hanitjemars replied to your post “hey, i adore your thoughts about everything vmars related and was wondering how you think logan reacted to hearing about the bus crash in ‘normal is the watchword’?”

Just wanna add, I think there was a discussion before on TWoP about Logan’s weird behavior that TPTB wanted everyone to suspect Logan as the bomber. Like when he said, “I’m gonna miss you” to Veronica, it was more menacing than intended.

That’s interesting and also fairly infuriating, for any number of reasons.

The first of which is - guys (aka writers of VMars!), I’m all for the red herrings but don’t mess with characterization and development in order to facilitate a belief in a reality you’re not going to explore.

If it’s true, then it’s the ultimate plot-before-character move, and I personally can’t stand those. It creates inconsistent characters, because the Idea is bigger and more important than they are.

The second bit is how often could Logan conceivably be a good red herring? It worked so well in season one because the way they built season one, and the fact that the boyfriend is usually one of the first suspects. This whole thing was referenced specifically in previous interactions like Logan specifically talking about how his alibi checked out. Even if the audience didn’t want to believe Logan did kill Lilly, he was still a plausible suspect until we found out Veronica had been focusing (understandably) on the wrong Echolls.

But with the bus crash, we got none of that. And although I do think part of Logan’s reaction (the Life’s Short party) is fitting with who Logan is and - more importantly - where he was emotionally, the show seemingly failed to recognize that Logan wouldn’t be nonchalant about something like a bus crash that could have taken everyone else from him. Leaving us with questions like, “How did Logan react?”

Because that reaction in particular feels oddly neglected, given his connections to Beaver and Dick and Duncan and Veronica. I get that there isn’t necessarily enough time to show everyone’s reaction, but the sheer complexity of that reaction is what makes its loss so palatable.

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You reblogged Ponyo!!! Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you! What other Studio Ghibli movies do you like? It seems many people never heard of them. People only heard of Disney. I feel like many great movies being ignored because they are from Asia.

I love them all. In fact, I think I need to get my hands on the best quality (Blu Ray, I guess?) releases of those movies to have them in my library.

absolutelyiris replied to your post:Do you think that we haven’t hit the “magic box office number” yet to guarantee more Veronica Mars? I know Rob Thomas won’t say what it is, but I feel like if we hit it, then they would announce that we had. I’ve seen the movie twice in theaters already, and as much as I would love to go see it everyday, real life doesn’t leave me the time…I’m debating just buying tickets for each showing to get the numbers up ;-)

My suggestion? Tweet Netflix, Ausiello, Kristen, Sepinwall, EW and Warner Bros with #VeronicaMarsonNetflix or something. Over and over. And over No idea If they’ll listen but it’s worth a shot. Make some noise, show people will watch.

Excellent plan!  hanitjemars can you broadcast this?  I probably only have like 5 Twitter followers, since I only tweet once every 6 months.

We should do one for Amazon as well, since they’re doing programming now and currently have streaming rights.

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What's your favorite MINOR character of Veronica Mars?

Ugh such a difficult question! One of the things I love the most about VM is that the writers consistently created this universe full of amazing minor characters. I loved how we always got to see the same students around high school and the same people around town. It made the show so much more realistic!

For me, it’s a tie between…

Cliff McCormack

Vinnie Van Lowe

and Corny!

Watch on troublescout.tumblr.com

Rob Thomas talks about the different versions of the Veronica Mars movie, the cast having kids, and Keith Mars’ parenting style.

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I remember the ‘tongue’ conversation on Television Without Pity forum 10 years ago. And I remember how Rob and Jason were reading the forum. Basically the actors never held any punches. When they kissed, they kissed. It wasnt just about method acting


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I am mesmerized by his jawline here.

I am mesmerized by his everything, all the time, tbh.

What's the darkest and fluffiness fic you've come across in your fandom?

For me (in the Veronica Mars Fandom):

Darkest——-Finite Erasure (aka: the fic that shall not be named)
Fluffiest——-A Life Extraordinary (aka: Never-ending story part deux)

Neither is my bag at all, because I loathe both dark!fics and directionless fluff.

The first one literally gave me nightmares. A day does not pass that I don’t wish I could unread it. Don’t get me wrong, the writing is exquisite, but OMG is it harrowing. Avoid like the plague if you have a weak stomach, run toward it like the wind if you enjoyed the Saw movies.

The latter (I know this is super-popular, so please don’t throw rotten fruit at me!) kind of felt like a huge waste of my time, because I kept waiting for the actual storyline to happen and it never did. The quality of writing is good, but the plot…it just kind of goes on endlessly forever and ever without ever building to a climax. I’m convinced that Kristen Bell will be on her deathbed and the fic will still be chugging along like it’s got nowhere to be anytime soon.

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Okay, I have a question. If you draw a parallel between BTVS and VM, which one is which -- like whose Spike counterpart on VM? A lot of ppl say it's Logan, but I always see him more like Angel or maybe Angelus. Who Spike's counterpart?

Oh, mother of all things television! Parallels between tv shows are so difficult for me; but for you, I’ll try.


I think, if we’re looking on surface level stuff, Logan and Spike have weirdly similar histories. Both are incredibly attached to their mothers. Both try to save their mothers. Both are lovers and fighters. Both end up getting cheated on by the person they presume to be the love of their life.

