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Be More Chill Soundtrack Masterpost

Alright everyone, I’ve seen a lot of people saying they haven’t been able to find the Be More Chill soundtrack anywhere, so I am here to provide!!

Jeremy’s Theme (Instrumental)

More Than Survive

I Love Play Rehearsal

The Squip Song

Two-Player Game

The Squip Enters

Be More Chill (Pt. 1)

Do You Wanna Ride?

Be More Chill (Pt. 2)

More Than Survive (Reprise)

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into

The Squip Lurks (Instrumental)



Do You Wanna Hang?

Michael in the Bathroom

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire)

The Pitiful Children

The Pants Song

The Play

Voices in My Head

George Salazar singing Michael in the Bathroom

The making of the cast album


Okay but Michael ‘Mogar’ Jones the fighter with bloody, bruised knuckles and a hunger for the fight, for the thrill of it, trained as a shield. Trained as a bodyguard, as the front line soldier, and he’s fucking good at it. He’s proud of it, even if the people he defends don’t particularly interest him, even if he’s not all that attached. 

He takes his cash and he takes the praise and he beams from it. Because really, much as Mogar fights for himself, Michael is always eager to show off what he’s capable of, to show his value tallied up in violet bruises and broken bones. 

The trouble with counting his worth that way is when he fails, when someone slips through his defense and tears the man he’s meant to be shielding down to nothing. And even if it weren’t for the threats that accompany failure Michael Will Not face the condemnation, the disappointment of a botched job, and he runs. 

Maybe that’s how Gavin finds the smart-mouthed brawler on the streets of Los Santos, long before Geoff, long before the Fakes. The only gold on him is in flashes of stolen jewelry, quickly pawned off to pay for rent, for food, the basic essentials that he’s only barely keeping in check. He pegs the man as an easy enough target, charming him with a honeyed voice and lingering touches as they walk along the same direction, flirting along the line of distraction and interest.

Until Michael snatches the hand in his pocket, grabbing back his wallet and nearly leaving behind bruises, ready to give the silver-tongued stranger an impromptu lesson in back-alley brawling that Gavin’s already learned one too many times. 

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Also on Ao3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/10333259

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All I Wanted; C.H. 30

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27**, part 28, part 29

Hello lovely people,

This is the last part of All I Wanted. I had a blast writing this and I want to thank you all for the kind words regarding this story (or any other of course). It’s been a fun way for me to make fun of my disastrous love life and I’m glad you’ve accepted me with such open arms.

Enjoy the last part,

Lots of love, 
L. xox

“I’ll see you later love.” I smile into the receiver as I bid Calum goodbye. Calum didn’t want to end things, but that didn’t mean that Meredith had let things go. Two, almost three weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard from my best friend since. I would feel betrayed too, but I would appreciate it if she could at least try to be happy for me. She said so herself – Calum had changed since we started hooking up, and it had only gotten better now that I was his girl.

“Of course, babe. I’ll phone you later.” Calum answers before I hear the click and the annoying tune, indicating our telephone conversation had ended. I slide my phone back into my pocket as I let my gaze wander back to the make-up articles in front of me. I had decided to treat myself with a little shopping spree and my first stop was new eyeshadow and lipstick.


I freeze in my spot when I hear her voice, clutching the eyeshadow I had taken off of the rack in my fist. I slowly turn my head and raise my eyebrows when I see a nervous Meredith staring at me with the tiniest of smiles of her lips. “Uh, hi?”

“Hi. Uh – it’s been a while.” She mumbles and I refrain myself just in time from scoffing as I avert my gaze from hers. It hadn’t been my choice to let it ‘have been a while’. I wouldn’t go all out and say I wasn’t in the wrong because I clearly was, and I was aware of that, but Meredith not answering any of my calls or texts was a ball that was in her court.

“Yeah, I guess.” I mutter back, dropping the eyeshadow back in its original place while I focus on another part of the aisle, hoping to get away soon before we’d starting fighting again.

“Do you – uh, do you have time for a chat?” I turn completely, my whole body facing hers as I watch her rather tentative posture. Normally Meredith was filled with confidence – a bit too much if you asked me, it leaned more towards arrogance sometimes – but now she was a trembling mess. I guess it had done her worse than it had done me. On the other hand, I had Calum supporting me whenever I had a mental breakdown about this friendship.

“Now?” I am kind of perplexed to run into her here – although the city wasn’t that large, you never ran across someone around here. And I know Meredith had purposely been avoiding me these past days. I cross my arms across my chest, still not quite sure what she desires of me – and right now I wish I could call Calum and ask for his advice.

“Okay look, I’m sorry Y/n. I overreacted I know that and if you decide to not be friend anymore that’s fine by me, seems a bit impossible though with all the –“ I scrape my throat to stop her rambling. She takes a few seconds to recollect herself before she speaks again. “Let’s talk this out, please? Over a cup of coffee?”

“Okay, fine.” The nerves have slowly dissipated knowing that she isn’t here to yell furiously at me some more, but rather to talk it out among friends. That doesn’t mean all of the nerves are gone yet though, seeing as how this could easily turn out into a complete disaster – something that had happened multiple times in our friendship over the years.


