The Pumpkin King

Context: So we’re playing our Halloween special campaign and I’m playing my Fire Genasai monk

DM: You wander into town for the All Hallows Eve Festival, and see many turnip Jack-o-lanterns hanging around town.

Me: My Genasai upon seeing the turnips has an idea, is the town market still open?

DM: Yeah, why?

Me: I go buy a pumpkin the size of my head, and carve it into a jack-o-lantern and put it on my head and proceed to run around the town declaring myself to be the pumpkin king.

DM: The children love your flame spouting pumpkin head and soon are dancing around you, well done you are now jack skellington.

{Imagine} Autumn with Baekhyun

Cold Autumn days where you go out in thick coats, wellies and woolly hats, grasping onto each other’s hand for warmth. The ground scattered with golden leaves as you trudge along the pathways, passing glittering spider webs and lit lanterns that hang elegantly from trees. Baekhyun pointing at every calved pumpkin and rating them as he goes, telling you that he wants to do one once you finally return home together were you can cuddle and drink tea to warm you chilly bodies after the afternoon Autumn walk… 

(Just something I thought I’d try, should I do more of these? let me know! ♥ I was inspired because Autumn is my favorite month and I can’t believe it’s basically over~ Mami)

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

There are Christmas events left right and center, but where is my Bloodmas event? I wanna see Yharnam covered in snow with icicles hanging from the lanterns. I want christmas decorations in the windows and I want to bring Gascoigne’s daughter a big plate full of cookies. I want to see the Moonside lake covered in a thick layer of ice and I want to fight Rom on ice skates. I want to see the Doll in a cozy sweater and I want to see Gehrman dressing up as Santa and making his wheelchair look like a sleigh

Another Supercorp prompt from the wifey
- Lena in a suit! Lena and Kara are not a couple, but obviously like each other. Kara attends a gala Lena is hosting and they end up dancing. Lena knows Kara is Supergirl.

Based on the pics of the beautiful Katie Mcgrath in a suit :)


Damn… Lena’ Maggie whistled, leaning back on the bar and taking in Lena’s attire.

Lena blushed and ran her hands self-consciously down her suit trousers as she walked towards Maggie. Her black jacket was open and she had draped an untied bowtie round the collar of her shirt.

‘You’re not too bad yourself’ Lena grinned, and reached out a hand to bat the red tie Maggie was wearing.

‘Honestly Lena, this gala is amazing!’ Maggie exclaimed looking around the ballroom; lanterns were hanging from the ceiling and a small band played on stage while waiters wandered through the guests with trays of champagne and canapés.

‘Thanks Maggie, but I can’t take all the credit. You’re the one who convinced the NCPD to work with L.Corp’ Lena smiled. 'This charity is so close to my heart; to be able to help and give…’

Lena stopped talking mid-sentence, distracted by something… or someone…

Maggie turned to look in the same direction as Lena, wondering what could have distracted the CEO. She saw Alex wearing a beautiful deep red evening dress with a slit up the side that made Maggie’s stomach flip. Whilst Maggie was aware that her girlfriend was ridiculously beautiful, she was pretty sure it wasn’t Alex that Lena was staring at.

Sure enough, Alex moved to the side and Kara moved into Maggie’s line of sight.

Maggie couldn’t help but chuckle.

'Put your tongue back in your mouth Luthor’ Maggie teased, nudging Lena’s arm with her elbow. 'You finally guna pluck up the courage to ask Little Danvers out?’

Lena didn’t reply, she was too engrossed looking at the blonde who was wearing a figure hugging, backless, midnight blue dress.

She finally registered Maggie had been talking to her and turned.

'Pffft’ was the only retort her brain could manage.

'Nice comeback genius’ Maggie laughed.

'I don’t know what you’re talking about…’ Lena finally managed to get out.

Maggie raised an eyebrow.

'Kara and I are just friends!’ Lena insisted.

