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I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts 💞


Headcanon with Fanart

~ I like the idea that Sasuke is petting Kurama so hard in his boredom, ,Well. . Kurama is still a giant dog that likes to be played. 

. . and. . Naruto is mad for what Sasuke did to him.


More facts about Lucas (Yukhei):

- His mom is thai (that’s why he knows thai)

- He went to Kim Sohyun’s fan sign event in Hong Kong (and there is a video of him getting her signature)

- He really likes Computer games

- He got an IG account and had over 10K followers (I am still finding his ig acc or maybe sm ask him to take it down before so it’s really hard to find)

- He is good at sports (I also don’t know what type of sport he is good at)

- He really likes EXID Hani, even posted pictures of her on his ig

- He participated in SM Audition 2015 in Hong Kong

- He joined SM at the beginning of 2016

Kpop Appreciation Post

When people use language as an excuse of why you shouldn’t listen to kpop….
The fact that I fell in love with kpop even though I have no idea what the lyrics are about should be an indicator why kpop is so much more than JUST lyrics.

Kpop is great music

Kpop is signature choreography

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Kpop is outstanding vocals

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Kpop is amazing kind-hearted people

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Kpop is fandoms

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Kpop is craziness

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Kpop is all the friends you’ll make because you understand each other

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Kpop is so much more than JUST lyrics 

So instead of questioning why I’m into kpop maybe you should ask yourself why aren’t YOU into kpop?

Hani deşde tesadüfen bi post çıkar karşına. Orada kendi randomunu/yorumunu görürsün. İşte ben buna çok mutlu oluyorum ya. Bi tek ben de mi oluyo bilmiyorum ama bi gururlanıyorum falan dkdjkskdkdk
  • Hani: I hope you had fun, LE!
  • LE: Nah.
  • Hani: Did you have fun?
  • LE: No.
  • Hani: Did you have fun though
  • LE: No.
  • Hani: But, fun, did you have it?
  • LE: See, you’re asking me the same question.
  • Hani: No, I don’t think we’ve addressed fun though.
  • LE: Uh, yeah, we did, and my answer was that, no, I did not have any of that.
  • Hani: But the question about the fun was, specifically, did you have it?
  • LE: No. The answer’s no.
  • Hani: Ah okay… But of the things you had…
  • LE: Uh-huh?
  • Hani: …was fun one of them?
  • LE: I… y'know I’m really wracking my brain for a way that you could possibly be stupid enough to ask the same question over and over again, and I’m just not coming up with one. It’s- It’s still no.
  • Hani: Oh man, I’m having fun… Hey! Speaking of which…
  • LE: Uh-huh?
  • Hani: Did you?