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To those of you who have siblings:

Whether you’re best friends

And you never go anywhere without each other

Or you fight all the time

Or don’t know each other that well

Or even at all

Even when they annoy you

Or take your stuff

You have someone who you were born to love

And someone who was born to love you

You have someone who would probably die for you

Even if they wouldn’t admit it

So tell your sibling that you love them today

Even if they look at you weird

Cuz you’ll never know how lucky you are

Until you don’t have them.

With Love, 

An Only Child

Some miscellaneous observations and Good Canon Facts about the FBI Family:

  • JJ was the first to refer to the team as a family, Garcia and Rossi are the two that use family words the most
  • Reid is a similar age to Steven (Gideon’s estranged son) and Sean (Hotch’s estranged kid brother), and if Rossi’s son had lived he’d have been about that age too. It’s obvious from their relationships with Reid that Gideon, Hotch and Rossi are all aware of this fact.
  • Rossi considers himself “more married to this team than [he] was to three ex-wives”
  • Morgan once jokingly referred to Hotch and Rossi as “mom and dad”
  • Hotch and Emily look like they could easily be siblings
  • Reid doesn’t look much like Hotch, but he could very easily be mistaken for a relative of Jack’s (eg. a cousin or much older brother)
  • JJ and Reid could probably pass for siblings too, although that’s more in terms of behaviour than looks
  • Jack calls Rossi ‘Uncle Dave’
  • JJ’s kids call Reid (who is also their godfather) ‘Uncle Spencer’
  • Garcia likes to specify that she is Henry and Michael’s fairy godmother, thank you very much
  • Blake once said that she likes to think that if her son Ethan had lived, he’d have been a lot like Reid
  • Blake’s dad (who had only just met them that week) invited the whole team around for a barbecue, saying that they couldn’t have a party without “the whole family”
  • Shortly after Morgan’s son was born, Rossi delightedly declared that it was time for him to meet his Uncle Dave
  • Morgan names his son Hank Spencer Morgan, after his dad and “the best little brother anybody could ever ask for”
  • Garcia refers to the team going out for a meal together as “family dinner”
Lazy Sundays

For the Anon who asked for some Spencer fluff. Hope this is fluffy enough.

You love lazy Sunday’s. Where neither of you have to work and neither of you have anywhere to be. Those days where you can just wake up when you feel like waking up and stay in your pajamas all day if you want.
You hum contently as his fingers slide across your thigh. One that’s wrapped around him, you cling to his warmth, the window still open from when he burned pizza last night.
“Sorry sweetheart. Did I wake you?” Spencer’s voice is low, heavy with sleep.
“No. Window’s still open.” You mumble, not quite ready to fully wake up.
“Do you want me to go close it?” He asks his fingers playing with the hem of your shorts.
“You’re warm.” You mutter wrapping yourself more tightly around him.
“Alright.” Spencer chuckles, “Did you sleep okay?”
“I did. I always do when you’re home. What about you?”
“Great. No nightmares.” He says and you sigh contently at the way his voice rumbles through you. “What should we do today?”
“The last farmers market is today.” You tell him looking up at him from where your head is resting on his chest. “We could go see if they’ve got anything good.”
“That sounds nice.” He agrees before press a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll get the window.” Spencer slides out of bed and grabs his robe before closing the window.
An hour later you find yourselves strolling along, hand-in-hand through the farmer’s market. It feels like all people are selling now are pumpkins and corn.
“Well, well, well Pretty Boy!” A male voice calls and smiles cross both your and Spencer’s faces. “And his pretty lady.” Derek says as the three of you meet up, him pushing a stroller with a cooing Hank inside.
“Derek it’s nice to see you!” You tell him giving him a quick hug before moving onto Spencer’s Godson. You pick up the squealing boy as Spencer and Derek catch up. You adore Hank Morgan, he’s as cute as can be and you take every opportunity to babysit him.
“Anytime.” You hear Spencer say as you tune back into his and Derek’s conversation.
“What was that?” You ask causing both men to chuckle.
“I was just saying that you’re so great with Hank and he clearly adores you so Reid told me you guys would watch him anytime.” Derek fills you in.
“He’s such a sweet boy.”
“When he wants to be.” Morgan laughs, “We’re going to meet mommy at work for lunch so we’ve got to get going but we’ll call you guys to babysit soon.”
“Like Spencer said, anytime.” You hug both of the Morgan’s goodbye then continue your stroll through the farmers market with Spencer.
You end up picking up some pumpkin before heading home.
The rest of the day is spent cooking pumpkin bars and singing along to old music. Spencer makes dinner then the two of you curl up next to one another on the couch. You bury yourself into Spencer’s side as he clicks through your movie selection.
“Anything you want to watch?”
“No.” He picks a historical documentary and you wrap your arms around his waist. He plays with your hair, gently twisting it as the movie plays. You drift off against him, not for long but when you wake he’s looking down at you with a small smile.
“What?” You ask.
“Nothing. I love you.”
“I love you too Spencer Reid.”
God you love lazy Sundays.

