Have a pile of derelict boxes hanging around?

Upcycled cardboard lanterns are the perfect way to transform trash into imaginative home decor that you can enjoy all year ’round. These simple lanterns are a breeze to make and add a cozy glow to any space.

Any cardboard box will do, so have fun mixing shapes and sizes to make a dynamic display.

Complete instrux, including a downloadable template, here.

The Pumpkin King

Context: So we’re playing our Halloween special campaign and I’m playing my Fire Genasai monk

DM: You wander into town for the All Hallows Eve Festival, and see many turnip Jack-o-lanterns hanging around town.

Me: My Genasai upon seeing the turnips has an idea, is the town market still open?

DM: Yeah, why?

Me: I go buy a pumpkin the size of my head, and carve it into a jack-o-lantern and put it on my head and proceed to run around the town declaring myself to be the pumpkin king.

DM: The children love your flame spouting pumpkin head and soon are dancing around you, well done you are now jack skellington.

Women, I know I’m gonna get in trouble for this, but if an interviewer asks questions about your sex or personal life, just go with it. You want the job.
—  Business professor, submitted by melissadoom

Wallpaper | floor | windows | ceiling | ceiling pipes (wip) | wall pipes 1, 2 | hanging jars | lanterns | canopy | lamp 1, 2, 3 | F.K art | posters/art/hanging rugs | leaning art | paintings | plants 1, 2, 3 | clutter | wall decor 1, 2 

Sofa 1, 2 | ottoman | sofa table | bookshelfs/cart (not released) | books | wall lamp | floor lamp | open desk | big chest (resized cheat) | rug 1, 2, 3, 4 

Kitchen island tables | barstools | sink | stove | oven (personal recolor) | shelfs 1, 2 | ladder | smeg fridge | hanging supplies | kitchen/ food clutter 1, 2, 3 


📿 Edda’s Bedroom

Photo 1: 1. Violet Paint (EA Base Game), 2. Framed Silhouette Portrait, 3. Silver Mirror, 4. Necklace Display, 5. Candle (EA Backyard Stuff), 6. End Table (EA Get Together), 7. White/Grey Blanket, 8. Brown Pillows (Pt. 3), 9. Open Window, 10. Hanging Plant, 11. Hanging Lanterns, 12. Wind Chime (EA Backyard Stuff), 13. Purple Window Plant (EA Get to Work), 14. Bed Frame, 15. Two Sketches, 16. Freezer Bunny Guitar, 17. Candlestick Holder, 18. Rose Painting, 19. Candlestick, 20. Flower Lights (EA Backyard Stuff), 21. Flamingo Painting, 22. Plant w/ Purple Pot, 23. Glass Bowl w/ Plant, 24. Fish Bowl (EA Base Game), 25. Corner Shelf Unit, 26. Clock (EA Base Game)

Photo 2: 1. Black & White Trio Set, 2. Grey Record Player, 3. Tea Set, 4. Desk (EA Base Game), 5. Framed Map, 6. Gold Framed Painting, 7. Blue/Purple Lamp, 8. Stack of Books, 9. Desk Chair, 10. Tile Floor, 11. Shopping Bag, 12. Map, 13. Hanging Lights, 14. Window (EA Get Together), 15. Green Curtains (EA Base Game), 16. Antique Mannequin, 17. Boots

Photo 3: 1. Patent Sketch, 2. Bookcase, 3. Muse Painting, 4. Candles (EA Dine Out), 5. Records, 6. Guitar (EA Base Game), 7. Large Sketch

Photo 4: 1. Griffin Sculpture, 2. Shelf, 3. Suitcase, 4. Cactus, 5. Bovine Skull, 6. Patent Sketch, 7. Silver Locket, 8. Gems, 9. Rabbit Skull, 10. Small Chest, 11. Beads, 12. Frog, 13. Locust

BONUS: Small Saucer Light (Used to brighten up interiors considerably!)


When Keti Sidamonidze in Tblisi, Georgia wanted to liven up her bedroom walls she commissioned artist Giorgi Makharashvili to paint an awesome mural that’s beautiful in daylight and spectacular at night when a blacklight reveals additional painting created with special fluorescent paints. Turn out the lights and suddenly the crescent moon is glowing, hanging lanterns are lit, and there’s a spectral dream tiger hovering over Sidamonidze’s bed.

