in which neil is a sappy little shit: part one

i’m thinking about andrew and neil at matt and dan’s wedding and it’s near the end and andrew won’t leave the cake table and neil won’t leave andrew so they’re both sort of leaning against the table while neil watches andrew eat the chocolate cake with raspberry filling that matt and dan ordered specifically because it was one of the only ways to get andrew to come, and everyone’s slow dancing on the dance floor, with dan in her big poofy princess dress and matt staring down at her like she hung the moon and neil just blurts out:

“dance with me?”

and andrew, who has a fork hangng out of his mouth and a smear of chocolate on the corner of his mouth wordlessly declines by staring off into the crowd. neil, as he always is, is alright with andrew not wanting to and settles for staring at his boyfriend some more.

it’s not until they’re in the complimentary bar of the hotel allison rented out and neil’s had a couple of vodka shots that he realizes “holy shit this could be me and andrew one day” and he’s overcome by so much affection that he just starts crying and laughing all at once. the other foxes, who aren’t that drunk that they don’t notice neil crying slowly take away the alcohol and calmly ask neil what’s wrong. and in between tears and bold laughter he says,

“i want to marry andrew”

matt almosts bursts into tears and throws up his hands and yells about how he literally just got married and you already have to show him up like wow josten what the hell while fighting his own sniffles, allison and renee laugh and smile dan gives him a big teary grin and she hugs him while nicky combs his hands through neil’s hair and they’re all crying because getting married means staying somewhere, it means being permanent and neil finally loves someone enough to stay with them and they’re so happy for their little fox.

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the way she puts her hand on the pic to show the tattoo... first time she doesnt put it in her hair... it's just hangng there near her chest so its visible... like girl stop. showing off the tattoo cause people were saying it wasnt there... if that doesnt tell the whole purpose of the stupid tattoo.... it's literally for the fans. the minute fans started wondering if it was there, she can right away to fix it. cause it's all for the fandom... lool thanks for making the purpose so clear.

This may be a wildly unpopular opinion but in the grand scheme of things those tattoos are so minor. Do I like that it’s there? No. Do I wish it wasn’t? Yes. Still doesn’t make elounor any less fake than it is. Louis still very publicly has a son so compared to that the tattoos seem trivial.

I have gained 12 kg since june , i was 55 and now i am 67kg(Submission)

Nice roll of pudge hangng off your waist there, wouldn’t look the same in your old swimming shorts now would you. The guys on the team would laugh at the ex jock who let himself go and got fat. All trying to grab a handful of all the extra new you


【韩庚HanGeng】20150809 西昌火把节演唱会演出 by庚吧成分

Han Geng performance at Xi Chang fire festival concert on Aug 9 2015



via youtube of Gengfans VN