valentine’s day headcannon(s?)

okay alright listen i saw one of those big ass bears and this just… happened 

  • kara’s arts and crafts hidden mania comes out during this particular holiday and cat has to veto the huge paper mache heart winn and james are helping kara hang in the middle of the office, right next to cat’s elevator (winn and james are grateful, kara almost cries)
  • and then cat feels bad because kara keeps drawing hearts all over her sticky notes and keeps wearing more and more elaborately pink outfits like, cat swears if kara didn’t have her as a boss, she’d wear pink pants and a pink shirt
  • kara wears red pants once and that’s the day cat finally says yes to small decorations
  • kara hangs up little tiny paper mache hearts all over the desks and windows and cat keeps finding them stuck to the layouts and to the bottom of her shoes because they’re everywhere and she keeps crumpling them up and throwing them at kara every time she comes into the office (it was a rough week) once, one of them fluttered to her elevator as she was leaving and she bent down to pick it up and place it in her pocket
  • kara tries starting a twelve days of valentine’s. cat vetoes it right away
  • and cat keeps finding glitter all over her damn office because kara thinks she’s getting away with stealthily making cards in her desk while she’s supposed to be working and her skirt always drops gallons of glitter in cat’s couch and her floor and her latte and one time cat took off her shirt at home and a dozen little golden satanic circles fell to the ground
  • cat bans glitter from the office and her latte the next morning is just a degree colder than she likes it
  • kara attempts giving her the silent treatment but it doesn’t last more than two minutes and thirty three seconds because kara uses cat like a personal diary (cat pretends to hate it)
  • and then kara mentions offhandedly, and a little dejectedly, that she never got those huge bears, or valentine’s grams that every girl always got in her high school and that eliza always bought her the heart shaped chocolates instead and cat just feels. so. fucking. much. for her stupid assistant so she tells her that she can start a five days of valentine’s but only if she stops drawing hearts next to cat’s name when she’s taking notes. kara’s blush is almost red enough to match her shirt

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