I had laid my cards out on the table, telling her everything that had happened in the past three months, skipping on some of the passionate details but emphasizing how I felt about Calum from the start. I wanted her to know that this wouldn’t be some fling that would tear our friendship apart. If Calum and I ever decided to part ways, I wasn’t planning on staying away from the Hood residence all together. Meredith was still my best friend and I wasn’t planning on changing that anytime soon.

“So… It was you Calum asked me advice about?” Meredith questions for the second time since our first cup of coffee and this conversation started. It had gotten a lot better than I expected and I weren’t one to complain.

“I guess so, that I don’t know. If it were anyone else he wouldn’t have gotten a second chance, let alone a third one.” I laugh wickedly, finishing off with an awkward ‘ah’ at the end as our conversation falls back to silence. “Well, if we’re being honest with one another…” Meredith starts off and I feel my eyes widening as I bite my bottom lip.

“I think if Luke and I didn’t talk, I wouldn’t have spoken to you ever again.” Meredith starts stirring her cup absentmindedly as she tries to avoid my gaze. “Luke caught us, I didn’t plan on him knowing.” I start defending myself, but Meredith shuts me up with a sigh.

“I know. He told me. He also told me you both seemed smitten about each other and I would be a bad friend and a bad sister if I at least didn’t support two of such important people in my life.” I smile when I realize it’s the first time she has voiced her approval of me dating Calum.

“I’m glad you’re not pissed at me anymore. I really need my best friend to gossip with.” I laugh as I grasp Meredith’s hand and give it a firm squeeze. “I missed you too.”

“Are you seeing Calum today?” Meredith asks as she waves at the waiter for our check. I still feel kind of awkward answering any question about her brother but she really seems like she wants to keep being my best friend, so I have to be honest with her like I was before.

“Yeah, I was supposed to meet him later.” I push a few coins towards Meredith to cover my drinks and get up to put on my coat. “Oh, we should hang out later, I’ll ask Michael too.” I am reluctant to agree, but if I want to keep these charades up there is nothing else I can say besides “Oh, okay. That sounds great.” My smile is not genuine and I think she notices, but her smile is even more forced that I imagine mine displays. “I’ll see you later then.” I press my lips against her cheek and walk out of the bar.


“What a surprise to see you here so soon.” Calum grins at me, clad in only his boxer shorts as he leans down to greet me with a kiss. The kiss is shortened as I pull away and push past Calum to be indoors. “I ran into Meredith right after I spoke to you. We talked.”

“Oh?” Calum smiles as he closes the door and lets his arm snake around my waist. “You don’t seem surprised.” I state, absentmindedly dragging my fingers along Calum’s exposed arm, pressing my back against his solid chest. “Not really, no.”

I hum, turning around in his arms as he starts kissing my neck again. “Calum…”

“I saw her in the morning. We talked things through. It would be a nick of time before she spoke to you too.” Calum hums contently as he pushes me backwards, towards the stairs, while I struggle against him. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I wanted to talk to you about this personally, not over the phone. Now…” Calum grins as he presses his lips against mine feverishly, my eyelids immediately fluttering closed. I enjoy the moment, Calum’s hand roaming along my back before they rest on my bum, which they give a firm squeeze.

“Calum?” Our make-out stops when we hear Meredith’s voice from the kitchen. We part ways and step aside when the kitchen door opens and reveals Meredith, Michael behind her.

“Oh hey. Didn’t know you would be here.” Meredith smiles awkwardly, a grin we reciprocate. It’s quiet for just the longest second and I breathe a sigh of relief as Michael speaks up.
“Hey, wanna hangout? I brought my guitar.” He motions to the large pack on his back and I know it’s more towards Calum but I’m thankful he decides to break the tension. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had no clue what was going on and how badly he had helped us out just now.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll get some pants on.” Calum grins at me before he jogs up the stairs and leaves me there to awkwardly smile at Meredith as Michael disappears from sight. Meredith turns around and motions for me to follow her and I do so without a word.

“Want anything?” She motions to the fridge and I shrug my shoulders, indicating I didn’t mind whatever she gave me. I’m handed a beer and follow her outside, Michael already soaking up the cool spring sun.

Calum joins us soon after and takes a seat beside me. He doubted at first, clearly contemplating if it were okay to sit beside me with his sister around. He settles for his hand on my knee, a completely ignorant gesture but something so huge to where we came from.

It’s awkward, and even that’s an understatement, but I have absolutely nothing to talk about. The last few weeks had been revolving around the guy beside me, and I wasn’t going to tell my dirty little secret to Meredith – in hopes of reconciling, of course – with the male of said stories right beside me.

“I’ve invited Luke as well; hope you don’t mind.” Michael states absentmindedly, tweaking the strings of is guitar. My eyes are glued to the neck of the musical instrument but inside I’m grinning brightly. I could talk to Luke, my new found friend, and this awkwardness would all go away.

It were a few quiet, very quiet six minutes. As I hear the fence click, indicating Luke’s arrival, I almost want to fly out of my seat and go greet him up front – almost.
Calum’s hand on my knee is the only thing stopping me right now. It would look quite weird if I were so giddy to meet my boyfriend – it still tastes sweet on my tongue – his best mate.