Maggie rolled her eyes

'Yeah yeah, and me and Alex are just galpals…’

Maggie laughed as Lena slapped her on the arm. Her eyes lighting up even more as Alex waved and headed over with Kara in tow.

'Hey babe’ Maggie grinned and walked to rest of the distance to Alex. She stretched up to place a kiss on Alex’s lips.

Kara passed her sister and girlfriend; she only had eyes for the CEO at the bar, butterflies having taken up residence in her stomach upon spotting Lena in a suit.

'Wow… Lena, you look amazing!’ Kara gushed upon reaching the bar.

Lena blushed.

'You look stunning Kara’ Lena smiled and handed Kara a glass of champagne.

'Thank you’ the Kryptonian replied taking the glass, 'I like this…’ Kara mused, running the loose bow tie between her fingers.

Lena bit her lip, wondering if Kara had any idea of the effect she had on her.

A waiter with a tray of canapés walked up to the two of them and Lena saw Kara’s attention switch immediately to the food, she could almost see the blonde’s mouth watering.

'Just leave the tray’ Lena chuckled.

'Yes Ms. Luthor’ the waiter replied with a small smile, setting the tray onto the bar and heading back to the kitchen.

'Oh golly, Lena these are amazing!’ Kara said through a mouthful of potstickers.

As Kara turned to tray to decide what to eat next, Lena spotted Maggie pointing at Kara.

’Do it…’ Maggie mouthed. 'Ask her to dance.’
Maggie danced next to Alex, just to make her point clear.

Lena took a deep breath, it’s now or never she told herself, and cleared her throat to get Kara’s attention.

'Umm, Kara, would you like to dance?’ Lena questioned nervously, her eyes hopeful.

'Yes!’ Kara squeaked and took Lena’s had, practically dragging her onto the dance floor.
Lena heard Maggie chuckle as Kara pulled her past.

Upon reaching the dance floor, Lena realised the band had moved from their more up beat numbers to a slower song. A waltz, Lena smiled.

Kara was unperturbed by the change in tempo and placed her arms round Lena’s neck; Lena swiftly noted that the butterflies in her stomach had recruited friends.

At a loss of what to do with her arms, Lena linked them round the small of Kara’s back, closing the gap between them.

They swayed together silently, just looking into each other’s eyes, neither of them making a move.

A few bars later, Lena noticed they had actually travelled part way down the dance floor and realised subconsciously she had been dancing a basic waltz; she also realised Kara had been following!

A small smirk crossed Lena’s lips as she slowly slid her arms up Kara’s sides, noticing the way she shivered, until her right hand was over Kara’s shoulder blade, her left hand sliding into Kara’s right.

As Lena raised her right arm, Kara let her left arm slip down; smiling at the realisation that Lena was placing them both into a ballroom hold.

Without saying anything, Lena started dancing a basic waltz; smiling as Kara effortlessly followed her natural and reverse turns.

'So where did you learn to dance?’ Lena questioned, continuing the same pattern of steps.

'My parents taught me; back on Krypton’ Kara replied with a sad smile, 'I love dancing and continued to learn when I came to Earth. What about you?’

'I learnt at boarding school’ Lena supplied. 'Mother always said it was only proper for young ladies to know how to dance’ Lena said rolling her eyes, 'I don’t think me learning to lead in order to dance with the other girls in the dorm room was quite what she had in mind though!’ Lena chuckled.

Kara laughed, making Lena’s stomach flip.

Feeling braver than she had in months, Lena started throwing in different figures, Kara following perfectly ever time.

Neither of them noticed the floor slowly clearing as a crowd gathered to watch; they only had eyes for each other.

Lena led a fallaway reverse and slip pivot, coming out into a hesitation. A few steps later she carefully led Kara into a contra check, the applause of the surrounding crowd bringing the pair of them out of the bubble they had been contained in.

'We seem to have an audience…’ Lena observed, 'you ready for a big finish?’