“All I told Giorgi was that my name is Keti (short for Georgian name Ketevan). My nickname has been Kitty Ket ever since I can remember and I can identify with a cat’s love of freedom. I’m playful and joyful as a kitten but when needed, I can turn into a wild cat, a huge tiger that can defend herself and the loved ones with immense courage. I also told him that I love fairytales and curvy ornaments. I am impressed with the way Giorgi has interpreted my story into this peace of mesmerizing wall art. …My dear unknown reader, I hope that you too will manage to fulfill your sacred dreams the way I awakened my fantasy with this project.”

[via Bored Panda]

This isn’t poetry anymore,
and it hasn’t been for a long time.
This is what surviving sounds like
after spending days in a gas chamber,
always choking on air
and falling in love with it at the same time.
This is breathing for people
with crumbling lungs.
And on the days your hands
are flying kites tangled by the wind
and your lips are pins to the grenades
you only ever throw at yourself,
you must choose to inhale.
I know there are ticking bombs
buried underneath beautiful things,
but there are also pulsing hearts
rising from the ugliness of it all.
I cannot be there to hang lanterns
every time your world gets dark,
but I will teach you where to find your own light.
So, stop running from the howling wolves,
and start racing them to the moon, baby.
Your fears can’t beat when you have already
raised your fists to their shaking hands.
The shadows that dance are just broken
love letters trying to reach the sun again.
Always remember that
you are better than your worst apologies.
And it’s up to you to stop being sorry.
—  Y.Z, For my future daughter

Deep in Clan Salvius’s hallowed halls lies a room that would make any Light dragon start drooling. Chained lanterns hang from vaulted ceilings whose ends disappear into darkness, illuminating stacks upon stacks of books, scrolls, and other treasures collected over time. Though most members use the ancient library to house their most prized posessions, two can be often seen meticulously maintaining it. Aru, the ever studious Imperial, keeps track of what is used or taken out by other dragons while his disciple (don’t ever call her that though!), Quetzala has stored away scroll upon scroll detailing the room’s entire inventory.

Somehow all materials are flame retardant.

Enchanting Spider Webs

Spider webs are incredibly useful to their original owners — many of whom gift us the surplus as they move on.

While enchantingly beautiful on their own, many witches enchant them to hang various supernatural lanterns around their homes.

Protective spells with long durations, wards against invading heroes, and hexes to control a room’s magical flow are all very common.

Animated Lanterns

Two lanterns hang above a series of tables and stools in this detailed, mid-18th-century drawing showcasing the interior of a Chinese merchant’s home. 

The image, from a book of sketches by architect Sir William Chambers, is markedly different from most contemporary European depictions of Chinese architecture, which were usually fanciful scenes used to illustrate travel literature. 

See more drawings by Chambers free from Institut national d'histoire d l'art here.

This week’s pick from the Getty Research Portal, a one-stop shop for public domain art history books.

Korean Word of the Day

걸다 = hang, speak to (w)

  • 걸이 = hanger
  • 귀걸이 = earring
  • 코걸이 = nose ring
  • 옷걸이 = clothes hanger
  • 말걸다 = address a person
  • 시비걸다 = provoke a person to quarrel
  • 걸리다 = be hung, be caught weigh on one’s mind, take time, be afflicted with
  • 경찰에 걸리다 = be caught by a policeman
  • 마음에 걸리다 = weigh on one’s mind
  • 시간이 걸리다 = take time
  • 감기걸리다 = catch a cold

사진: 봉은사 (Bongeunsa Temple)

Been reworking my clan’s home a bit. We’re moving to the gladeveins for a more marshy, willow tree area. I have a lot of thoughts for all the lairs and such so as soon as I figure out how to draw them. Ik what it looks like in my head but drawing it is a bit different you know? Never comes out quite right.


Pictured here are the fae nests. Traditionally fae spin their nests of amber, but our fae also weave a “basket” of sorts from tree branches around the amber and line it with personal possessions. Some fae hang lanterns, trinkets, or flowers from the baskets. Clan weavers make silky cushions specifically for lining these fae nests. Most of the fae hang their homes from a gigantic willow tree sitting in a very shallowly flooded area of the clanhome. It’s quite a sight at night with all the glowing ambers and fireflies.