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WHEN: Monday, December 19th, 7:30pm EST

(6:30pm Central, 5:30pm Mountain, 4:30pm Pacific) 


WHAT???: We do a video hangout and you dudes send us questions, we answer them, it cool.

HOW??: Send us questions at this blog. Here is the link! 

(You can also send them to any of our ask boxes or in the chat, but we all see asks that go through this tumblr’s ask box). 

Edit: Keep in mind we have a wide array of experiences on tech doom squad with experience in Costuming, Props, Sound, Carpentry, Grad School, Running Your Own Business, Going to Conferences, Getting a Degree in Theatre, Getting a Degree in Not-Theatre, Doing Summerstocks, Working in One Place for a Long While, Archery while on Horseback, Tabletop Gaming, and so much more!


hello! this is a chill hangout space for any studyblr to join who just wants some people to talk to. need a break from work? feeling lonely? want to make new friends? this is for you ^-^


  • you can join the skype chat or the groupme chat or both!
  • this is a chill space to talk about anything. no obligations. no emphasis on school work, just somewhere to relax and decompress
  • the chats will be safe spaces!! nothing inappropriate/gory/overtly sexual


  • please reblog this post!!
  • and maybe follow me
  • then shoot me an ask with the info listed below and that’s it!

to join

  • shoot me an ask here (off anon!!) and tell me:
    •  your name
    • your studyblr url
    • how old you are
    • which chat(s) you want to be in
    • your pronouns
    • + any fun facts i should know!!
  • that’s it!! i’ll reply with a link to the chat(s) you wanted to join :D

if you have any questions at all, please go ahead and shoot me an ask here!!