Kara smiled and nodded.

Lena pulled Kara back upright, before sending them spinning round the floor. She threw in some pivots, always a crowd pleaser she thought, and smiled as their admirers cheered.

She finished with a simple weave before spinning Kara out under her arm.

The audience erupted into applause and Lena smiled, all the while looking at Kara. She gently pulled Kara back towards her and lowered her into a dip.

The sound of the band and the cheering audience softly tuned out; Lena could only hear her pulse, deafeningly loud in her ears.

Her lips were inches from Kara’s and she could see the rise and fall of Kara’s chest; whether it was from dancing or the position she found herself in, Lena wasn’t sure.

She watched as Kara’s eyes darted down to her lips. Lena was sure there was no way she could be misreading the signs…

The crowd was forgotten as blue eyes stared intensely into green, Lena closed the gap between them suddenly, pressing her lips to Kara’s.

Kara froze for a moment, but as she felt Lena pulling back, she placed her left hand onto Lena’s neck to keep her in place. She ran her tongue over Lena’s lip, seeking permission to deepen the kiss.

The sound of whooping and catcalls filled the air and Lena suddenly remembered that they were in the middle of the dance floor at a gala, a gala she was hosting.

Blushing profusely, Lena once again pulled Kara upright. She took a step to the side and gestured towards Kara, who bobbed into a shy curtsy.

As the crowd continued their applause, shouts for 'more’ and 'encore’ were heard.

Lena just laughed and took Kara’s hand to head off the dance floor, as they walked off and the band began their next song, Lena heard a certain detective shouting louder than the rest…

‘Just friends my arse!’

Sneak Peak to The Valiant and the Vermin (B&B AU)

There was a garden filled with hyacinths. Beautiful blue and purple ones, the colors swirling into each other like artwork. It was far from the castle, but Will, a young, mischievous, adventurous prince at the age of five, was more than ready for the journey.

He was often in the gardens of the castle during the afternoons, the servants busying themselves with entertaining him. But tonight there was a ball. They were preoccupied with hanging and lighting lanterns, and fixing streams along the marble walls, and setting tables up for guests.

It was too easy to get away.

The young prince crawled under the gates of the castle through a hole he’d dug over the last fortnight. Filled with joy at the success of leaving the gates, he began to run to the beautiful garden he’d seen from his room. He wanted the flowers. He wanted to pick several of them and bring them back to Mama. Then she could get better. She could be healed from joy and love and kindness.

No, I’m not done with WMU, but I’ve been obsessing and developing this AU for a while and I need it out of my system especially since I have another version I want to write as well. 

Land of Pop and Anchors

The Land of Pop and Anchors is a serene and melodic planet surrounded by a thick, sugary, creamy aquatic system of sugarpop soda. The sweet drink flows in every river, skimming down the canyons and hills, forming lakes and seas on the planet. Coral pink, the delicious drink is actually quite damaging to the planet’s atmosphere, and the endless carbonation keeps the Pink Iguana inhabitants in constant danger. Mysterious pixies can sometimes be seen floating over the oceans and geysers, so small and faint they appear as sparkles in the endless soda mist. High above the surface hang massive lantern-like discs, suspended by the planet’s effervescence, chained down by massive anchors. Despite being mostly hollow, these inflated superstructures rain down waterfalls of soda like clockwork, sustained by the geysers shooting it back in the atmosphere. Climbing up the anchor chains is no easy task; the closer one gets to the discs, the harder it is to breathe with the carbonated mist and clouds choking any who dare to ascend. With the Iguanas unable to farm, they tell tales of the HEIR of LIFE who will bring back the STARS from these discs, with similar myths and whispers spoken by the sparkling pixies who dot the planet.

Description edited for clarity and grammar.

