hanji's boyfriend

Can you imagine Mike being the most supportive boyfriend to Hanji though?

Always listening to their science rants even though he doesn’t understand a word

Mike defending Hanji against any who question their gender

Mike intimidating mean people simply by standing beside Hanji

Mike taking Hanji to museums just to watch them get excited over exhibits

Mike carrying Hanji home on his back after they’ve had too many drinks and not even minding

Mike being totally chill while Hanji gets excited about everything


So seeing Levi’s name and all the references I’m going to (bare with me!) make a idea of why this is specific birth date and his name in Kanji.

Canonly Levi was, as quoted by Petra “Renowned thug before he joined the Recon Corps”. Levi doesn’t simply seem like they guy who would live in a underground organization of thugs, thieves, and filled with sex trading. As he is canon to have OCD, hes more of a dork than a thief, and he doesn’t fit in with higher ups with his poor humor. He is seen to show emotion about his comrades and is caring for his fellow squad members. He looks down on idiocy and gets somewhat annoyed when people try to understand things they don’t (referencing the scene of Eren’s court session and he calls the merchant a pig and rats him out.)

Revival means taken from the searches: a restoration to bodily or mental vigor, to life or consciousness, or to sporting success.

Levi probably joined the underground groups of crime for a reason. Either it being tragic or guilted into it. He most likely joined the army in his late years, most likely not in a normal training squad but trained by Erwin. As he is to old to be joining a training squad.