“Hi guys, what’s up!” Luke yells as he appears in sight, stopping in his tracks as he feels the tension. The air is thick and I won’t deny it. I really want this to work though so I hope Luke plans on being my glue.

“Why are you looking like that Luke? I know.” Meredith smiles coyly as she gazes from Calum’s outstretched arm to Luke’s I-am-trying-to-be-stoic-features. I jump as I hear her voice and hold in my breath as Luke gazes from me to Meredith and back to me before his mouth opens.

“I know that you know. You thought this hiding shit from everyone was bad for you? How do you think it was for me? I am such a blabber mouth; my cat knows everything!” Luke stammers hysterically, pointing at Calum and I, drawing laughs out of all of our mouths.

Thank you for being my glue. I mentally thank Luke, smiling brightly at him as he winks at me. “Glad it worked out for you, little one,” Luke ruffles my hair and drops down beside me, “Although I am disappointed in you two. You could show some more love, I know you have it in you!”

You would think Luke would make things awkward again, but Meredith grins brightly – genuinely, not forced this time – as Calum gazes from her to me. Calum leans over to press his lips against my cheek and Luke ‘ooh’s like a little girl, clapping his hands like a retarded seal.

“I am so happy we’re done from keeping shit from our friends.” Luke sighs as he takes a swig from my beer, a loud scoff passing my lips as he does so. He is right. I’m elated as well.

“You’re right.” Meredith grins and lifts her glass, ushering us to toast. I look around and see Luke smugly grin as he holds my beer up to the middle of the table, a pout present on my lips. “Well I don’t have a drink to toast with, not anymore at least.”

Calum’s arm winds around my waist and easily slides me from my seat at the table onto his lap, pushing his beer into my hands as his hands rest on my waist. “Use mine.”
“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; friendship.” Luke grins, probably amazingly proud that he came up with such a sophisticated quote.

“Isn’t that love instead of friendship?” Meredith grins as she raises an eyebrow at a non-suspecting Luke who starts chuckling loudly after. “Laughter is the shortest distance between people.”  

I slap his shoulder lightly as I shake my head, “Stop it!”, rolling my eyes before I let them scan over my friends. He had a point there, though. Laughter brings people together and maybe without knowing, maybe not, Luke had glued one of the first little pieces of this back together. A nice set of friends, a loving boyfriend and my best friend back at my side. I guess I got all I wanted.

Trying Be The Good Grace of A Sweetheart

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Michael Gray x Reader

Prompt: Hey could you do a Michael imagine where when y/n and Michael argue in front of the family, y/n always holds back but one day she finally has enough and puts him in his place in front of everyone and polly laughs and is proud of y/n :) if that makes any sense haha

This one is short. Enjoy!

*Peaky Blinders Requests Are Open*

“You have a lot of nerve, Michael.” The door to Michael’s office was shut, but everyone in SBL could hear the couple going back and forth.

“We’re not doing this now,”

“Oh, we’re not? Then when are we doing this so I can schedule an appropriate time for a meeting, Mr. Gray?”

Y/N,” Michael sighed, his hands rubbing his face in frustration.

“No, Michael, I’ve had enough! You can’t keep putting me off. I’m your wife. I deserve an explanation!”

“I’m not putting you off,” Her gloved hands went to her hips.

“Then what would you call it?” He shook his head.

“We’re not doing this now,”

“Is tomorrow at noon good for you, Mr. Gray? Would you be able to discuss this then?” With that Y/N walked out of his office and slammed his door shut. Everyone had stopped what they were doing and stared at the flustered Y/N. She eyed the young women doing the books and licked her lips.

“This,” Y/N pointed at the closed door, “is why you need a backbone, ladies. Do not let them walk all over you.” With that, she turned and walked out of SBL, but didn’t miss the grin of satisfaction and pride on Polly’s face. If there was one person that taught her to stand up for herself at a young age, it was Polly.

Michael casually opened the door to his office, knowing everyone was looking at him. John sauntered over, chuckling at the flustered young man.

“Does it get any easier?”

“With that one?” John motioned to Y/N’s retreating figure with a cigar hanging from his fingers. “Nope.”

Please - Michael Clifford

Warning: A little smutty

A/N: I haven’t written in so long, so its a little rough.

Requested: Yes - Picture above

Requests are Open



The air is thick with suspense. The words on Luke’s lips begin to pour out. “I dare you… to show Y/N, your dick,” Luke lets out a girly giggle. And this is why you never played truth or dare with the boys. Although fun at times, it always became risqué. And usually, being the only girl in the circle, it had something to do with you.

When Micheal had invited you over you thought, ‘Hey, why not?’. You and the other boys (Calum, Ashton, and Luke) had been friends, mostly because you were best friends with Micheal. You and Micheal had been close since a couple years ago when he spilt coffee on you. It had been like a bad fanfic, but you only ended up being very close friends. Although you wouldn’t mind….

“No Ashton,” Micheal says, placing a hand on Ashton’s hand that was gripping his waistband, ready to pull. You squeal, coming back to reality and realizing what was just about to happen. You quickly cover your eyes and begin to yell on repeat, “Ashton, No. NO. no. No. NO.”  

