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monsta x fancafe bulletins in detail

alright well, im going to go a little bit more in depth with the bulletins, particularly mx talk tok and from monsta x. this explains how to deal with bulletins where you cant post or comment, bulletins where you cant post but you can comment, and bulletins where you can do both. i already went over to monsta x (you can post but not comment) in the original tutorial, so no need here.

this also may expand to other bulletins if it’s something that’s different from the basic jist of these three here.

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Mir's Cafe Message

Title: Hello!!!It’s Mir!!

Hello everyone„it’s Mir ~ kyukyukyu

Have you all been safely living day to day ~?

Lately, we have been doing various tasks ~

We have a person shooting a drama, a person who is working on music also ~ a person who is doing self-improvement also ~ also a person taking a rest~ 

We don’t have free time even if we don’t have an official schedule„ keke

We are always living day to day busily ~ +_+kekeke

It seems we are more busy than when we are doing activities originally„ why is like it that„-_-,.„?

Preparing for the next album preparing for the concert doing this and that why is there ths much„,

Of course I am also controlling my condition when getting a good rest ~

When my skin grows a lot worse I’ll surely every week stop by the dermatologist„ ohohoho„

Considering one’s age I’m not saying it’s because of troubles with that guy’s adult acne and makeup ,ohho

Lately because there is a lot of people who don’t know our recent state there was a messy bundle of words„ heueum„

You all and the working people also and the many students regularly attending school it would be best if you watch your health ~ !!

We will work hard practicing to make an effort to create a new album as soon as possible tada ~ We will present it ~!!

Since we are preparing a first seen stage and a stage with our other different appearances at this concert 

Please anticipate lots ~ +_+ kyukyukyu

Then all don’t be careless in the warm weather and if you could always take care of your bodies well every day and live happily that would be best ~ bye ~

p.s My height grew 1cm„kekekekeke


TRANSLATION: Holly@AbsoluteMBLAQ.net.