hani sempai

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what about Kyoya getting jealous of the other hosts giving you attention, but doesn't know why? (because you're just a commoner and he "couldn't possibly have feelings for a commoner")

“Waaaah, _____-chan, you can bake?” Hani cheerfully exclaimed as he jumped around you. 

You nodded. “Yeah, a bit. Do you want to bake a cake together sometime?” 

Hani practically cried right there on the spot. Kyoya sneered mentally, the other hosts were also fawning over you and it was too noisy.

But he mostly sneered at himself. He knew it wasn’t really the noise he minded. It was the fact that the other five hosts were all talking to you, and you looke like you ere having fun. Too much fun.

Kyoya looked at the person beside him, a bit grateful he wasn’t like the others.Mori didn’t really mind anything, as usual, but by a miracle, even Haruhi was interested in you. Well, Kyoya thought, you were.. you.

“Would you all please shut up? I am trying to work here.” He finally snapped, and the crowd looked at him.

“Kyo-chan is being Mr. Grumpy today~ I wonder why~” Hani skipped over, giggling. 

“What are you implying, Hani-sempai?” Kyoya adjusted his glasses. 

“Perhaps you’re not really grumpy? Maybe… jealous?” Hani asked.

“Ha? Why would I be jealous of those idiots over some commoner?” Kyoya said, and looked up.. straight into your eyes.

You smiled slightly, and got up. “I guess I’ll be going now, then?” You left the Third Music Room quickly.

The other hosts gathered around Kyoya, while sighing. “Really, Kyoya. Couldn’t you have handled your jealousy a little better?” Tamaki said.

"I’m not—” and then Kyoya realized, how the hell was he supposed to face you now?