Things Criminal Minds Needs Before It Ends

-make Reid actually get punished for being somewhat of a dumb shit (maybe suspend him, he’d realistically be fired but that won’t happen unless Matthew leaves. (In that case I want the writers to have the balls to kill Reid off actually lol)

-more scenes with BAU children, specifically Hank Spencer Morgan

-Luke Alvez arc that isn’t  overdrawn and stupid (PLEASE)

-some story about Emily hooking up with Fiona at some point therefore confirming bi Prentiss

-more mentions of Emily and Mark (wow CBS surprised you even included an interracial relationship)

-Give Reid happiness (not in the DONT HURT MY CINNAMON ROLL way) by: making Ralvez canon, therefore confirming bi Reid and perhaps including it into the needed Alvez arc. 

-Just more Luke Alvez in general

-Garcia bringing back old one liners like the furry friends shit

-Rossi getting married

-More pasta shenanigans

-Give Walker a personality

-more of JJ being the nurturing beautiful goddess mother

-More Tara Lewis please? I mean she’s not one of my favorites yet but that’s because I barely know her and tbh she seems pretty cool???


-more screentime for the 3 new characters

-and lastly, one thing Criminal Minds deserves before it ends? A better network. :)

American Horror Story:Coven based on zodiac signs

Click here for: Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5

Madison Montgomery: Scorpio or Taurus or Gemini 

Zoe Benson: Cancer or Pisces 

Kyle Spencer: Cancer or Virgo

Fiona Goode: Capricorn or Libra or Leo 

Cordelia Foxx: Taurus or Cancer 

Hank Foxx: Gemini or Leo 

Misty Day: Taurus or Pisces 

Queenie: Sagittarius or Aries 

Myrtle Snow: Libra or Gemini 

Nan: Pisces or Aquarius 

Madame Delphine LaLaurie: Leo or Capricorn or Libra 

Marie Lavaeu: Scorpio or Aries 

Holiday Challenge: 16

A/N: This got long. I’m not sorry. Thank you @malindacath for the traditions idea!

You knock on the door and it only takes a second for it to swing open. Aaron is standing there with a grin on his face and a Santa hat slightly askew.
“Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas Aaron.” You tell him with a laugh. You go to enter the house when he stops you with a held up hand. You furrow your brow at him and he points up at the ceiling. “Low blow Rossi!” You call and you hear him laugh from the other side of the wall. “What would you have done if it was someone else who opened the door?”
“Penelope opened it for me. She and Sam are already here.”
“Are you trying to make me jealous?” You tease quietly and he grins before pulling you to him and covering your mouth with his. Most of the team doesn’t know about your relationship, Rossi does but only because he can read Aaron so well and JJ caught you kissing once.
“Let’s get you inside and warmed up.” He says letting you cross the threshold. “I can bring your bag up to our room if you want.”
“Me, you and Jack?”
“No, Jack, Henry and Kai are sharing a room.”
“So are we telling the team?”
“If you want to.” You nod and his face breaks out in a smile. “Good.”
JJ and her family show up soon after you did. Henry comes barreling into the house and thunders up the stairs in his excited search for Jack. Derek and Savannah aren’t long after, their toddler Hank squealing excitedly. Spencer shows up with the girl he’s been dating Sarah. The party gets loud quickly, with your whole team, your families, Rossi’s daughter and her family, it’s chaotic.
“Alright.” Rossi says with a grin clinking his fork on his glass to quiet your rowdy group. “I want to thank you all for spending Christmas Eve here with me and my family. Now that we’ve had drinks and snacks I’d like to start my family tradition. Every year on Christmas Eve my family would have a cocktail hour followed by A White Christmas. But before that I know that Hotch has a tradition he and Jack do. Hotch?”
“Yes, Jack could you go get the supplies?” His son nods and takes off at a sprint up the stairs. “Every year Jack and I make a Christmas ornament for each other so we’re going to hand out ornaments with someone else’s name on them. You get to decorate the ornament any way you want.” Jack comes down with the bin and everyone gets an ornament. You’ve been given Joy’s, you start the Garcia family tradition while you’re all working. Watching the classic Christmas movies, Rudolf, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman. You all sing along when you know the words and talk quietly over the movies.
When you’re all finished with your ornaments you leave them to dry and head outside to play in the snow, Spencer’s request. Of course Derek starts a snowball fight and a half hour later you all head back into the house soaking wet and laughing.
“Alright, let’s split off and put on some dry clothes, pajamas, and we can give out our ornaments then watch White Christmas.” JJ says peeling the wet coat off of her younger son.
“Before we watch the movie could we do my tradition?” You ask softly.
“Oh of course.” JJ says gathering up as many wet coats as she can. Rossi takes the rest and the two of them head down to the laundry room while the rest of you head up to change and you grab the key. Meeting all back at the tree you unveil the key.
“This, is a magic key.” You tell the group of five little boys, “This key will open any door so that Santa can get in when the fireplace is too hot or fake.” You explain. “We need to hang it on the front door and Santa will leave the key on the tree after he uses it.”
“But what if someone else comes in with the key?” Jack asks.
“Ah! I was hoping someone would ask that.” You say with a grin, “Only Santa can use the key. Do you want to test it on the door?” He nods and you hand over the key. He goes to the door and can’t get the key to fit and a smile lights his face.
“Can I hang it?” You nod and he does before shutting and locking Rossi’s front door.
“Alright. It’s time to give our ornaments and then hang them on the tree.” Aaron says and you all follow him back to the kitchen. You give Joy her brightly colored ornament and receive a tight hug back. Everyone hangs their ornament but you still don’t have yours. You don’t want to say anything, maybe someone was embarrassed about what it looked like but once everyone has settled down Aaron takes your hand.
“I have your ornament.” He says, the room goes silent as your team, your family, watches him present it to you. It’s not very elaborate but has four beautifully written words on it. You go to look up at him but are startled to find him on his knee in front of you.
“Hell yes.” You check the yes box on the ornament before hanging it on the tree. Your team collectively looses their minds. Aaron kisses you and slides the ring on your finger before you’re pulled away from one another to receive hugs and kisses from everyone in the room.
After the excitement dies down you curl up next to Aaron on the couch, Jack leaning against your other side. You sigh happily and look at the ornament Aaron had made for you. The black outlined gold letters sparkle against the lights of the tree.
Will you marry me?
This is one Christmas tradition that you’re going to continue for a long time.