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The Lotus Lantern Festival

The Lotus Lantern Festival is held every year on April 8th (lunar calendar) in honor of Buddha’s Birth. The festival is preceded by hanging of lotus-shaped lanterns across Seoul for several weeks, and officially kicks off with lighting of the Jangeumdang, a large lantern that symbolizes Buddhism and Buddha’s Birthday, at the Seoul Plaza. The celebration continues with a wide array of Buddhist programs and activities, before ending with an impressive lantern parade in the heart of Seoul.

Something Wicked

Peter Parker x Reader

A sequel to Something Revealed, followed by Something Toxic(coming soon)

Originally posted by toms-hollands

A/N: Alrighty so like I said in a separate post, I did post Something Wicked but it, unfortunately, got removed idk how idk why but tis okay because I’m just going to rewrite it 

You trudge up the stairs, a bag slung around your shoulder. The rain falls down sweetly on the city, kissing the sidewalk with ease. The sky was a wicked sheet of gray with dark clouds hanging like ominous lanterns. You normally enjoy this weather, but now it only makes you feel like a stranger. 

The door to your apartment is open and you let yourself in. Pacing anxiously on the living room floor is your mother. The moment you enter, she bombards you with questions, demanding to know where you were. You set the bag down cautiously and jam your hands into the pockets of your hoodie. “With Peter,” you respond slowly, testing the waters. 

She pinches the bridge of her nose in anger, clearly holding back a wave of fury. “I have been trying to call you. I almost called the police!”

 “Why didn’t you?” you respond, heading into the kitchen. “You know very well why. I need to explain this to you, [Y/n]! I need to tell you who you are, where you come from and it would help if you would stop being a smart ass.” You slam down a glass onto the counter, a sour glare contorting your features; you tell her “Why can’t you seem to understand that I don’t want to know who my dad is, I never have,” you explain as you angrily yank the refrigerator open. “It doesn’t matter what you want, [Y/n],” your mother shot back. A scoff escapes you. “Oh, yeah, because we’re all running on your time.” 

 She doesn’t appreciate the comment, nor does she appreciate your angry orange juice pouring. Every movement you made screamed: “Fuck you, mom.”

 And yet despite her annoyance with you, she felt her muscles relax. As your mother gazed upon you, she didn’t see the little girl that would cry at the thought of sleeping in the dark; instead, she sees a bright young woman, the warrior she was born to be.

 Luscious [h/c] locks willowing down her shoulders and wide [e/c] eyes set delicately on her face.

 A beautifully painful spitting image of her father. 

 Sudden tears welded up in her eyes. Finally she realized what you were feeling: betrayal. “Oh, honey,” she whispers out. Your eyes soften. “I’m so sorry,” your mother manages to say. She folds her hands together across her lap, looking down at her feet. “I don’t blame you for being angry, dear. You have every right to be. I do admit that I could have approached the situation…differently.” 

 You bit back any comments. “It’s okay,” you say instead. “I shouldn’t have gotten so upset. I should have listened to what you had to tell me.” A soft smile steals your mother’s pink lips. “You’re just like your father in that sense.”

Nausea swept over you, ripe in your anxiety. Everything from this very moment forward, you realized, could define the rest of your life; anything is possible now.

 When the day is over you might not be you. 

“My dear daughter, there is a many number of forces in this vast universe. The Avengers are simple proof of that. But, with such a wide amount powerful forces comes the undeniable idea that there is a toxic mass amongst the pure. It is with heavy heart that I admit…I don’t know which mass you and I have come from.”

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What do you mean? You mean we’re not…not good?”

“No. We are good, we have the ability to be good. But our ancestors may prove-”

“Differently,” you finish. You shake your head. “I still don’t understand. How can I-” You wave your hands for measure. “Cause earthquakes and all that jazz.”

Your mother smiles at the casual wording, despite herself. “There was once a-”

“A fairy tale?” you interject. She turns her brow at you sternly. “[Y/n], you insisted to hear of your heritage. Now listen: There was once a wise God by the name of Baldr. He had a capacity for love, justice, and forgiveness. The death of him will always be seen as untimely. Do you know who killed him?”

