So, the Scooby gang is... er, well, the *discount* Scooby gang is all hanging out on a boat.

Juuuust layin’ around in an otherwise-empty room.

Cut to a closeup of the… ugh, I’ve already forgotten their super-basic characteristics. Is she the ‘ditzy’ one or the ‘nice’ one? 

‘70s Hanna-Barbera ran low on the ol’ character trait supplies, so they could only assign everyone one a piece.

Cut to the mean one, with nothing else around her. Just an empty beige wall.

Cut back to the– whoa! Where’d he come from?

…like, aside from the fact that he clearly wasn’t in the closeup a second ago, he’d have to awkwardly dash into the middle of the room to get there in time…

…or, just teleport, as most Hanna-Barbera characters seem to do.

It would explain a lot, even if the random skirt color continuity errors remain a mystery.