Luke and Calum lets out a hearty laugh and Ashton looks at everybody in confusion. “What’s the matter?” He slurs, having consumed the most alcohol in the group. You uncover your eyes to glance at Micheal who is glaring at Luke and Ashton, his eyes flirting between the two of them repeatedly.

“Okay, Micheal, your turn,” Luke announces with a devilish smile on his lips. Michael perks up at the mention of his turn. “I dare you to grab Y/N by the pussy” Luke says, probably not realizing he’s quoting Trump.

You might have demanded Michael not to if you weren’t so drunk, if you didn’t actually like him. Plus, Micheal has accidentally touched you before, just a slip of the hand. Michael agrees, staggering to a stand, and motions sloppily for you to stand also. You get up.

Michael plunges a hand, down your pants and into your underwear. He is still standing about six inches away from you. His thick padded fingers worked gently over your folds, and then two slipped into you. You barely register what is going on. Nobody has touched you like this in ages. He makes a ‘come hither’ motion with his fingers while still inside of you, causing a low moan to leave your lips. You stumble forward, your head pressing onto his chest. You can hear his heart beat racing, then he lifts your head up with his other hand. He fits your lips onto his, his fingers pumping into you. You gently buck your hips onto his fingers, desperate for more friction.

“Whoa” Calum moans, causing you to quickly pull away from Micheal. Calum’s dick is slightly propped up into a semi. Micheal slips his hand out of your pants. “Sorry,” He mutters.

“Don’t be” You whisper back. You both sit down and the game sadly continues.

Its about three weeks later and you and Micheal are hanging out in your bed. Michaels hand is resting on your upper thigh. You are concentrating on the movie that is playing between you on your laptop when Micheal’s hand slips a little. His hand is now resting on your inner thigh. You glance over at him, but he looks like he is concentrating on the movie. You don’t question what he is doing. Your eyes run back over to the movie when you feel a pressure on your lower region. You look down to see Micheal’s hand and then back to Micheal.

“I know you remember,” he whispers. Your about to deny knowing what he is talking about when he presses down. It’s just a little friction, but you have the urge to moan. “That night when we played truth or dare. And I touched you. and you loved it.” Your about to deny it again, but he starts rubbing circles. “And I know that you like me,” He says, and once again you are about to deny it, but he presses harder into the circles he’s rubbing and you let out a small whine.

“Just say the word,” Micheal whispers into your ear.

“Please” You beg.

Building Bridges - Michael Gray

Anything with Michael preferably with some sexy time

Something smutty with Michael please! Maybe where you guys get drunk and end up hooking up?

27 for Michael please!  (“No. Regrets.”)

-smut warning-


It’s no secret that Michael and I clash. My dislike for him is rooted in the fact I can see in his eyes that he wants to be like Tommy, and I don’t particularly like Tommy. I mean, I respect him, but I don’t like him, so I’m definitely not going to like a second rate copy of him.

Michael’s dislike for me is rooted in the fact he knows I don’t like him. That and the fact I’m a “gobby cow”… His words.

That’s how it started any way, but now Michael’s developed into his own - there’s still a little too much imitating Tommy for me to like him - and I can’t deny his ambition and drive is impressive. And he’s learnt to appreciate my confidence and honesty. Although we’d never admit it, we’ve both started to respect each other a little bit.

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After Percy died, Nico and sometimes Will would visit him as often as possible in Elysium. They were best friends, brothers even. They were practically inseparable when together. They would prank call the camps and Olympus and especially Grover, make fun of Gabe, who was receiving his punishment, and hang out with Michael and Lee, Ethan, Castor, Silena, Beckendorf and Zoë. They would even try to convince Hades to tell them how Luke and Bianca were doing in their new lives. Percy even learned Italian so when Nico started rambling in Italian when he was freaked out, Percy could calm him down. They would prank Hades and Persephone as well. Nico would take Percy to see Tyson and his father, baby sister, mom and Paul, and Hades and Nico took Percy to see Annabeth get married, as well as Leo and Calypso, Piper and Jason, and Frank and Hazels weddings. Percy couldn’t be seen by the living or gods. Not because Nico or Hades prevented it, but because Percy wanted his friends to move on. That was why Nico and Will were often seen talking to no one.

Mine: Tom Holland x Reader

Sort of a request and my own idea combined. While the rumors of Tom visiting his “gf” in NYC Reader gets a bit discouraged because while her and Tom aren’t really dating they have been unofficial for awhile. Slightly based on the song ‘Mine” by Beyonce feat. Drake. 

You were in LA filming for a new movie while Tom was off in NYC. “Hey love.” He said answering your call. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, just hanging with Jacob, Michael, Haz, and Z.”, “Oh okay, well I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” You sighed trying not to feel jealous. “No, you’re not bothering- Oh sweet!” He got distracted by something that happened. 

“I’ll talk to you later.” You mumbled, “Okay bye.” He hung up and you threw your head on your pillow. You wished you would’ve said ‘Yes’ to Tom:

You two were laying on the floor of your apartment, while your fingers intertwined, “What is this?” You asked. “What?” He asked. “This? I mean we kiss, we hold hands, we cuddle, we have deep ass conversations about life and our future-” He sat up and looked at you. “I told you I want to be in relationship but you keep getting scared.”

