says pulling away smiling.

“I’m sorry am I dead or something?” I asked confusedly as I looked between the man and Hank trying to figure out what was going on.

“Long story, I’ll explain as you help me.” Hank says softly.

“Let’s just say I plan on changing that.” The man says as the peppy tour guide began to usher us into the White House.

I nod as we follow the rest of the tour group. “What are we doing here? I mean are we rescuing E-“ My eyes widened as I looked from Hank to Charles before settling on glaring at Charles. “Oh, I’m not good enough to-“

“Y/N.” Hank warned shaking his head.

I huffed and remained silent knowing that Hank didn’t want me to cause a scene. It was okay for him to get Erik out of the most secure prison in the world but he couldn’t be bothered to even speak to me.

I glanced between my friends. This was a bizarre situation because of Erik we all lost something Charles lost himself, Hank lost the girl he was in love with, and I lost Charles. I think bitterly as the tour guide tells us what we can and cannot do.

We walk up the steps and Logan and Charles separate from us. As they left us I watch Hank pull out some sort of electronic and fiddle with the switches as we continued on with our lovely tour. I stayed silent pretending to be listening intently to what the guide was saying to us.

“You want to fill me in?” I ask.

“Look Logan,” He pauses as he looks up at the security cameras. “He’s from the future.”
I gave him a weird look.

“I know, but he is. He needs our help to stop the future from happening by stopping Raven from killing someone who could very well lead to the end of mutants.” He says hurriedly.

I nod. Well that seemed simple enough. “And of course Charles doesn’t want me there.” I noted grimly.

“Y/N…You don’t have to come with.” Hank says.

I shrugged. “Charles needs me and so do you for that matter, whether he can admit it or not. Besides it has been ten years and a lot has changed with me.” I say pointing out the truth. The only reason I left was because that was what Charles had want.

Hank smiled and put his arm around my shoulder. “If you’re going to be okay than yes.”

I smile up at him. With everything that has happened I was really thankful to have Hank as my best friend even if he drove me crazy with nerdy science talk. “I have you so yeah I think I will be just fine.” I say resting my head on his shoulder.

“Good, because we have to go meet them at the car now.” He says squeezing my shoulder and nodding for us to turn back around and head back the way we had come.

A few minutes passed as Hank and I waited at the car for them to return with Erik. I rest my head on Hanks shoulder as we both lean up against the car.

“What do you think happened to her?” He asks quietly.

I immediately know that he is referring to Raven. I shrug. “Erik.” I say simply because before him she would have never have done half the things she has. I look around we probably would not have been in so much trouble had we not encountered Eric.

Hank smiled down at me and gave him a small smile back. “Well at least he didn’t get you.” He says as he places a kiss on my forehead.

I shook my head. “We’d have bigger problems to worry about then.” I point out to him.

Suddenly a man with silverish blue hair was in front of us. “You two dating or something?” He asks glancing between the two of us.

Hank and I exchange a look. “Now that’s not really any of your business.” Hank says pulling me closer.

“Excuse me?” I ask. Who the hell was this guy?

“Y/N…Meet Peter.” He said gesturing to him. “Peter this is Y/N.”

“Wel-“ Peter starts before turning around.

I see Logan, Charles and Erik approaching us. Hank and I both stand up properly as they get closer.

“Sorry twenty questions is over.” Hank says out of the side of his mouth.

I laugh as they get closer to the car. “What happened to your hand?” I say noticing Charles hand was bruised. I worriedly reached out and grabbed it and watched as he drew away from me.

“I ran it into something” He says moving further away from me.

I glance over at Logan as he rolled his eyes and finally look at Erik’s face to see that Charles fist ran into his face. I quickly glance back at Charles. “You okay?” I ask.

He grimaces. “I’m fine.” He says before moving around me to get to the car.

I nod and climb into the back seat with Hank and Peter. Luckily there were also three seats in the front or I would have had to sit on poor Hank’s lap.

I can feel Erik’s eyes burning into me, I could feel the pity radiating off of him. I refused to acknowledge him because even though we got him out that did not mean anything had changed since the last time that I had seen him.

We drove to the airstrip in silence. I’m not sure what any of us could have talked about. Logan didn’t have a clue what had happened, not that he cared, but he seemed to find something bad happened between the four of us that led each of us to end up at this moment.

As soon as the car was parked I climbed out of the car and headed for the plane with Hank but Hank stops with Charles to talk with Peter. I continued around the car as I watched Logan climb into the plane.

