hanji the beautiful


Matthew Mercer and Jessica Calvello

Why no one told me about it earlier? *_______*

I’m in a Beauty and the Beast musical production, our opening night is tomorrow, and I cast levihan into the story.




What I learned from Vine edits about AoT:
  • What I learned from Vine edits about AoT:
  • Sasha’s true companion is a potato
  • Jean is a horse
  • Half-assed Marco jokes never stop (sorry not sorry)
  • Armin’s scream goes to just about every song out there
  • Marco is secretly freckled Jesus
  • We are all Hanji when it comes to Ereri/Riren
  • It is apparently okay to mention Petra (I think not)
  • Levi has the twerking ability of Nicki Minaj
  • Levi’s spirit animal is Windex
  • Reimer is a chicken nugget
  • Levi belongs in Beauty and the Beast
  • Reimer’s a chicken nugget