“I know but what if it doesn’t have to be a relationship-” He sighed and interrupted you, “Y/N do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“N-no.” You whispered. He groaned and let go of your hand, “So we can just be nothing. At this point I’m sick of asking.” He got up.

You remember that night like it was yesterday. Tears stung your eyes as you regretted your decision. You tried to take your mind off of it and scrolled through Instagram. 

You saw that your best friend, Ty, sent you a screenshot. You read through the comments and felt sick to your stomach. You read that Tom had told a fan he was in New York to visit his girlfriend. “Girlfriend?” You mumbled. 

You went to the source and saw everyone speculating that it wasn’t you but Zendaya was a favorable candidate.  You threw your phone down and started sobbing, “I’m such an idiot.”

You contemplated texting him and Zendaya but you didn’t want any drama so you just stared at the ceiling, you couldn’t rest because that new info was killing you. Did he really move on from you to Zendaya that quickly? Was he really angry at you for not wanting to commit? Your heart felt like it was being ripped out of your chest and thrown into a shredder. You got on your phone again, searching for more clues-but it was just like adding salt to your wounds. 

You saw that he attended her photo shoot with her and that from previous days they were all closely hanging out. The love of your life now liked someone else. 

Maybe you were thinking too much but your brain couldn’t stop piecing together everything you saw. Why would Tom tell some random ass fan that he was visiting his girlfriend? It hurt too much to think, so you wiped your tears and took something to fall asleep. 

Tom felt like shit for telling the fan that he was visiting his girlfriend. “What the hell is wrong with me?” He asked Haz. “A lot.” Harrison responded dryly. He knew that by now you heard the news and was hoping to get a call or a text from you soon but you were too hurt. 

“Y/N is going to hate me.”, “Well maybe this could be a wake up call for her. Maybe she will actually want to have a serious relationship with you.”

Tom shook his head and sat on the edge of his bed, “It shouldn’t have to be like this.”, “Don’t freak out about it.”

“But-”, “But nothing. Go to sleep mate.” Haz threw a pillow at him and walked out of the room. Tom climbed into bed and looked up at the ceiling trying to imagine your beautiful face. He gave in and called you, “Hey love we need to talk.” He said into your voicemail. He sent you a text and tried to close his eyes. 

You were his girl but you were a complicated person, he wanted to be with you and really wanted to carry things into a serious long term relationship.You were a good, sweet, amazing girl and he couldn’t ask for more but he just needed you to know that he wasn’t going to hurt you. Maybe Harrison was right, maybe hearing rumors about the fake girlfriend could make you realize what you weer losing.  

You woke up and saw that Tom had left you a voicemail and sent you a text but you didn’t care to open them. You stared at your phone and texting him back: What?

He saw your reply and called you. “Hey Y/N.” He said. You were so used to him calling you love when he answered but this time he didn’t, you sighed “What?”

You two stayed silent on the phone until you broke the silence, “So you and Zendaya, huh?”

“Eh.” He answered. “What does Eh mean, the last time I checked you aren’t Canadian.” You snapped back. “We’re just seeing how things work out.” He lied. 

“Fuck you.” You hung up and cried into your pillow. He tried calling you but you eventually blocked his number. The next few days were hell for you both but you figured you would get over it, eventually. 

You were still following him on Instagram and saw the bags under his eyes as he sat in the airport. He tried to make light of everything by making it seem like everything was fine but he was just as hurt as you were. 

A few weeks had passed since you both had spoken to each other. You missed him so much but you were stubborn as hell and didn’t want to give in. Tom wasn’t going to lose you over some stupid rumor that he started himself, so he packed his bags and headed to LA. 

You were playing with your dog when you heard knocking on your door. “Who is it?” You got up to look outside the door and sighed when you saw the familiar hat. “What do you want?”, “Please let me in love.” After making him wait a few minutes you reluctantly opened the door. He came with his luggage, “What the hell are you doing?”

He shrugged and placed his stuff by the door. “We need to have a serious talk.”

“About what? Aren’t you supposed to be with your girlfriend?”, “Can you just listen to me?”, “No because you told me that you loved me and then had the nerve to tell a damn fan that-”, “WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN?” He yelled. You folded your arms, “Fine.”

You sat down on the couch and he sat across from you. “Are you going to stop being stubborn and listen to me?” He asked. You shrugged and avoided eye contact, “I guess.”

“I am so sorry for spreading that rumor. Z is not my girlfriend, okay? We’re just friends and I am such an idiot for saying that but it would’ve never happened if you wouldn’t stop rejecting me.”

You looked up at him, “So you spread a fake rumor just to make me jealous?”
“Not at first, it was just something I blurted out like the idiot I am.”

He reached for your hands but you pulled away. “I can’t believe you.” You whispered. “I’m sorry love.” 

You both sat there in silence for about 30 minutes until your dog started barking like crazy. You got up and put his leash on, “Come on boy.” You thanked your dog for releasing you from the tense atmosphere. Tom got up to walk with you, “You don’t have to-” You sighed when he put his shoes on and closed the door behind him. 

You two walked beside each other while your dog roamed around, the slight brush of his arm against yours caused butterflies in your stomach. “We have to stop playing these games Tom.”