We love you Shemar.

“I don’t want you to stay because I know why you’re leaving and I couldn’t be happier for you”. Even though this was Spencer’s line to Derek in last night’s episode, it is so much more than that. It was the whole Criminal Minds team telling Shemar that they understand and support his decision because that is what a family does for each other. Even when you have to hide your heartbreak and smiling through the tears, you will do it for the people you love. In no way whatsoever am I happy about this being Derek’s last episode but at the end of the day, it is Shemar that we need to be happy for. We love you Shemar and will always be here supporting your career wherever it leads you. Thank you for bringing Derek to life for 11 amazing years. We miss you already. 

-A loyal fan

Fellow Reminder:

this is just a fellow reminder that my requests are open! :3

however, if you want something to involve a dark past, i will not make it graphic; i will do mentions of it because i don’t want peeps to get triggered! i might not know you & you might not know me, but i care! ♥️☺️

Hope and a Picture

A/N: Another anon request! I’ve written a one-shot four days in a row, so I think I’m gonna shoot for three more this week to make seven days in a row! Keep the requests coming! :D

The anon said they wanted to cry, so beware - and, as always, I hope you enjoy. :)


He heard the wisp of her voice…”Spencer.”

That’s what sent him spiraling down the drain.


He’d never see her again. He was here; she wasn’t. And yet here he was, two months later, back on a case, while her killer still roamed the streets. He’d gotten away and taken Spencer’s heart with him.

“I’m done,” he said flatly, walking into his boss’ office from the conference room.

Hotch’s head shot up from his desk. “What do you mean, Reid?”

He couldn’t take it anymore. He wouldn’t tell anyone. But he would have revenge no matter how long it took him. “I mean exactly what I just said Hotch. I’m done. I’m leaving. I can’t do this anymore.”

“Listen…” Hotch started, “I know you’re still reeling over Y/N, but…”

“But nothing, Hotch.” The heat rose, threatening to pour out of him faster than it ever had before. “This job took away both of the women I’ve loved. First Maeve, then Y/N. I did love this job, but I can’t handle it taking away the best parts of me. I don’t know what I’m going to do. But it isn’t this.” His voice cracked, “I’m sorry.”

Without another word, he turned on his heels, leaving the BAU, his job for the last decade, and the people that loved him the most, behind.


“Fuck!” he snarled, hurling his half-drunk coffee cup across the room.

It had been two months since he left the BAU and he’d lost his second lead on Y/N’s killer. It was much harder to research without the rest of the team. He didn’t want to raise any alarms. “Dammit!”

He stomped around the room, picking up and throwing anything that wasn’t nailed down. After a nearly 15-minute rage, his dingy motel room looked like it had been hit by a tornado. The chair was splintered into countless pieces: the sheets torn: the walls covered in water and coffee: the shower curtain pulled from the ceiling: and the mirror shattered into innumerable shards.

