Fueling the creation of Bee and PuppyCat is serious business. What do you need to have at your desk to get your work done?  We asked some of the Bee and PuppyCat creative team what they have on hand to eat while they work.

Madeleine Flores, writer: Sandwiches, so that way I can eat while I draw and hold it away from my cat when she tries to bite it.

Frank Gibson, writer: Downstairs from the Frederator LA office is a little store called Tony’s. The guy who runs it is actually named Dominic and we all hit it off with him. He has his own drum smoker that he wheels out and uses to smoke/BBQ once a week and it’s fantastic. His pastrami sandwich with provolone, mustard and pickle is simple perfection.

Efrain Farias, art director and color stylist: I like to eat sweet things: cake slices, ice cream sandwiches. When I’m trying to be healthy I eat fruit, but if I want food-food I’ll opt for pizza.

Cory Holmes, clean-up artist: Grapes and cheese with a hot cup of Green, White or Oolong Tea usually is my preferred food. Chocolate as well but I seem to have a horrible relationship with chocolate cause I don’t save any for later. I’m horrible with food, I need to be stopped.

Lane Garrison, background painter: I try to keep super dark chocolate on hand (80% or higher!) for when I feel in a bit of a slump!

Garrett Jackson, co-writer for Bee and PuppyCat comic:

JUNK FOOD! When working with Natasha, we’ll grab chicken wings or Popeye’s or order a pizza, get a bunch of candy or ice cream and watch terrible reality TV while we toss ideas back and forth. If I’m writing by myself and eating, I’d say cookies and a tall glass of milk, or sometimes a giant bowl of ramen noodles. Or pizza poppers. Maybe just “food” in general? Whatever’s near me? I’m eating pizza poppers right now while I write this.

Natasha Allegri, creator: I think if I’m having a rough day, I’m working really hard, I will go get McDonalds - number one, Big Mac and large fries. I think the Big Mac is like the perfect burger. I learned that the onions come freeze-dried and they have to re-hydrate the onions in a vat of water over night, and when the onions are soaking in this water that tastes like onion it makes them this perfect, diced onion flavor.

Now everyone is hungry! Anyone for some lasagna?

If you haven’t had the chance to devour the newest Bee and PuppyCat series episodes head over to Cartoon Hangover and check ‘em out.

- Gwen

10 years!? Really? Really. 

Thanks everyone for a great decade of cartoon independents. Much more tomorrow. –Fred


From the postcard back:

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As art director and color stylist on Bee and PuppyCat, Efrain Farias helps guide the aesthetic of the show. He dreamed of being a video game character designer and did work in the video game industry. In addition to Bee and PuppyCat, Efrain also works on Steven Universe. Get a peek into a day in the life as an art director and more - just below!

How did you get involved in Bee and PuppyCat?

Natasha was one of my close friend’s roommate, and I met her. She was looking for a color stylist at the time and my friend recommended me to her. (Note: above is Natasha’s drawing of Efrain).

What are you responsible for as an art director?

As an art director I try to make the show look a lot prettier and try to take Natasha’s ideas and help execute them. I helped her nail down an aesthetic for the show.

Can you describe your typical day as art director and color stylist on Bee and PuppyCat?

First, going through background designs making sure they are pretty, making sure that the character designs are consistent.

Once designs are done, I try to provide some color keys for the background painter in case they’re having a hard time executing the colors Natasha and I are hoping for.

If keys are done then they’re handed off to the background painter to work from. Then, I get to look over the finished background to make sure it came out how Natasha and I had anticipated.

When backgrounds are done I’ll take the role of a color stylist and color the characters, props, and effects according to the backgrounds.

Did Natasha talk about which shows and comics she had in her head terms of the look of Bee and PuppyCat?

Yes definitely, Sailor Moon! There were some older anime/manga that also influenced her, one manga artist being Rumiko Takahashi.

When you’re working on the series, are there specific comic books or animated series/characters that influence what you do?

So many, mostly anime. I really like the aesthetic in anime and it’s something I try to keep in anything I work.

What do you think is unique about working on shows created by a female animator?

I work for two shows created by female animators, and I absolutely love it. I feel like what they look for in aesthetic is more aligned with what I like too, so I appreciate them and enjoy them a lot more. It also seems that they draw inspiration from the same places that I do, so that’s also a plus.

How did you learn to draw?