“I agree Y/N, I really want to be with you but-” You stopped him, “I’m ready.”

“Ready for?”, “Ready to commit.” You smiled and grabbed his hand. “That’s all I’m asking for.” He smiled and caressed your face. He bent down to kiss you, the amazing sensation of his soft lips on yours made you feel like you were in heaven. You pulled away and smiled, “So you’re mine?”

He nodded, “Of course.”, “As long as you know who you belong to.” You pulled him in again and fell into the bliss.

I really wanted to do more with this but I kinda felt like it was going in a different direction. Knowing me I might make another one fully based on the song. 


CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS MAKES HIS DIRECTORIAL DEBUT — When it’s discovered that The Hollow’s latest servant is on the loose, Freya (Riley Voelkel) places a protection spell on the compound, forcing Klaus (Joseph), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Hope (guest star Summer Fontana) to remain inside. Meanwhile, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) takes matters into his own hands when Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) is reluctant to perform a dangerous ritual needed to strengthen their defense against The Hollow. Finally, while Freya enacts a risky plan that brings her face to face with their latest threat, an unexpected twist leaves her life hanging in the balance. Charles Michael Davis also stars. Charles Michael Davis directed the episode written by Celeste Vasquez & Carina Adly MacKenzie (#407). Original airdate 5/5/2017.


Michael Gray x reader

Request: 155 &169 with Michael

Prompts: 155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”

169: “ What a pretty sight. ”

A/N: Warning kinda smutty oops! And also someone requested and Isaiah sister thing with Michael a while back so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone! Also, I broke my laptop so this is unedited sorry if there are any mistakes!

You had kept your relationship with Michael under wraps for many different reasons. But the main reason being your brother. If Isaiah had found out that you were going with his best friend, he might just about explode. Especially since he had always warned you to stay far away from the ‘bloody blinders’. Weird because he was one, always around them and your family was close with the Shelby’s.

“Hello gorgeous,” Michael whispered snaking his hands around your waist as you stood with a group of your friends and planting a kiss on your cheek. They all giggled and started whispering. They knew there was something going on but neither of you had confirmed it, you had told your best friend but no one else.

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Regrets Part 2 (Luke Hemmings)



Not to sound dramatic, but you dropped your phone. The shock had come over you like a tsunami that destroyed everything in its wake.

“Hello?” your phone spoke on the rug beneath your feet, “Y/N? You there?”

“Y-Yeah…” you gasped, even though you knew he couldn’t hear you. You slowly bent down to the rug and grabbed your phone, picking it up with shaking hands, you leaned into the device.


“Y/N, why would I lie about something this serious? He’s a wreck, he needs help.”

“Well then get him help; he’s not my business anymore.”

“He needs you.”

“I’m hanging up–”

“No!” Michael raised his voice, then softened it, “No. Just let me show you him.”

You hesitated, fully intent on saying no, but you succumbed to the temptation, Luke was your apple in your whimsical, hard, and beautiful edenic relationship. You couldn’t help but to give in. You nodded your head to no one, ended the call, and FaceTimed Michael.

Michael watched as his friend lay in his own bodily fluids, surrounded by various empty bottles of alcohol. Luke had thrown himself into routine: wake up with a hangover, go to the studio, go to the bar, come crying drunk to Michael. 

“Luke?” Michael asked to breathing body. Luke didn’t move, he groaned and let out a hiccup.

Michael’s phone started buzzing in his hand.

FaceTime Call From Y/NY/NY/NY/NY/NY/NY/NY/N


“Mike?” your face came up on the screen. Worry creased your brow. Michael turned the camera so that it was now on Luke. You gasped.

“Michael, where the fuck are you?”

You burst through Michael’s apartment door, and ran straight to the body on the floor.

“Luke?” you asked, as you pet his blonde locks, trying to get him to move.

Finally his lips separated and breathed out a sigh, “My angel… I knew you’d come to me.” He smiled and you, and you couldn’t seem to help the smile creeping onto your face. 

“Luke… we’re not together anymore…” You held his cheek, and watched his face drop as he let out a heart wrenching sob.

“There is no one else… There is no one else… There is no one else…” he kept mumbling on repeat, trying to grab for you.

“Luke– I don’t know what to do… what do you need? Just stop crying!”

Luke looked at you, his big blue eyes peering into your soul. “My love, my love, come back to me…”



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Don’t You Go- Calum Hood Imagine

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“Don’t you go and carry on with your life. It was a one night stand ‘til I woke up next to you. Don’t you go, saying all your goodbyes. I want a one night stand just one more time with you. So give me one more night with you” -Don’t You Go, All Time Low

“You know what? Fuck you Calum!” You scream, holding up both middle fingers.

“Fuck you Y/n! I can’t believe this!” Calum yelled back, returning the finger.

“Here they go again…” you hear Michael say.

“Can’t everyone just get along?” Ashton chimes in.

“Shut up!!” You and Calum simultaneously scream at the both of them.

“So sensitive gosh…what happened this time?” Luke’s asks, barely walking in the door, having missed tonight’s episode of the Calum and Y/n altercation.

So here’s the thing…you and Michael met at a party some time ago, instantly hit it off and now he’s basically your best friend. And there was nothing to complain about there, he was amazing. Who wouldn’t want him as a best friend? He was an amazing guitarist for one of your favorite bands, was super funny, and gave the best cuddles.