You nodded slowly. “Loki, wasn’t it? But those are just myths.”

“Loki, yes,” she responds, ignoring your counter. “As punishment, Loki was sent to a cave where he remained locked up, bound to a rock. A snake hung above him and venom dripped down onto the young God’s face. His wife-?”

You sighed. “Sigyn,” you supplied. It felt more annoying than satisfying; more like a history lesson.

“Yes, good. Sigyn remained there with her husband and held a bowl overneath the face of him and collected the venom to protect him. But eventually the bowl would fill. When she retreat away to empty the bowl, Loki would be left to the venom’s cruel sting. He would cry out loudly so that it shook the realms. The venom that Sigyn would get rid of collected, eventually forming a four living beings, four new gods. One had the power to move the earth. He could sense  lies and would easily lose temper. His name was Aksel. The man of which your power directs from.”

You blinked, suddenly finding yourself back in reality. Back on earth in your small apartment. “What about the others? There were four, weren’t there?” you ask eagerly. “Yes,” your mother allowed, nodding gently. “But none you should hear of.”

You frown. “Why not? They’re just stories.”

“Now that is where you’re wrong,” she chastises. “Haven’t you figured it out yet? I’m surprised. This isn’t a story, [Y/n]. This is your story.” The tale felt real; it made sense. And you have witnessed far too much to believe that your mom was crazy. It’s hard to deny what your gut is telling you. Although the rational part of you is going utterly insane.

“You mean to tell me that this entire myth is real?”

“Well, we all witnessed Loki and Thor in our backyard a few years ago,” your mother laughs. “Loki was a lunatic,” you countered. “And Thor…well, also a lunatic.” She hums a response: “But they were real.”

The idea of being an Asgardian didn’t seem real. And you couldn’t deny the disappointment you felt. Somehow you expected this to go down much more dramatically. Maybe some bolts of lightning or even a flock of birds dropping dead.

Though the rain still pitter-pattered against the windows and commercials still interrupted your favorite TV shows.

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A debt of kisses

Requested by @thehopelessfighter: “Imagine teaching Bofur about mistletoe and he decides to carry some with him at all times so he can constantly hold it over your head” from Thereandbackagainimagines


The Yule Fest was near, and you bustled cheerfully about Erebor’s library, humming one of the old, traditional songs to bolster your holiday spirit as you tackled the happy task of decorating your workspace. Your latest flash of inspiration found you balanced precariously on a chair, reaching to tie a silken ribbon attached to a tiny branch of greenery onto the hanging lantern in the library’s entryway, and Bofur, who likewise whistled a merry tune, walked into the small vestibule and pulled up short upon seeing you.

“What are you doing?”

You carefully climbed down from your perch and brushed wrinkles from your skirts. “Just making things a bit more festive,” you smiled.

He picked up another sprig from the cluster of leafy branches in your marketing basket and looked at it curiously. “What’s this, then?”

“Mistletoe,” you explained. “I bought it at the Yuletide market in Dale. ’Tis very popular among the folk there.”

Bofur gingerly sniffed the dusky green leaves. “And why might that be?”

“Well, there is a tradition,” you explained, a mischievous grin plucking at your lips, “that if a couple should find themselves beneath a sprig of mistletoe, they must share a kiss.”