When I was younger I wanted to make my own toys, so I improvised by making paper dolls I would play with, but Pokémon really inspired me to keep drawing.

What was your favorite cartoon and/or cartoon character as a kid?

I used to watch a lot of Nickelodeon as a kid, I loved Aaahh! Real Monsters, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats, and Ren & Stimpy.

Did you always want to work in animation?

I didn’t. Originally I went into video games because it was my dream to be a character designer for a video game company, but while being in the video game industry I got a chance to work on the pilot of Bee and PuppyCat, and I realized I enjoyed working in animation more.

What’s the biggest difference between working in the video game industry and the animation industry?

The game studios I worked for were relatively small so the art we create would be all us from concept to finish (so I got to do a lot of character design, background design, colors, prop design, etc), but generally for animation it’s more separated, there are different fields and people who specialize in those fields, where someone would create the concept, someone else would design it, and somebody else would color it.

In games, the art we make also tends to be used in a lot of different places, so the design and color need to be able to match all those different contexts. In animation there’s some of that too, but a lot of times you only need to create art for a specific scene with a specific color palette.

Also, check out Efrain’s District Square website and Tumblr.

Thanks Efrain!

Be sure to check out the premiere of Bee and PuppyCat: The Series, which goes live Thursday at 8 p.m. EST, exclusively on Cartoon Hangover.

But first, join us for our 24-Hour Livestream Countdown, featuring all sorts of special guests, games, and giveaways aplenty, in just a little bit - today, Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST!

Gwen, Joe, Lisa

Who’s the cutest bug? Catbug —- DUH!

Cartoon Hangover’s voice of Bravest Warrior’s Catbug, Sam Lavagnino, who is almost 8-years-old, appeared at BookCon in NYC on Saturday, May 31, 2014, the consumer event part of BookExpo America (BEA), at the Javits Center in NYC.

More than 300 fans showed up at the Fafaria booth to get Sam’s photo and autograph as well as a limited edition print copy of the Catbug book, If I Had Hoverpants.

Later in the day, Frederator Books celebrated Sam and Catbug with a party at our Frederator Studios NYC offices. Hear about Sam’s visit to BookCon in the new episode of Hungover With Cade.

Thanks for coming Sam, Hope (mom) and Tom (dad).

- Gwen

Meet Cory Holmes, a clean-up artist on Bee and PuppyCat, as well as on an indie game called Skullgirls. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he likes Mega Man (especially because “seriously, there’s literally over 100 different Mega Man video game titles!”), DuckTales, Pokémon, and chocolate. Cory is active online including on Tumblr, Deviant Art and Twitter. He describes his role on Cartoon Hangover’s Bee and PuppyCat as being a “janitor for the character designer.” What does that mean? Read on to find out!

What does a clean-up artist do?

I’m basically the janitor for the character designer in that I clean up their messes. OKAY, I KID! I clean up the rough drawings for the character designs and shots within the shorts. I was also asked to add anything to the storyboards, though I didn’t add much at all. Also Becky’s (character designer Becky Dreistadt) roughs are some of the cleanest I’ve ever had to work with, which makes my job easier so I can take my time cleaning them and making them look as appealing as the originals.

Describe the typical day of a clean-up artist at Bee and PuppyCat.

I wake up, stay in bed browsing Twitter for an hour, slunk out to the bathroom, spend early afternoon wrapped in a blanket surfing Twitter and Tumblr wondering if anyone’s talking bad about me, eat dinner ‘cause it’s 5 in the afternoon and what is a normal sleep schedule, play with my cats for about 3 hours, draw pictures of cute girls all day and nothing constructive, rock back and forth in a chair while self-loathing, do revisions, send ‘em back, and then draw more cute girls until I fall asleep at 8 a.m.

How much creative leeway do you have while doing clean-up work?

Natasha gives me as much as a clean-up artist can get, by trusting how line weights look in relation to one another.

What are “line weights?”

I’ll explain this to the best of my ability, but line weights are basically how thick or thin the lines are in relation to each other. Say for example the outline of pants on a character might have thick fat lines, while the pockets, buttons or any other details will have thinner lines that even taper like a snake’s tail. This basically helps for what details should pop out more. (Editor’s Note: the image above and up top are examples of good line weights).

Who is your favorite character to draw?

I know this might sound like a huge cop-out, but my favorite character to draw is Bee.

How did you learn to draw?

