hangover essentials

One door down

severely unedited and cliche but long au oneshot from me.

Iris runs out of her apartment, she hasn’t been working as a junior editor long, but she’s determined to make a good impression on her seniors. 

She huffs to a stop, surprised to see a long legged stranger, fumbling with his keys and a box in the other hand. Definitely not the stressed out med student who used to live there, very nice albeit a little high strung. Oh she’ll miss her, she thinks. He looks up and finally meets her curious gaze. With his swept back brown hair and deep green eyes, she may just miss Caitlin a little less.

“Barry.” He balances the box under his chin and one hand, extending the other for her to shake. “Barry Allen.”

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In case you were wondering..

i don’t have hangovers very often, but when I do, my care looks something like a combination of these things:

  • vegan soy yogurt (I often get stomach ache hangovers, not headache ones)
  • peppermint & ginger tea (or the hangover tea blend from Essential Elements)
  • shower with peppermint Dr. Bronner’s soap
  • maybe some orange scented sugar scrub
  • coconut water
  • cold apple slices