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i imagine this taking place in a relatively early cycle when merle, like….was off doing merle things; iirc, taako doesn’t have THAT many deaths under his belt, so losing him was probably hard to get used to. i also headcanon that it wasn’t often that the taaco twins didn’t go down together. so. here’s this.

also do consider full-viewing; i overestimated how large the panels would look.



my top 3 grimm babes for the finale

i hate most of the writing but i like to think that renard eventually gains back their trust after 3+ years or so. he and wu (whose chemistry was basically ignored???) would be back to griping each other and everyone goes ‘oh shit u gonna betray us for a cornchip captain?’ or ‘what u gonna do, run for mayor?’ as an inside joke after they finally set things straight. also hank deserves another vacation.

I'm sorry, did you say Barney was the bad decision Barton? Let me clarify why that's wrong

Barney leaves the circus instead of staying with Swordsman and Trick Shot, who he knows are criminals and want to control Clint. He invites Clint to join the army with him and start life on the smart path towards education Clint refuses but changes his mind too late

Barney joins the army and then the FBI and goes under cover to take down a criminal During which Trick Shot and Clint rob the criminal and shoot Barney

Barney recovers and goes undercover AGAIN to take down a racketeering ring and Egghead. He brings in the avengers to help stop egghead from killing thousands He dies for this. He dies saving the avengers.

Clint meanwhile works for criminals, not as a spy but WITH them. He joins Natasha and is still a criminal. He joins the avengers but lies about his identity to hide his past. The avengers KNOW who Barney is, but don’t know who Hawkeye is.

While Barney is gone, Clint gets with Janet while she’s dating Hank, which carries on later to cheating on Jessica Drew

Barney is brought back to life by Helmut Zemo, who trains him with the now cancer ridden Trick Shot, to become a master archer. For years Barney is under Zemos wing. He’s instilled with this hatred for his brother.

When Barney and Clint do finally cross paths, Clint beats him. Barney, then donates bone marrow to save Clints sight and is jailed in Avengers tower.

Months later, Avengers tower collapses, Barney is critically injured, kept alive through machines. Norman Osborn finds him and has him fully healed. He joins Osborn because he owes him a debt.

At this point it’s brought up that despite SAVING Clint from going BLIND, Clint never even visited his brother in the ward. He just left him there.

Not only that, he stole all Barney’s money from his time with the FBI. does he give it back? No, he buys a car and a new home and apartment building.

After being off world and succumbing to homelessness, and starvation because remember, Barney has NO MONEY. He even takes beatings for food money. Finally, he moves in with Clint, who still talks down to him.

Barney meets Simone and they become a family and move away, with HIS money restored.

Barney has never killed anyone, much less a friend, and has sacrificed his life for people he didn’t know. Never cheated or put someone else who’s dating in that situation Never hit a significant other. He took in two kids and raised them as his own

But HE’S the asshole, right??