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Can you train yourself to identify pitches just by hearing them?

The World's Oldest Song

THE OLDEST COMPLETE SONG WE HAVE. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn’t sleep, and so i decided to try and play some music to make me fall asleep, because sometimes that helps. But then I started to think about music in general, and humanity, and why do we make music? What’s the oldest song that we have? Music probably dates back to longer ago than we can remember, but what is the oldest song that we can still sing today?

The oldest song we know of at all is called Hurian Hymn #6, it was engraved in stone tablets found in Syria, and dates back to the Hurrian Culture around 1400 BC. It’s incomplete, though, and also we don’t know what the lyrics are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpxN2VXPMLc here’s the Hurrian Hymn, though.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xERitvFYpAk is the oldest complete song we have record of. A man in ancient Greece named Seikilos wrote this song to remember his wife, and he buried an Epitaph with an engraving of the compostition with her. What’s especially cool about the Epitaph of Seikilos is that it has lyrics. The song dates back to somewhere between 200 BC and 100 AD. It’s so cool to listen to the music from this period, it somehow feels like you’re bringing the past back into the present, and it reminds you these were actually people who actually existed the same way that you exist now.

 Ironically, there were probably loads of songs written back then and before this, too. Silly songs, songs about politicians, songs about Gods, songs about all sorts of things, but the one that survived 2,000 years is a song written by a man to remember his wife. Besides the song, Seikilos wrote:

Eikōn hē lithos eimi. Tithēsi me Seikilos entha mnēmēs athanatou sēma polychronion.

A free translation of this is “I am a tombstone, an image. Seikilos placed me here as an everlasting sign of deathless remembrance.”

And indeed, how ironic these words are, because this is the only song that’s survived almost 2,000 years. It’s his grief, frozen in time, for us to hear two frikkin thousand years later. And 2,000 years later, we can still remember this man’s wife with this song. I think that’s really beautiful.

It’s a very brief compostition, the lyrics are:

Hoson zēs, phainou
Mēden holōs sy lypou;
Pros oligon esti to zēn
To telos ho chronos apaitei

While you live, shine on
Have no grief at all.
Life exists only for a short while
And time demands to be paid.

(The theme is, as eloquently stated by the marvelous Hank Green, is basically, YOLO, which I also enjoy).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxlste3JucU  here is Hank Green talking about these songs, cuz I love Hank Green, and I was excited to see that he had a similar thought process and had already done this research for me.


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So this morning I was ordering breakfast at a McDonald's drive thru.

While I was ordering, I was listening to some Hank Green music, because you know, what else are you going to listen to in line for the drive thru? When I got to the window to pay, the guy at the conversation went as follows.

Employee: “Your total is $4.36. And do you happen to be a Nerdfighter?”

Me: “Yes I am. And here you go!”

Employee: “.64 is your change. DFTBA.”

DFTBA, random McDonald’s employee.

Song Answers

Using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title, tag 15 blogs. 

Hank Green!!

-Are you male or female?

    Adult Female

-Describe yourself?

   Strange Charm

-How do you feel?

    It’s Too Hot

-Describe where you currently live.


-If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

    Nerdfighteria Island

-What is your favorite form of transportation? 

      Amber Lamps

-Your best friend?

  Luck of My Life

-You and your best friends are? 

  Brother From a Mother Of A Last Name of Another Color

-Favorite time of the day?

   I Guess It All Makes Sense At The End

-If your life was a TV show, what would the title be? 

   Mules Are So Half Ass

-What is life to you?

   Protons And Neutrons or DFTBA

-Describe your relationship.

  People Who Love Giraffes or Looking For Alaska

-You fear? 

   Baby, I Sold Your Dog On Ebay and The Man Who Throws the Tetris Piece and also Queen Ranavalona I 

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So I met Hank Green. Amazing show, some surprise acts: Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang, then Harry and the Potters, Driftless Pony Club, and Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers. All of the acts were funny and captivating. Not sure if they talked more because they needed more time to catch their breath, being so high in elevation, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the banter and this is definitely a night I’m going to remember for a very long time. Glad we could make it a good last show for them as well, they said we had the most people show up.


“What Would Hank Green Do?’ by Gunnarolla 

This is my new motivation to get at least one thing done a day


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I’m with you, H.G.

I’m totally with you.

This is the first track from Hank’s new album! And it should be your weekend and forever jam.

This science goes to 11.