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monsta x fancafe bulletins in detail

alright well, im going to go a little bit more in depth with the bulletins, particularly mx talk tok and from monsta x. this explains how to deal with bulletins where you cant post or comment, bulletins where you cant post but you can comment, and bulletins where you can do both. i already went over to monsta x (you can post but not comment) in the original tutorial, so no need here.

this also may expand to other bulletins if it’s something that’s different from the basic jist of these three here.

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141009 [MSG] Hello It's Mir

Something is strange right off from the title, right?

I don’t know what is what since I am writing this by using smartphone..

I am writing this in order to communicate with you guys..since I think that doing it

through Twitter is not polite..huhu..

I am really hurt because many fans are really worried and hurt..

I am really sorry since so many fans feel uneasy due to some rumors..

I will calm you guys through MBLAQ members..

Please just close your eyes and ears for now..our number 1 priority is to not disappoint fans..

even now.so please just wait for a little bit..we will keep our promise..!!

The weather is suddenly cold now ㅠ

Please be careful of cold, study hard, work hard, and play hard..

don't get sick..ㅠㅁㅠ

We will come back soon with good news~to be continued

Source: MBLAQ Daum Cafe

Translated by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack.net


140212 [CHAT] Seungho chatting in Daum Cafe

Seungho asking fans to be active in Daum Cafe
Seungho said he wants to cut his hair but not like shave-pig (This is War hair) but same as Wonbin hair in Ahjussi.
Fan: 28 years old? Seungho Oppa?
Seungho: I’m only 26 years old
Lol Seungho mention on daum chat that he thinks the piano game(the one that requires to unlock MBLAQ members) isn’t fun at all XD

SH: I do drink coffee with my American friends

Fan: Yes u only drink but do not talk

SH: Speak a little to them because of the advance in Google translator

Seungho says he don’t get what’s with all the manicure. He himself doesn’t even use hand cream but other members use it. As a guy eho only use soap to wash his face but now as a singer because of make-up, so have learn to use the milk foam.

SH: I’m learning English now
Fan: Oppa, be my home tutor
SH: Before tutoring, I have to teach Joon on computer first


Seungho: If Gom anyhow pee, of course I will scold. There’s a tiger at home, how dare the puppy mess around XD
Gom is really good at looking at people’s expression.
Seungho: I’m going to bring Yang Gom(his dog) out like an airport fashion LOL

During Wapop Show performance, Lauren attended. She’s well behave and will hold my hands but don’t remember Thunder(Laughs).
Seungho said if everyone agrees, for the sake of fans, he will make a stamp. Even if there are thousands of fans, he just need to stamp(during fanmeeting).

Fan: During fanmeeting, why didn’t you kneel down?
Seungho: Why must we kneel? What did we do wrong?
Fan: NO NO~ Because I want to force you to see the lines under my chin keke
Seungho: Go and lost weight then
Seungho: If this countinues, I will have to use my stamp, Yang Seungho, stamp it on your arm
Seungho: How relaxing is it for me, do not need to sign, if everyone agrees, it’s time to make a stamp. During fanmeeting, I wil use a stamp, like this even if there are thousands of fans, it will not be a problem 

Seungho: I’m going to bring Yang Gom(his dog) out like an airport fashion 

Seungho said he’s going to rent a nightclub/pub for next time’s fanmeeting. Only those who are 21 can attend, his treats. He mention that he wanted to create a special fanmeting. Those who are not HIGH will get chase out by him lol

Fan: Have you read the letters written by fans?
Seugho: Yes i will read it.
Fan: Do you like to eat dumpling?
Seungho: I like to eat and can eat up to 100 XDD
Fan: Have you eaten Taiwan dumplings before?
Seungho: Yes I have

Seungho: Although i’m not like the type that will read letters but I really will read but choose random ones. I think I’m able to attend STARKING. After opening the letter, I can read within 3 seconds XD
Fan: I wrote a letter with no sincerity XD
Seungho: How is it no sincerity? Those who wrote letters are already very sincere

CHAT 13.02.2014

Seungho: Thursday
11am kst Moon Night Press Conference
End of Cultwo Show Two Escape Morning Interview recording
In the evening, shooting of cover photo album which A+ have been awaiting for

Source: MBLAQ Daum Cafe
Translated:@MBLAQGO_LUVU , @sheeeesh12(chin-eng); Lvseungho, @judy711117; princessivy_爱薇 (kor-chin)
Reuploaded: merlinka@mblaqattack.net