hangover trilogy

The Hangover

Genre: Comedy

The Hangover is, to me, a very special movie, this film has a lot of sentimental value, it is movie that my friends and i enjoy very much and often reference which will probably create some kind of bias, but i will try to avoid this if i can.
This movie revolves around a group of three friends who take Doug, who is getting married, to Vegas as a bachelor party. While at Vegas they wake up and realize their friend Doug is nowhere to be seen. The plot of the movie follows these three through a series of complications while trying to find Doug, they encounter a stripper, Ex professional fighter Mike Tyson, get arrested for hijacking of a police vehicle among other things.
Overall i believe the movie has a good plot but may at times feel to chunky or step by step, this happens then this happens, not a problem with the flow of the movie but the way it is set. As far as the humour of the movie i was personally laughing through most of it. The movie does a good job of integrating funny scenes and serious ones when needed without forgetting that this is a comedy. There are many plot twists but all within the same basic point of the plot that is finding Doug. As far as the characters go Phil, Alan, Stu, the movie gives us the characters ine would hope to see in these situations, Phil, a teacher at a local school, married and with children. Stu a dentist who is abused by his fiance, Melissa, and Alan, Doug’s soon to be brother-in-law with questionable judgment and a childish mind which gives the movie a good touch of unpredictability. All of these combined, in Las Vegas, make for one of my favorite movies and, in my opinion a great comedy film, i definitely recommend this film, especially if you are in company of friends. I give this film a

Score: 8.7

Rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Grade: A-

It’s Sleep In Saturday which means if you need me, I’ll be in bed till 4 watching The Hangover Trilogy cause it’s relevant. If anyone wants to bring over some BBQ kettle chips, I’ll give you a dollar.