“Are you even going to speak to me?” I hear him say from behind me.

“I really don’t think I have anything to say to you anymore.” I say to my form friend before following Logan onto the plane.. I sit down and stare out the window as I feel the heat from Erik’s gaze following me. Logan must have noticed the tension and moved to the back of the plane. As Erik reached for the paper I watched as Logan put his claws out to stop him and bit back a laugh.

“Imagine if they were metal.” Erik says walking further into the plane and closer to me.

“Where did the dig you up?” he says to Logan.

I look at Logan as he chuckles. “You’d going to find this hard to believe but you sent me, you and Charles, of the future.” Logan says turning to face out the window and I do the same not wanting to look at Erik.

I remove my eyes from the window to look at him before averting my eyes to Hank as he enters the plane followed by Charles. I move to the cockpit to avoid being stared at.

As we fly I exchange a look with Hank as I warily glance back noticing that it was eerily silent on the plane.

“How did you lose them?” Erik asks.

“The treatment for my spine affects my DNA.” Charles states and I bite my tongue to stop myself from expressing my thoughts on that matter.

“You sacrificed your powers so you could walk?” Erik questions angrily.

Jesus Erik. I thought as I exchanged an uneasy glance with Hank. I may be angry at him but I knew that purposely picking a fight right now was a stupid idea.

“I sacrificed my powers so that I could sleep” Charles says in a broken voice, “What do you know about it?”

“I’ve lost my fair share.” Erik says.

"Dry your eyes, Erik. It doesn’t justify what you’ve done.” Charles say angrily.

“You have no idea what I’ve done.” Erik says coldly.

“I know that you took the things that mean the most to me.” Charles shouts.

“Well, maybe you should have fought harder for them.” Erik said in a more neutral tone but I knew he was getting angry which means we might be in trouble.

“If you want a fight, Erik…” Charles shouts standing

“Sit down.” Logan yells.

“…I will give you a fight!” I watch as he walks up to Erik and grabs his shirt in both hands.

“Let him come.” Erik says glancing over his shoulder at Logan.

“If you want a fight, Erik. I will give you a fight! You abandoned me! You took her away and you abandoned me!” Charles says clutching onto Erik’s shirt. I swallowed as I heard his voice broke. Erik really had no idea what damage he had caused.

I closed my eyes. It was always about her. Everything somehow always about her. I felt my own anger on the subject arise but kept silent.

“Angel. Azazel. Emma. Banshee. Mutant brothers and sisters all dead. Countless other experimented on, butchered. “ Erik says angrily. I look and see we are crashing because Erik is out of control.

“Erik!” Hank shouts as he gives me another uneasy look.

“Where were you Charles? We were supposed to protect them! Where were you when your own people needed you? Hiding you, Hank and Y/N! Pretending to be something that you’re not.” He shouts and I feel his gaze land on me.

But, all I cared about was the fact that we were about to die. "Erik!” I screamed and launched myself form my seat at him. I couldn’t use my power in case I hurt Charles so I moved around where Charles had fallen against the table.

“You abandoned us all!” He shouts as I shove him back the plane goes back to being neutral.

Erik grabs around my waist to keep me from falling and I turn to see Charles move to where I once sat. I inwardly groaned but removed Erik’s hands from my body and moved to sit directly across from Logan and stared out the window.

“So you were always an asshole…” Logan scoffs as he looks at me.

“I take it we’re best buddies in the future.” Erik says sarcastically.

“I spent a lot of years trying to bring you down, bub.” Logan says playing with a freshly lit cigar.

“How’s that work out for you?” Erik questions before sitting down.

“You’re like me. You’re a survivor. You want to pick all that shit up?” Logan says motioning to the mess.

Erik begins to pick it up and I sigh standing to help.

“Thank you.” He says grabbing my hand.

“Don’t.” I say as I pick up more stuff that had fallen because of him.

Erik grabs my hand. “I didn’t do it to hurt you.” He says sincerely.

I give him an odd look.

“He left you too didn’t he?” He questioned.

I shake my head. “Can we not do this?” I ask.

I watch as Charles comes back out to sit in his original spot and I move back to mine next to Hank and close my eyes.

“Y/N…Y/N…” Hank says shaking me gently.

I groggily open my eyes and he gave me a small smile. “Come on, we’re in Paris.”

I yawn and cause Hank to laugh. “Not funny.” I mumble as I stand up and watch Hank leave the plane.