hanging with Michael

im gonna have loads of pets and give them regular names like matthew or jennifer so when people ask me if i have plans i can be like “yeah im gonna hang out with michael and lucy” and people will think im really sociable when in fact i’ll just be at home cuddling all my pets

  • 5SOS: *gets called a boy band*
  • ATL: *becomes super good friends with 5SOS*
  • Alexander DeLeon: *Becomes friends with them, invites them to parties*
  • Alex Gaskarth: *helps them write a song*
  • Benji & Joel Madden: *writes a song for them*
  • Kellin Quinn: *tweets the band*
  • Jenna McDougall: *friends with 5SOS*
  • Josh Ramsay: *wants to hang out with Luke*
  • Pete Wentz: *Tweets Ashton*
  • Austin Carlile: *tweets Michael*
  • Aaron Pauley: *wants to hang out with Michael*
  • Jack Barakat: *calls 5SOS punk pop*
  • 5SOSFam: *laughs at the dumbass who called them a boyband*
what the signs are to 5sos
  • Aries: the person who always takes pictures/videos of them to keep the fans updated
  • Taurus: the one who is always spotted hanging out with them
  • Gemini: michael's sister who calum has a huge crush on
  • Cancer: the one luke treats like a girlfriend
  • Leo: a musician who helps 5sos write their songs
  • Virgo: the person always helping michael dye his hair
  • Libra: calum's neighbor who has seen him naked multiple times on accident because he doesn't know how to close his blinds
  • Scorpio: another musician who all 4 boys have the biggest crush on
  • Sagittarius: the bands best friend
  • Capricorn: who they all go to for advice
  • Aquarius: the one everyone thinks is dating calum bc you both act like a couple
  • Pisces: the one they all try to impress by doing stupid shit