As he looked at his face reflected back at him, he recognized the look. It was the same look he had when he was in the throes of his drug addiction.

He reached into his pocket, feeling for the bottles of dilauded he had been carrying for months. His love for Y/N, and knowing she wouldn’t want him going back to that life, had kept him from shooting up again. But tonight it was just too much. 

Numb. That’s all he was. He ripped off his shirt, turned to the bed and brought out the bottle. Leaving it on the table, he decided to try and resist the urge again, but as turned his head away, looking for something else to focus on, a glimpse of Y/N flashed into his mind. Her smile could light up a room on the darkest of days. Her energy excited those around her; it was infectious. The image of her sleek, brown hair and shining blue eyes was too much for him to overcome. He had to see her again. The first time he’d been injected with the drug, he saw images of his mother. Maybe he would see Y/N tonight. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he breathed to the open, demolished room, “I’m so sorry.”


It had been four months since her death, but she was still floating here. She didn’t know what her purpose here was.

Until tonight.

She felt a tug at her incorporeal self towards a town she didn’t recognize. When she arrived, she saw a grimy hotel bathroom in tatters. It looked like one of Spencer’s crime scenes. Was she supposed to help solve a case before she could move on? Slowly, she glided into the next room to see him. Her Spencer. He was propped up on the bed, hair disheveled, clothes stained and in and out of consciousness. Hanging from his arm was a needle - and the bottle on the table confirmed her worst fear. He was using again. If she had been able to cry in her form, she would have. All she felt now was an unending cold, like nothing would ever feel happy again. 

She continued looking around the room, trying to find anything that might help her get through to her husband. She loved him more than words could even begin to describe - and seeing him in this way broke her spirit. On the desk was paperwork regarding her killer. He was out for revenge. She couldn’t let him do this - it would ruin his life and it wouldn’t bring her back to him.

She drifted toward him once more, reaching her ethereal hand to his face, gently grazing it. 

His eyes fluttered open at her touch.

She couldn’t be here, could she? It must’ve been a drug-induced dream.

“Y/N,” he whispered, “is that you? How are you here?”

Her airy voice soothed him in a way he hadn’t experienced since her death. “Baby, I never left. I’ll always be with you.” Her hand had drifted over his heart.

“But I’m here and you’re not,” he lamented, his head lolling to one side- the drug still coursing through his veins. “I’m so sorry,” he moaned, “I should’ve protected you. It should have been me.”

She grasped his face in what small way she could, ensuring he could see her. “It was not your fault. It was his. But you can’t spend your life trying to avenge my death.”

He picked his head up, reaching out his hand for her. “Why not? I have nothing left here.”

“You’re wrong,” she weeped, resting her head against his. “You have family that love you. Garcia is worrying herself sick over your whereabouts. JJ can’t explain to Henry why his Uncle Spencer isn’t there. Michael won’t even know who you are. Hotch and Rossi are on the lookout for signs of you. Your namesake, Morgan’s son - you need to be there for him. When Hotch called Emily to tell her you’d left the team, she spent the night drinking. Baby, if you go after this man, you’re going to lose everything and everyone else you love. Please…”

A warm tear formed at the corner of his eye, falling onto Y/N’s intangible hand -  but she’d felt it. “I love you, Spence. Please…go home.”

“Will you stay?” he sobbed. “Until I fall asleep?”

She propped herself as best she could by his side. “Of course,” she whispered, “and forever more. I’ll always be here for you.”

He had no idea what was real, but as the last words fell from her lips, he drifted off to the deepest sleep he had had in months.


The next morning felt different. Although the room was still a mess, a sense of calm had washed over it. Had she really been here? Had they really spoken? He figured it was all a dream created by the dilauded, but the skin on his chest and face felt warmer than the rest of him, like she’d left a piece of herself behind. 

He stood up from the bed and grabbed the remaining drugs, heading to the bathroom. “No more, I promise,” he said to no one, pouring the remainder down the drain. As he turned to leave, pack and head home to whoever would have him back, he saw it. It was the only proof he needed that she had really been there. 

A picture was there, where it hadn’t been the night before. It was one they took at the pumpkin farm from when they first started dating. She was wearing his slouchy hat and sweatshirt, having forgotten her own clothes at her apartment. Her arms were squeezed tightly around his frame, while he reached his arm out to take a picture. It was his favorite picture together - and it smelled of her perfume.

Hours later, he left the motel room behind, with nothing but hope and picture driving him home.

I’d like to think that whenever Spencer has the time he’d go to Morgans and visit him and play with his nephew (because let’s be real there’s no way he isn’t his uncle Morgan would demand it) and there’s just so much love. Savanah and Morgan standing in the doorway as Reid plays peekaboo. The thought makes my heart happy.