You guys get to see the ending before the peeps over at DA.  I hope you like the finish.  ^_^

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty down on myself lately and this page has suffered greatly for it.  I know there are problems with it, but I have a pretty defeatist mentality about it.  Sorry to be a downer – I usually try to stay positive.  =_=

It’s pretty rare for a commission to make me laugh really hard.  But I kept cracking up randomly while working on this one.  XD

I could just imagine their dialog:

Hani: “Hey, Burnsides … three’s a crowd.”
Antonia: “Thank goodness you said something.  I couldn’t think of a non-awkward way of telling you to buzz-off, Bee Boy.”
Gai: “Guys, knock it off.”
Hani: “Very funny.  Hey, nice sideburns.  You look like the missing link." 
Antonia: "Thanks!  Btw, does the baby Billy Goat Gruff know you’ve got his tail on your chin?”
Hani: “Your mom likes it." 
Antonia: "Well, it’s good to hear she’s meeting new people.”
Gai: “Seriously, you two.  You’re starting to piss me off!"