Yukidaruma 1910 by Blue Ruin 1
Via Flickr:
Five hangyoku (young geisha), including Sakae (in yellow) and Eiryu II (in green), surrounding a yukidaruma (snowman).

A hand-colored photograph of a Hangyoku from Osaka cradling an ichimatsu doll, which she wrapped in the sleeve of her kimono; 1910s.

She looks like she was about 12 or 13 when the picture was taken.

Since, before World War 2, Maiko and Hangyoku usually still were children when they debuted, it was common for them to be depicted with dolls and toys.

Source: Blue Ruin on Flickr


Eiryu by Daylight 1912  | Eiryu by Moonlight 1912  (by Blue Ruin1)

Two hand-coloured postcards postmarked 1912, featuring Geisha Eiryu II, one in the saturated colours of the daytime with a flying bird and another in the washed-out colours of moonlight with a giant silk moth.

Rino Ito was born in Nagoya and debuted as Eiryu II (Prosperous Dragon) with the Shinbashi hanamachi (geisha district) in Tokyo on New Year’s Day 1910 at the age of fourteen.