hangover news

The morning after the championships is a different universe. All of the foxes are gathered in the girls’ suite, most of them nursing hangovers, and watching the news. They’ve dragged the bean bag chairs over from the monsters’ place. Andrew and Neil are pressed together in one, and Allison and Renee are in the other, Renee casually running her hands through Allison’s hair. Aaron sits on the windowsill, managing to look less pissed off than usual. Kevin and Matt share the couch, and Dan perches in Matt’s lap. Nicky is sprawled across the floor.

The news is in the middle of a segment about their win, and most of them are practically beaming with pride. The clip of Kevin’s final goal is playing over and over, and Kevin is trying to hide how pleased he is, but no one feels like mocking him for it today. They’re all proud of each other. For the first time ever the foxes know the taste of victory, and nothing can spoil it for them.

The screen changes, cutting away from the coverage of the game, to a grim faced reporter. “In breaking news, Riko Moriyama, captain of the Ravens’ Exy team has been found dead from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. This is the second death in college Exy this season, following the death of the Palmetto Foxes Seth G—”

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