No the problem started when you met the rest of the band, or rather the infuriating bassist. You thought you’d get along with the band, which you did for the most part. You and Luke were cool, Ashton was always fun to be around, but Calum….Calum was a different story.

Since the day you met, you couldn’t help but feel as though he hated you, for what reason you had no idea. As far as you knew, you hadn’t done anything to him. Michael said just to ignore it, that he’ll come around eventually.

It’s been three months, and look where you are now. Would you believe that tonight’s argument began over you ordering vegetarian pizza instead of pepperoni? The mere bickering turned personal, then of course came the shouting.

“You have no consideration for anyone but yourself!”

“Are you kidding me Calum?! I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum! You have to complain about everything!!”

“What are you even still doing here Y/n? Don’t you have some place to be or is your life that nonexistent?”

“Okkkkk….now I think is a good time for some fun” Michael said, standing between the two of you. “Who’s up for some drinks?”

Now here you were, already four drinks in, laughing and dancing with the guys. Honestly, the only time you could stand Calum was when you both had some alcohol in you. It was only then you both could sort of get along, at least far better than when you were sober.

Tonight was different than other nights. Calum was a really happy drunk, always the life of the party, and always making others laugh. Tonight he even turned his charm on you for a bit, coming to sit right next to you at the bar. It was attention you weren’t used to, but more than happy to receive.

At some point during the night, all the guys found some girl for the night, occupying their attention and leading them to the dance floor. All but Calum that is. That just left the two of you. With the way things were tonight, you were fine with that.

The club started playing “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers, a song you couldn’t help dancing to.  Calum noticed you dancing in your seat and smiled. “Wanna dance?” He asked, but before you could answer he grabbed your hand and led you to the dancefloor. The last thing you remembered was your bodies swaying to the music, his hands gripping your hips, your arms wrapping around his neck….

You woke the next morning with a horrible pounding in your head. “Ugghhh” you sighed, rubbing your hands across your face. That’s when you realized you were not in your own room, and that a strong arm was wrapped around your waist. Your stirring must have woken up the stranger next to you, because suddenly he was nuzzling your neck. “Mmmm…morning beautiful”

It was then that you looked down at the arm wrapped tightly around you, that golden skin and black tattoos you’d recognize anywhere.

“Holy shit! Fucking Calum??!!” You scream jumping up, looking everywhere but straight at him.

“Y/n?” He asks, slightly surprised, but then lightly scoffs to himself. “I can’t believe this…Y/n I-”

“You can’t believe this? Well imagine my surprise. Oh my god…tell me this isn’t happening….”

“You think this was a mistake?”

“You’re joking right? You fucking hate me! And I can’t say that I particularly love you either…”

“Well I can…” He said so softly you barely heard him.  It was then you actually turned to look at him. His hand running through his hair, eyes full of sadness.

“Calum?” He was looking away from you. “Calum…look at me?” After several moments, he finally did, his eyes showing a range of different emotions you couldn’t quite place. “Calum, what did you say?”

He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, he pulled you closer to him on the bed. One arm wrapped around your waist, the other cupping the side of your face. “Y/n…I love you”

“What? Calum-”

“I love you Y/n, there I said it. Y/n-”

“Calum, stop. I mean, you can’t, you hate me!”

“I don’t hate you, I never did.”


“Don’t shut me down now, just hear me out now. I love you Y/n, I think I have since that first time we met. I didn’t know how to act around you, and I thought you were interested in Michael, and I was just so flustered, I took out my frustration on you that night. After that, I couldn’t help but act like a complete dick around you, and for that I’m sorry. I never thought you could ever like me back, but here you are…with me.” He said, pulling you even closer to him. “So no Y/n, I don’t think this is a mistake, having you here makes me happier than anything else ever could. ”

“Calum…” You breathed, tears falling from your eyes.

“Look we’ll figure this out” He said, wiping your tears.

“No…I-I can’t do this Calum. I’m sorry…I just…I can’t” You moved your hands to his bare chest, and pushed him away.

You grabbed your things and rushed to his bathroom to get dressed. When you returned, you found the bed empty. For this you were grateful. You scrambled out of his apartment as quickly as possible.

Once you were back home, it wasn’t long until Michael made his daily visit.

“Y/n! Hey so what you want to do today? ‘Cuz I heard about this new game that-oh my god what happened?” He immediately ran towards you at the sight of tears in your eyes, and wrapped his arms around you.

“Michael…Michael I did something terrible…I don’t even know what to do…”

“Oh come on Y/n, it can’t be that bad”

“No it is…”

“What did you do? I promise I’ll try to understand; you know you can tell me anything”

There was no point in dragging this out any longer. You had to tell him.

“I slept with Calum”

“You what?” Michael asked, pulling away to see your face.

“I slept with Calum. We were both drunk, next thing I know I’m waking up at his place. But that’s not all Michael, he told me he loved me, and I walked away…”

He stared at you for what felt like an eternity. His eyes seeming to pierce your soul. You bit your lip, waiting for him to say something, anything… It was you who broke the silence first.