I would say college taught me, but it just told me which books to buy and read the books as assignments. I was mostly self-taught aside from a few life drawing classes here and there, but other than that I just drew a lot.

What’s been the biggest difference working on Bee and PuppyCat compared to other projects you’ve worked on?

I’d have to say the style of the character designs. They’re very simplistic and minimal, most of what I do on other projects are more detailed. It’s not a bad thing, if anything it does give me a better variety to work on stuff that’s extremely detailed.

What do you like to have around or eat when you are working?

My favorite food while working? I actually don’t like eating food while working cause sometimes I’ll either get into a nice groove while working and the food will get cold after I realize I’ve been working for 2 hours, or I’ll procrastinate and focus on the food I have next to me. Eating at my work station has become a bad idea the more I realize.

However, there are times where certain foods do help. Grapes and cheese with a hot cup of Green, White or Oolong Tea usually is my preferred food. Chocolate as well but, I seem to have a horrible relationship with chocolate ‘cause I don’t save any for later. I’m horrible with food, I need to be stopped.

Why do you like working in animation?

Since I can remember, animation and TV were a big part of growing up and an escape where I could be invested in a story or be entertained. The fact that drawing cartoons as a career was a thing I thought, “Oh cool! I won’t be a dopey manchild when I grow up, I’ll be a dopey manchild making a living drawing cartoons!” was a plus. (Editor’s Note: Manchild? No way - that’s Cory’s self portrait above).

What was your favorite cartoon/cartoon character as a kid?

Now this is a tough one ‘cause I do have a lot, but if I had to choose one show it’d have to be DuckTales. And my favorite character is none other than Scrooge McDuck. He was a character I wanted to grow up to be as a kid, not just ‘cause he was rich – but because he was rich, had a big family, and even though he was old he didn’t let anyone get in the way of what he wanted while still holding what was more important above all else. There was a reason he’s smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies.

Just a few more days until the series premiere – check out the Bee and PuppyCat 24-hour Livestream countdown to launch event, which begins on Cartoon Hangover on Wednesday, November 5 at 8 p.m. EST. The Livestream will feature creator Natasha Allegri and lots other special guests leading into the debut of Bee and PuppyCat on Thursday, November 6 at 8 p.m. EST.

Thanks Cory!

- Gwen, Joe, Lisa


AVICII gets animated with our Cartoon Hangover series Bravest Warriors in a new music video for the recent re-mix of DJ/re-mixer/record producer AVICII’s hit song, Hey Brother.

So, how did this collaboration come about? Cartoon Hangover’s Nate Olson explains, “AVICII’s label, Universal Sweden, approached Cartoon Hangover about doing a video for a re-mix of an AVICII song in Cartoon Hangover’s “signature style.” The catch? (There’s always a catch) We’d have just 2 months to pull something together. In our universe what that means is … if we are going to do something we’ll have to re-purpose existing content with maybe a bit of something new. But, Olson says, “AVICII’s team was persistent.” AVICII and his team were into a Bravest Warriors remix and we know what a huge following he has and that the collaboration could bring Cartoon Hangover and Bravest Warriors to a whole new audience.

We selected the Bravest Warriors “Lost Episode” Sugarbellies, basically a non-verbal episode, for the collaboration. Animator/artist Erica Liu created an animated version of AVICII, while Nick “Nicky” Fung got to work on directing and editing the music video. With that we were off and running to beat the clock. Enjoy.

- Gwen

It’s not just fans who love Cartoon Hangover’s Bee and PuppyCat – press coverage has been great since the series debuted (11/6/14) and it just keeps on coming.  Writers are wow’d by the strong female voice, humor and quirky characters from Bee and PuppyCat creator Natasha Allegri. Also, how Frederator’s ability to corral their community of fans to help bring Bee and PuppyCat to life through crowdfunding.

Here are links to many of the Bee and PuppyCat articles and interviews for your reading pleasure.

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Vulture - Talking to the Top Female Filmmaker on Kickstarter, Bee and PuppyCat’s Natasha Allegri

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Nerdist - Holy Puppycats! A New Season of BEE & PUPPYCAT Premieres This Week

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The Mary Sue - Crotch Ice, Candy, and Space Outlaw Dreams: Just 3 Reasons to Watch Bee and Puppycat

Indiewire - 'Adventure Time’ Fans, 'Bee and Puppycat’ is Your New Favorite in Exclusive Clip

LA Weekly - Inside Fred Seibert’s Animation Empire

Frederator Times - and here for many more.

