It’s amazing, you would think that 400,000 human heads laid side by side in any orientation would be a long way, but it’s actually on the order of, you know, about a hundred to two hundred miles.
—  Hank Green

I spend a lot of time thinking about why a lot of old school Nerdfighters have a hard time finding Vlogbrothers videos very engaging anymore. And since I’m me, I spend even more time thinking about why I personally don’t find Vlogbrothers very engaging anymore. This is a conversation I’ve had a dozen times on Twitter, but Twitter isn’t very good for conversations what with the whole 140 characters thing. I’m really curious what other people think about this topic, so I want to share my thoughts and hopefully some of you can respond with your own.

I started watching Vlogbrothers just after Brotherhood 2.0 ended, which means it was early 2008. At this point in the channel, a lot of the videos that J+H were making were, at least in some way, responses to each other. It was like there was a stream of conversation happening between the two brothers over the course of a whole lot of vlogs.

I feel like this isn’t something we see so much anymore. While all the videos start with John and Hank talking to each other, a lot of times that’s where the conversation with one another seems to end. Videos, for the most part, feel like one-offs now, so the biggest incentives I have to watch videos are that J+H are my friends and any interest I might have in whatever topic they’ve decided to talk about that day. I don’t mean to say that recent videos are bad, because in a lot of ways they’re technically a lot better than they were in the first few years of Vlogbrothers. It does seem, though, that the connection between videos illustrated the connection between J+H. And, in my opinion at least, it’s not the videos that created Nerdfighteria, it’s J+H.

I know that at least in my case, I miss the way one video carried into another. It was a lot easier to join in the conversation that way, and a lot of times it pushed J+H into doing a lot of weird stuff. There also just don’t seem to be as many obvious opportunities to participate in projects. It seems like nowadays, most community activity-y things are answering a question on Hank’s Twitter or making one thing like a book tower and then being done.

Long story short, I feel like old school Vbros videos were iterative in a way that the newer videos aren’t. That iteration made the growth of the channel more obvious, and it gave ways for Nerdfighters to impact how the channel changed. Without that participation that comes with iteration, it’s easy for the sense of community to dwindle away.

I realize that this isn’t the world’s most important topic or anything, and I’m sure most of you don’t care. I do really enjoy talking about this though, particularly since Nerdfighteria was a big, BIG part of my life from 2008 through 2010, and I’m so grateful for the things it brought into my life. I hate to think that that’s not something people new Nerdfighters in 2016 have the chance to experience.

science side of tumblr, answer me this.

i’m watching some videos about biology and such, and wondering… why do things have a desire to survive in the first place? why is self-preservation a thing? this will to live that drives practically everything, even the tiny fricken cells and mitochondria in our body do everything to ensure the organism they make up maintains homeostasis.. but why? where does the will to live come from? why is it such a prominent force in biology and psychology? why does anything “feel” the need to do things? why did we evolve into sentience? not how, but why? why do living things exist? we could just be like fricken stars or something, happening because somehow something fuckin happened to start a cycle or spiral, but it’s only living beings that actually have an ability to “think” and “choose” what they do, to work on a goal or to even have goals. why do atoms “want” to fill their octet? why is this octet a thing? why does everything try to seek a balance? literally even lifeless chemistry always somehow ends up only “stopping” when a kind of peace is reached. why?? like i don’t fucking get it.