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monsta x fancafe bulletins in detail

alright well, im going to go a little bit more in depth with the bulletins, particularly mx talk tok and from monsta x. this explains how to deal with bulletins where you cant post or comment, bulletins where you cant post but you can comment, and bulletins where you can do both. i already went over to monsta x (you can post but not comment) in the original tutorial, so no need here.

this also may expand to other bulletins if it’s something that’s different from the basic jist of these three here.

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[151117] Sera’s Daum Cafe Update

계절이 계절이니 만큼 몸관리는 다들 잘하고 계신가요
요즘 참 마음 붕뜨는 이상한일들이 여러곳에서 일어나네요
가슴이 아프면서도
제가 할 수 있는게 없다는 생각에 답답해지기도 합니다.
기본적인 인간이 존엄하다는 가치관이 무너지고
사람의 가치를 다른것들이 대체해버리는 사회에서
우리가 지켜야 할 것들이 더 선명해지는 시기인것 같습니다
그래서 매 순간 감사하게되고
작업하며 곤란한 순간에도 웃어넘길 수 있게 되는것같아요
어제는 엄마의 카페 아이디를 알게 되어 기뻤습니다
여러분 삶속에서
어렵고 짜증나는 일들 많으실 테지만
여기에서 토로하고 위로받으시고
서로 으쌰으쌰하면서
앞으로도 그렇게 쭉 함께 할 수 있기를.
오늘도 좋은 하루 보내요^^ 


Found these cuties during my research on Hanbok history.(Got a short ‘project’ assignment that requires 500-600 in FULL Korean, OTL)

The four big words on the cover means: Hanbok country( little words literally mean secret like… Korean really adore words that means 'almost’, 'like’, 'similar’…don’t know how to translate that feeling in Eng…Mysterious Hanbok Country?!!)

Source: Daum Cafe

141009 [MSG] Hello It's Mir

Something is strange right off from the title, right?

I don’t know what is what since I am writing this by using smartphone..

I am writing this in order to communicate with you guys..since I think that doing it

through Twitter is not polite..huhu..

I am really hurt because many fans are really worried and hurt..

I am really sorry since so many fans feel uneasy due to some rumors..

I will calm you guys through MBLAQ members..

Please just close your eyes and ears for now..our number 1 priority is to not disappoint fans..

even now.so please just wait for a little bit..we will keep our promise..!!

The weather is suddenly cold now ㅠ

Please be careful of cold, study hard, work hard, and play hard..

don't get sick..ㅠㅁㅠ

We will come back soon with good news~to be continued

Source: MBLAQ Daum Cafe

Translated by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack.net