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The Signs as Architecture
  • Aries: Romanesque architecture. Sprawling manors, dusty curved windows, hallways that have no end
  • Taurus: Elizabethan architecture. Geometric windows, palaces with an abundance of mysterious wings, elaborately carved staircases
  • Gemini: Plateresque architecture. Massive hand carved columns, ornate decorative facades, floral carvings that span the entire building
  • Cancer: French Renaissance architecture. Sand coloured chateaus on a hilltop, elaborate roofscape designs, lavish internal furnishing
  • Leo: Portuguese Renaissance architecture. Massive rounded ceilings so far up you get dizzy looking, intricate decorative designs that flow down the wall, the imposing Cathedral
  • Virgo: French Colonial architecture. Storybook cottages on the river, canary yellow walls and off white crown moulding, paper lanterns hanging off the veranda
  • Libra: Sicilian Baroque architecture. Marble curves and flourishes, imposing gateways guarded by hand carved statues, elegant wrought iron balconies overlooking the city
  • Scorpio: Gothic architecture. Perfectly pointed arches, large stained glass windows, omniscient towers, the run down Cathedral covered in ivy.
  • Sagittarius: Beaux-Arts architecture. Sculptures of Roman gods and goddesses watch the gates, massive arched windows, richly detailed murals and mosaics
  • Capricorn: Greek Revival architecture. Colossal columns lit up with light from below, extremely lavish internal designs and furnishings, the rich widows palace beyond the gates
  • Aquarius: Russian Neoclassical Revival architecture. Brightly coloured facades, luxury mansions, geometric shapes and clean surfaces
  • Pisces: Mediterranean Revival architecture. Tropical palaces and villas, stuccoed walls and red tiled roofs, lush gardens around the corner
AO3 FANFICTION - Satisfied (Steve Rogers/Reader + Bucky Barnes/Reader)

Title: Satisfied

Pairing: Steve/Reader + Bucky/Reader

Word Count: 2,011

Warnings: None (it’s not as sexual as you might think (especially from the name (but it’s full of angst)))

Originally Posted on my AO3

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“Jesus, it’s painful to watch.”

“I agree. Something should be done about it.”

Steve looks over to the side of the living room. Natasha and Sam have their chins perched on their chins as they both smile coyly at the captain. He rolls his eyes and goes back to leaning against the doorway leading out on to the back porch.

The rest of the team are already out there, sprawled across cushioned seats under low-hanging lanterns and a fire pit between them. The compound opens up on to a large shooting range, but when the targets were put away, it’s the world’s largest backyard.

Steve can still hear Sam and Nat’s taunts – “I will drag you out there if I have to Rogers”. He takes another swig of his beer and listens in on the conversation that is being had by the team. Tony’s telling one of his stories again about a time before all of this happened. Before he made and put on the suit, before Steve joined them in today’s world, before any of it.

He just can’t stop looking at her. How she rolls her eyes when Tony goes on a bit too long, how she tries to correct him with Rhodey, but they’re both ignored.

The way she threw her head back when she laughed, or how she was able to throw Tony’s legendary quips right back at him.

He takes another drink of his beer. It won’t affect him in the slightest. It’s something they had tremendous amount of fun trying to figure out: can Captain America get drunk? Turns out he can’t, but he still tries.

When Tony’s story finishes, Clint is in with one of his own. It’s getting late, and they’ve spent the majority of the night around the fire-pit, either telling stories or dishing out life advice. He just can’t stop watching her. The little things he notices about her just punches the air right out of his lungs. She listens to the stories – really listens. Every so often she looks up and meets Steve’s gaze. He always flinches slightly, because that’s when he realises that he’s been staring at her. She always gives him the warmest smile he’s ever seen on someone, and turns back to the group.

He should walk out there and take the free seat that’s next to her. It’s only occupied by her legs and feet as she’s lying sideways on it. He could do that. Or he could just stay here, beer in hand, and think about it for a bit longer.

There’s movement in the corner of his eye. When he looks over he smiles faintly at the sight of Bucky looking at the group, much like Steve is doing. He’s been in the compound for a few weeks since leaving Wakanda. T’Challa assured them all that he’s doing fine, but he still walks around carefully, like he’s walking on glass shards.

The way he’s standing at the other door to the porch, it seems like the feeling hasn’t gone away.

Steve keeps an eye on him. Clint rambles on about the first time he ever met Thor, and how he was going to kill him, but Steve blocks it out entirely.

