kingcartman asked:

It took him four attempts to try and put the right key into the lock, but after about five minutes, the spare key that Liane had given him for the house went in, the door giving a click as it opened. With a drunken haze that Kyle wasn’t use to, he stumbles through the front floor, his face landing right into the carpet, resulting in a groan. He slowly sits up and rubs the tender skin along his cheek, not giving it a second thought when he sees Eric on the couch this late at night.

"Hehy dude." He slurs and glances towards the front door "Rememhber how I said I was hanhging with Stan tonight? I changed my minhd." His stomach wasn’t settling the right way and it felt like the room was spinning. He closes his eyes and covers his face with his hands, trying to concentrate. He didn’t know what he was suppose to be concentrating on, but his mind was a frenzy at the moment.