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Tom ran faster, the large order of cupcakes clutched tightly in his arms as he tried to get back to the safety of the bakery. The sound of footsteps pounding after him was growing distressingly closer, but hope was in sight.

Marinette had just come around the corner, also headed back home it appeared, and Tom didn’t hesitate. Praying for forgiveness, he ran right up to her, shoving the boxes into her hands and, ignoring the confused expression on her face, continued racing to the bakery without missing a step.


He heard the impact, knowing he was going to have to remake the whole order, but refused to turn back. If he had learned one thing while working with food, it was that you did not come between a hungry, calorie deprived model and sugary baked goods.

Besides, he was pretty sure Mari would forgive him for having the boy of her dreams literally jump into her arms.

Bet you thought it was Chat… or even Mari. Bet you weren’t expecting Tom to make an appearance… bet you really didn’t expect him to be wingman!

You’re welcome XD



etsyfindoftheday 1 | 3.23.17

theme thursday: hungry for pins

food-themed enamel pins by fairgoods

get ready for some food-licious enamel pin finds, followers — i’ve got a LOT! fairgoods’ fun and funny food pins are totally up my alley. nom nom nom.