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Backgrounds that I designed and painted for an upcoming animated short titled “Pottyhorse.” Pottyhorse was created by myself and Jeff Drake. It’s one of twelve of the GO! Cartoons produced by Frederator Studios and Sony Pictures Animation. According to Cartoon Hangover it should premiere sometime in the fall!


Despite the horrible quality of the gifs due to the horrible quality of the clip, there’s a few notable things in this:

  • In that first gif it looks like he’s turning to Susan, going “should we give them a few pics?” and she’s being like “yeah you go ahead”
  • How damn cute those two are together
  • Obviously the fact that Sean Combs touches Robert’s butt and the way Robert’s like “huh? Oh yeah, please, here, let’s say hi properly”
  • The “let’s keep it down a bit”-finger to the annoying guy screaming his name over and over again
  • How his face changes between sex expressions and super adorable amused smile
  • How Susan’s in this just as much
  • That hair and outfit and everything

And of course how damn cute they are (can’t be said enough)


The Hangover Hollywood (Hangover Parody)

Things get a little crazy in Hollywood when four friends lose Carlos Pena the night before his premiere.

It’s hard to believe, but Cartoon Hangover premiered Miss Kelly Martin’s “Doctor Lollipop” short on September 12, 2013. Two years and nearly two million views later, the good doctor is still fighting the good fight, saving the lives of forest critters everywhere. Thanks to Aliki Theofilopoulos for the show-running chores.

Doctor Lollipop design by Brianne Drouhard.

Frederator development exec Joanna Leitch contacted Andy Helms way back in January of last year to see if he had any ideas for cartoons. We’re lucky he was able to pull these guys—SpaceBear and Perplexulo—out of his pocket. Twenty months—and a few re-designs—later, and Cartoon Hangover premieres “SpaceBear” for those who like their farts persistent and puke voluminous.

Go! Cartoons. GO! 


From the postcard back:

You are one of 200 people
to receive this limited edition
Frederator postcard!


Over the past twenty years I’ve been involved
with a lot of cartoon series, with some just at
the seed stages, on others over the course of
entire runs and beyond. In every case, though,
I’ve considered myself gratified and thankful to
be traveling in the cartoon cosmos.
Fred Seibert

GO! Cartoons 
Created by Fred Seibert

Cartoon Hangover premiere Autumn 2015
Logo design by Ambar del Moral

Series 21.25 [mailed out February 20, 2015]

Seven weeks today, we’re all going to be suffering great big Arrow premiere hangovers…there’ll be new gifs by the thousand, new images, new fan fiction, new theories. We’ll be chasing down every new interview, every new snippet of commentary and information from Stephen Amell and the producers. We’ll finally know how the Oliver and Felicity date came about, and what happened on it. We’ll know why they aren’t going to be together. We’ll know what their declarations were. We’ll know how they feel about each other. We’ll know what happiness looks like to Oliver.

Some of us will have been proved right. For others, things won’t have gone down as expected. Some people will inevitably be disappointed after such a huge build up and expectation, others will have renewed love for the show, and will be so excited about what’s to come in the subsequent 22 episodes.

No doubt we’ll be totally distracted and incapable of talking / thinking about anything else all day, and will want to binge on those new 44 minutes over and over again until we know every word of dialogue, every loaded look, every kickass action sequence, every heartbreaking moment, off by heart.

One thing is certain – I. can’t. wait. Come on back Arrow, you are very welcome.