Eventually, she gets up from the couch she’s on and wanders over to Steve. “Any more of them left?” she points to the beer bottle in his hand.

Tony balks. “What kind of compound do you think I’m running? Of course there’s more.”

She walks past him, and he can’t help but look after her. Even walking she’s graceful. He’s fought alongside her for too long and knows how she moves.

“I think we’re going to have to do something about this, Romanov,” Sam sighs heavily. When Steve looks over to them, they’re both smiling coyly at him. Natasha makes a point of getting up from her part of the couch, but Steve’s already walking after her.

“Go get her Soldier,” she laughs as she sits back down.

He finds her in the kitchen, cracking open a bottle of beer taken form the fridge. “I don’t think I could listen to another one of Tony’s escapades without this,” she chuckles as she takes a gulp of it.

With the rest of the team out on the porch, and Sam and Natasha talking among themselves on the couches in the living room, the kitchen is pretty quiet.

“So Soldier,” she smiles up at him, leaning against one of the metallic cabinets, “do you have any stories?”

Steve rubs the back of his neck. “Too many,” he laughs. They can still hear the rest of the team from outside. Steve looks over his shoulder when he hears shouting.

“There it is,” she smiles broadly when Clint’s voice coming in through the door. It IS true! I never miss!

She sighs loudly. “It can’t be an Avengers gathering without someone causing a fight.”

Steve’s smile grows. He walks over to where she’s standing. “Do you have any stories?” he asks.

She takes another gulp of beer and holds it up to him. “If I’m going to be telling you stories about my life, we’re going to need more beer than this.”

“That bad?”

“That complicated,” she clarifies.

“You’re talking to someone from the ‘40s who was frozen and thawed out in present day,” Steve shoots back, “I think I can handle it.”

She laughs at that. The laugh that he loves – when her eyes squint and her smile overtakes most of her face. “I suppose so Captain,” she hums.

There’s more shouting from outside – most Tony and Clint. She rolls her eyes and puts her now empty bottle of beer down on the kitchen table among the others. “I suppose I’m on duty,” she sighs. As she walks past, their shoulders brush. Steve will forever deny how his breath hitches slightly in his throat, and his heart hammers against his chest.

He watches her walk back through the living room and out onto the balcony. “Are you actually five year olds?!” she hollers at the fighting men.

Steve’s eyes move to Bucky who walks through the door. He smiles at Natasha and Sam who greet him as he walks by.

“How’re you doing?” Steve asks him. He’s spent the better part of his time with them treading on glass. That’s not to say that Steve doesn’t see him smiling sometimes. His eyes are a bit brighter and his laugh is a bit less forced.

It’s slow, but he’s slowly getting back to Bucky from the 40’s.

Bucky shrugs. “Alright, I guess,” he says. He looks over his shoulder to the door to the balcony and leans back against the kitchen cabinets.

Steve hands him a beer – someone else who can drink however much he likes and have no effect on him – and stands in front of him. “So, why are you here with me and not out with Tony and the gang?”

“Too loud,” Bucky shrugs again, taking a swig of beer.

His fingers tap against the side of the bottle. “You can go if you want,” Steve suggests, “no one is going to be angry or upset if you turn in for the night.”

Bucky looks up to him, and it’s when Steve notices that it’s the first time that he’s looked at him since walking in.

“Can I talk to you about something?”

Steve frowns. “Of course you can buddy, you know that.”

Bucky runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. “I’m…I’m doing better than I was,” he explains, “but…I don’t know, it sounds stupid-”

“-It’s not going to be,” Steve cuts in, “stupid was when you tried to hit on that girl with her boyfriend standing at the other side of the bar.”

That gets a small smile from Bucky. “To be fair, I didn’t know she was taken.”

“She had an engagement ring on,” Steve rolls his eyes with a fond smile on his face. Bucky’s memories were slowly returning to him. Day by day, he would remember something new. It never stopped surprising Steve how Bucky would regale him of a new story from their old lives.

