hangover three

v8vendetta  asked:

So some drunk asshole tried being the Hulk and tried to tearing the urinal out from the wall, and in the process fucking broke a pipe inside the wall and flooded the entire bar. We had to shut off the water and close down immediately. At 12:30 AM on a Saturday night.

I am a bit alarmed that someone who was drunk and a mere human had the strength to do that. I’m also a bit leery on saying impressed since it’s obvious they were a massive shit pile for doing it, though. Either way I hope it’s cleaned up soon and that the other drunks weren’t too unruly about it. Also hope you’re not the one to clean it up and he gets a three day hangover and/or pulled muscle from the needless effort. -Abby

❝ i think i have post-heaven depression; i’ve only been back from the bahamas for a couple of days and work has already got me so tired that i think i could curl up in a quiet corner and hibernate until february. you think i could still get away with claiming this as a three-day hangover rather than me just being weak? ❞

anonymous asked:

If you could recreate "The Hangover" with three other Channel Awesome producers, who would they be?

“Other”? I haven’t been with Channel Awesome in nearly a year. 

The long, tormented sound in the room is coming from Luther. Sure, at twenty-three hangovers are easy to get over, but not if you had as much alcohol in your system as Luther did last night ( experts are surprised he’s still alive, as a matter of fact ). To top it all, he looks as bad as he feels. Blame that on the two idiots that thought hitting him last night was a good idea. 

“I need water,” Luther says, another loud groan coming out of him. “Or maybe a bullet in the head.”