BUT! I see Spike and Weevil as being more on the level as an equal parallel. Weevil’s also a lover and a fighter. Weevil was devoted to Lilly, in ways Spike was devoted to Drusilla. Both of them were the ones left behind. Both of them are knights in black leather (I’m going to get more in depth in a second, I promise). They’re both motivated by love, and they’re also both tactical thinkers. They’re able to plan and stick to it, but they’re also impulsive. They can be manipulative. They are able to be cruel, and they can be terrifying. They both have a quasi-friendship/love interest with a perky and sweet but dangerous blonde. They’re family men; Weevil with Ophelia and his grandmother, Spike with Dawn and Joyce. They can be lone wolves - they’re good enough at taking care of themselves that they don’t necessarily need anyone else; but they like being part of a group. They’re comfortable being in charge, but also are able to let someone else take control. They’re both rebels - although for Weevil, it’s more of a matter of life and death than it is for Spike. 

As for Logan, it’s a bit more difficult; because whereas Spike is a grey hat always (just different shades), Angelus is pure black hat. And Logan obviously never nailed a puppy to anything. At the height of his psychotic jackassery, he still has a heart, something Angelus completely leaves behind when he’s evil (in a way that Spike (and even Drusilla) don’t). However, he is at the top of the social order. He’s sexually experienced, and he knows how to create emotional pain. He knows how to hurt people. He’s stable in his society in a way Spike (and Weevil) aren’t; he was groomed by a sexually experienced and alluring older woman, like Angelus was, and he does have a fondness for dating blondes that Angel/Angelus also does. 

And when he gets over being the psychotic jackass, he does turn a bit into an Angel. He is a loner. He feels bad for his jackass behavior. He is a supportive partner to his girlfriend, but he isn’t afraid to call her out on her negative behavior and he isn’t afraid to walk away from her (except he does it for himself, which makes him better than Angel…). But he understands her more than most other people, and is a strong part of her support system, even when they are separated. He is a lover and a fighter and a brawler too. The only thing is, he’s nowhere near as much of a dork!

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Personally, I like Angel the Series better. It blends the adult humor and darkness situation. Who could forget Puppet Angel?

Oh I’ll never forget Puppet Angel!

But ATS just didn’t resonate with me the same way BTVS did. And the fact that it could be a great show one minute and a crappy one the next always bothered me. Every season was so so uneven. 

tijats replied to your linkExclusive: Whatever Happened to Duncan Kane?…

But….what actually happened to Duncan? Does Rob have any head cannons..anything? It’s always bugged me and I didn’t even like the character.

I can’t remember RT ever saying anything in an interview or anywhere about Duncan’s future.  Anyone else? hanitjemars?  According to 90% of fanfics, he’s:

a) a sexual deviant

b) still obsessed with Veronica

c) a dead donut

d) surfing in Mexico

e) all of the above 

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but he's from ohio... he adapted californian lingo very well apparently!

Pretty sure he moved from Ohio when he was very young, though right?  There’s that thing where his mom brought the twins in for auditions but it was Jason who ended up getting into the business - as a kid.  He definitely went to high school there and has been there ever since.  I’m from VT and only moved to LA for college.  Seven years later “dude” was my go to and I think I said it in almost every conversation multiple times.  My family laughed at me all the time about it.  It’s ingrained in you after a while because it’s the norm.  Or it was for me in school and then with my friends and work afterwards.

When I moved back to the East Coast I got a lot of crap for it - especially at work.  So I concentrated on not saying it.  But it comes out when alcohol or excitement is involved.  :)  

15 Things that Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Crazy-Cat-Lady123 thanks for tagging me :) 

This seems to be meme day. Sorry if I’m flooding your dashes guys :) 

  1. Fall, I love the colour of the leaves and the cool crisp air
  2. Books, always. 
  3. Travelling and visiting new places. 
  4. History, I’m a totally geek okay lol 
  5. Thunderstorms. I love them, I love being out in them, I love taking pics of them. 
  6. Being with friends
  7. Being out in the woods, it’s so relaxing, especially when you’re near a lake. 
  8. Helping people 
  9. Gardening, I like planting things and watching them grow. 
  10. Being near water, whether it’s a lake, a river, the ocean. The sound of water really soothes me. 
  11. Talking with people 
  12. Summer, I love the heat (even though I whine about it sometimes). But I love those long warm summer nights. 
  13. Sitting near a bonfire and just relaxing. 
  14. Learning things. 
  15. Writing

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hanitjemars replied to your post “Duncan (mars) or Riley (btvs) ? ^^”

I dunno…I like Duncan over Riley BECAUSE of those things. He’s not a ‘good character. Riley to me, is like Piz. Boring. Duncan is those reasons; he’s like a ticking time bomb. Unpredictable. I don’t like him because he’s being called as a nice guy.

Yeah… But I don’t really want to date a ticking time bomb. And I find Duncan weirdly boring as well as vaguely unsettling, and I’d rather just date boring than boring and vaguely unsettling.

Plus, I think Riley could be a good boyfriend to someone not Buffy, whereas I don’t think Duncan would be a good boyfriend to anyone. Riley had any number of problems that I think he needed to work on, including needing to be needed in the specific way he recognized instead of the way his girlfriend was expressing (Riley, you were a shit boyfriend when Joyce was in the hospital, just saying). And he had real problems not being the physically stronger one in the relationship. He had real problems not being the Hero in the relationship. But with, say, a Willow, I think he would work pretty well. And, as much as it sometimes grieves me, I’m much more of a Willow than I am a Buffy.

Meanwhile, Duncan was shit at communication, shit at being supportive, and had weird Madonna/Whore issues. I would not want to date that guy. Ever.