“So,” Steve gets them back on track. He folds his arms over his chest. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

Bucky rubs the back of his neck. “It’s about…the girl you’re always talking to. It’s…it’s weird, I’m sorry, I don’t know how to explain it-”

Steve walks over to Bucky and stands beside him. “Explain it anyway,” he says.

Bucky looks down at his feet. “Do you ever get a feeling, sort of in the back of your mind that you just…I don’t know, you feel safer around them?”

Steve’s heart just about slams against his ribcage.

“It’s like how I am with you,” Bucky continues to explain; “I didn’t think I could feel safer around another person, but I do.”

He lets out a dry laugh and looks at Steve. “It’s weird, never mind-”

“-It’s not,” Steve says a bit hastily. He swallows the forming lump in his throat. Looking over to the door to the porch, he can see her sitting beside Clint with a narrow glare pointed to someone just behind the wall. It’s probably Tony.

Steve clears his throat. “You should talk to her,” he says, trying to put on his bright persona, “If you feel safer around her, then she’s someone you should talk to.”

Bucky frowns slightly. “What do I say?”

“The great Bucky Barnes getting tongue-tied over a girl,” Steve laughs dryly, “I never thought I’d see the day.”

Bucky punches him lightly in the shoulder and a small smile spreads over his face.

“Think about it at least,” Steve says, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Bucky nods.

That’s when Steve leaves him to go back outside. He meets her as she’s walking inside.

He raises his eyebrow at the emptied bottle in her hand. “Already?”

She shrugs. “Tony is telling a lot of crap, what can I say?” she laughs lightly. It’s something that punches him right in the gut.

He sees it. When his eyes part from hers, they look over her shoulder and see it: the look in Bucky’s eyes.

For a second, he thinks Bucky is looking at him. He isn’t.

He bites the inside of his cheek when the realisation hits him. It hits him like a freight car.

It’s something he’s never noticed before, but now that he knows, he can see it right in front of him. How Bucky’s shoulders are a bit too tensed, or how his movements are rigid.


Her voice brings him back to the present. He looks at her.

“Is something wrong?” she asks him. She’s frowning slightly.

Steve looks over her shoulder again to Bucky and swallows thickly. “No,” he says with a forced smile. He gestures over to Bucky. “I just, I’m going to go to bed. Bucky looks like he could do with some company.”

She looks over her shoulder to Bucky and gives Steve a small smile. “Okay then, g’night.”

“Night,” he says as she steps away from him. He gets as far as the stairs before he looks again. Bucky’s shoulders aren’t as tensed, he’s slouched slightly. He looks better than he has in a long time. They’re talking and have smiles on both of their faces. It’s something he would have like to see for himself – he wants what he has now.

Bucky needs her though. He needs her more than he does.

He feels a hand on his shoulder. When he turns around he sees Sam.

“So, I saw what you did-”

“-Not now Sam-”

“-It’s a good thing you just did,” he says sternly. Natasha rounds the corner and stands at the bottom of the stairs. She fixes him with a sad smile.

“Are you going to be okay?”

Steve shrugs. “I will be.”

“I turn to see my sister’s face and she is-
And I know she is-
And her eyes are just-
-Helpless” - Satisfied, in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton”


Also let’s just hang a lantern here: I failed on the fic front this weekend. This next chapter is not going to take much time to write at all (it’s ALL planned and I’m feeling brain constipation from it), but I am uniquely busy for the next week or so. So, I’m sorry–probably shouldn’t have started publishing when I did. But it’s very much on my mind, and once I’m past my birthday things should clear up significantly.


The Slytherin Boys

The Slytherin boys’ dormitory was a room off of the Slytherin Common Room where male Slytherins slept at night. The walls were decorated with Slytherin crests. They sleep in ancient four-posters with green silk hangings. During the night it is possible to listen to the lake water lapping against the windows. Also, silver lanterns hang from the ceilings.