- Gwen

Bravest Warriors fans show off their musical talents in Cartoon Hangover’s first Bravest Warriors Fan Music opportunity to participate. Launched in March 2014, we received droves (read: a butt load) of original music composed by fans and inspired by our animated series Bravest Warriors.

In fact, there were so many of you that wanted to participate that we even extended the deadline to accommodate those fans that weren’t quite done with their original music compositions – leading way to a ton more submissions.

SO, we are now in the process of listening, reviewing, and evaluating all of the tracks – and overall they are pretty great. When will we announce tracks selected to be included on the upcoming Cartoon Hangover album, Bravest Warriors Volume 1: Music Inspired by the Series? Sometime soon – but don’t worry – we’ll let you know.

The Bravest Warriors Volume 1: Music Inspired by the Series album, along with music tracks from the series, will be available on iTunes and will also be featured on Cartoon Hangover Channel.

Stay tuned.

- Gwen

Cartoon Hangover launched Toon Nerds a new live, bi-weekly half-hour show, earlier this evening.

Hosted by Cartoon Hangover’s very own Nicky Fung and Cade Hiser, live from our New York City offices (see production still below), Toon Nerds will entertain fans with special guests, Cartoon Hangover news, fan art and fan questions, giveaways, special assignments and much much more. 

The debut episode features special guest Dominic Panganiban, creator/animator of the YouTube Domics channel, which recently joined Channel Frederator Network.

Additionally, Cade and Nicky announced Fin Punch, an animated series from Marmota Studio, also a Channel Frederator Network channel as well, which is set to join Cartoon Hangover in February.

 If you haven’t had the chance to watch the new Toon Nerds livestream - jump on over to Cartoon Hangover and watch … or click here Toon Nerds.

Great job everyone!

- Gwen


The Bee and PuppyCat: The Series Soundtrack for the first three episodes of the animated series Bee and PuppyCat are out now!

Featuring all original music by Baths (AKA Will Wiesenfeld), the soundtracks for Bee and PuppyCat episodes Food, Farmer and Beach (a total of 27 tracks) can be found at iTunes. Not to worry of you don’t have an iOS device - the music will also be available at Amazon and Google+.

Created by Natasha Allegri, Bee and PuppyCat can be seen on Cartoon Hangover.

If you wannaknow more about Baths, check out his recent appearance on the new Cartoon Hangover’s Toon Nerds series.

Thanks -


Warning: I’m going to ask you to follow our newest tumblr. But, that’s OK, you’ll probably want to, once I say something about Frederator Networks.

Most of you know us as Frederator Studios, the production company behind the scenes of all those TV series. And a bunch of you have been following Channel Frederator from the very beginning. But things have been evolving quickly over the past couple of years, and it’s about time we acknowledged it here.

Of course, you know about the launch of Cartoon Hangover and the great triumphs its had over the past couple of years. The channel’s been successful because of you, and your loyalty to shows like Bravest Warriors, Too Cool! Cartoons, and Bee & PuppyCat. At the  same time we started the new channel (and her many sisters) we needed to organize the business side of things, so we started up Frederator Networks

Frederator Networks, Inc. is now the umbrella for all of our activities. The production studio, the channels, the network, Frederator Books, and various partners we’re involved with like the new tech incubator and soon, the re-launch of the non-animated Old Jews Telling Jokes

For the moment, the Frederator Networks Tumblr I asked you to follow is primarily the home for posts from Matt Gielen, our head of programming & audience development, where he’s sharing his not inconsiderable expertise in how to use YouTube better than anyone else in the world (I told you that you’d want to follow). To find out about everything else we’re up to you’ll have to follow all the other tumblrs (you can access them off the homepage of Frederator.com); I know there’s a lot, but this way you can pick and choose, depending on your level of interest. Or non-interest. 

Questions? Just write me at fred@frederator.com. If others will be interested, I’ll post them here. 


“A post apocalyptic black comedy/social satire/puppet gore web series from Maxwell Atoms, creator of Cartoon Network’s ‘Billy & Mandy’.”

Need we say more?


External image


Jason Steele’s FilmCow is part of the Channel Frederator Network but I didn’t hold that against his new project and donated to the Kickstarter anyhow. You should too. -Fred 

External image