hanji drawings

Armin being Hanji’s favorite child or soldier is one of my constant headcanons. Armin is intelligent, witty, enthusiastic(and has fabulous eyebrows *wink wink) etc. so I kinda imagine Hanji feeling that they are somewhat alike and is the only person that she can talk science with. For me their relationship is like an aunt-nephew relationship lmao No romance, just pure family haha

(I had to put this (image ^ ) because otherwise tumblr did not let me post…)

Ok guys are you ready for my drug?! 

❤️ The “my incomplete digital levihan’s drawings” list:  ❤️

Chapter 63 like (well what I want to be like):

“My love for you is infinite”

The next is an emoji’s drawing requested on instagram ( 😎 )

The boss are back:

My favorite trio:

Some doodles:


Chapter 90 like:

I know this will happen one day, I KNOW:

and when it will happen, these would be the faces I will do:

Armin like: ”what I told you?”

Armin knows everything. Armin is a clairvoyant. No ok, it’s only because he is the narrator.. so he knew everything from the beginning❤️

However, what drawing do you want me to end first?

(Sorry for bad quality)