“Well? Are you just gonna stare at me or you gonna chew me out? Y/n, how did you make such a dumb mistake. Y/n how can you leave my best friend hanging like that? Michael….speak would you?!”

He stared at you a moment longer, then said, “I’ll be back ok?” He gave you one last hug then left.

It wasn’t until the next day that you heard from Michael again.

Your phone rang while eating breakfast, it was Michael nonetheless. “Hello?” You answered. “Be here in one hour” was the only response you got before he hung up.

You were nervous as hell walking up to Michael’s front door to his apartment. You had no idea what to expect, but you knew it couldn’t be good.  You took a deep breath, then knocked on the door. Michael came and opened it seconds later. He grabbed your arm and pulled you to the living room. Luke and Ashton were already on the couch waiting.

“Michael, what’s going on?” You said, really concerned now.

It was Ashton who spoke first.

“Y/n, we need to talk…” He said, standing up.

“It’s about Calum.” Luke added, standing up as well.

“Y/n, he's…well not himself right now. He needs you more than ever.” Michael finished.

“Woah…guys…if anything I’m the last person he wants to see. I’m sure you guys know everything by now, so you should know that.” You exclaimed, putting your hands up in defeat.

They all looked at each other, then back at you.

“What?” You asked, unsure of what was happening.

“Y/n, you haven’t talked to Calum have you?” Michael asked you.

“No…why would I? Even before this drama he’d never call me…” You were really getting worried now.

Luke sighed and pulled out his phone. You heard the familiar beep indicating he was making a face time call. Michael pulled you to the couch, sitting you next to Luke to where you could see the screen but the camera couldn’t see you. After a few seconds Calum answered.

“Hey Luke, what’s going on?” Calum said in a husky voice. He was lying in bed, hair a mess, dark circles under his red rimmed eyes, and eyes still full of the sadness you saw the last time you were with Calum.

“Hey man, how you doing?” Luke timidly asked.

Calum gave a low humorless chuckle. “Been better. You know this.” Calum sighed and closed his eyes. After several long moments he started talking again. “I just can’t believe what happened. I was such a douche bag to her, and I regret that every day. I never meant any of that stuff…and I know it was just the alcohol, and just some random one time thing, but I still want her here with me. Her face being the first thing I see when I open my eyes, that’s more than I could ever want. I had to tell her Luke, I couldn’t keep up the stupid act I put up to protect myself…I told her everything. I told her I loved her for fuck’s sake, and what do I get? She leaves…just like that. It’s what I deserve I guess…”

“Calum. Calum listen to me. You honestly and truly love her?”

“Fuck Luke, of course I do. Have I ever been this hung up on any girl?”

“If you truly love her, put yourself together mate. It’ll work out for the best.”

“She doesn’t love me Luke. She never will, not after how I treated her. I just have to accept that.”


“Look Luke I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later”

The phone when black, then returned to Luke’s home screen.

“See?” Michael asked.

“He needs you Y/n…now more than ever.” Luke added.

“You two haven’t always been on the best of terms. But we’ve seen the way you act with each other, errrrmmm, excluding the fighting. "Ashton said.

"Tell me Y/n, how do you feel about Calum?” Michael asked.

All three boys looked at you, concern in their expressions.

“Calum? I don’t know I….”

Memories of Calum flashed through your mind. Watching Calum play his instrument, the concentration in his expression, the skillfulness of his hands, the love he had for his instrument. You thought of his smile, how those white teeth contrasted so perfectly with his tan skin. His eyes, deep brown but always so cheery and bright. His laugh, how it could always bring a smile to your face. You thought of all the good moments between the two of you. The time you thought he was Michael and splashed a bucket of ice water on him, his sculpted muscles visible through his white t-shirt. He chased after you, laughing, until he caught you, pulling you in for a hug to get you wet too. You remembered the time you wore a short dress when you guys went out, and when you were freezing cold he gave you his jacket. You remembered the previous night, how although you blamed the alcohol, you craved his attention. You remembered the feeling of pulling him close, his lips on your lips, his hands wandering all over you, his body over yours, your nails digging into the broadness of his back…

Then you thought of the last time he saw you. How happy he was to see it was you beside him when he woke up. The sadness he had when he saw you didn’t share his happiness. Finally, you thought of the image of the boy on the screen…utterly heartbroken and devastated.  The mere thought of him brought tears to your eyes. You put your hand over your mouth, finally realizing what had been there all along.

“Y/n?” Michael asked, turning to the other boys. You looked up at them, expressions of worry, concern, and uncertainty on all their faces.

“I’m fine…I just know what I have to do” You said smiling through the tears. You ran towards the door. Stopping in the entrance, you turned towards your best friends. “Thank you…” you said, before leaving for someone else’s apartment…

You knocked on the door three times before he answered.

“Luke I said I didn’t-Y/n?” Calum was shocked to see you here, he was the last person he would ever expect to see right now. He wore only a pair of basketball shorts, his hair was a mess, and there were still circles under his eyes. Still, with one look at him, your heart pounded, and you couldn’t help but wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“I’m so sorry” You whispered in his ear, before pulling back a little bit, only to pull him back in for a kiss. He held you tightly, as if afraid you’d disappear if he didn’t. When the kiss finally ended, he put his forehead over yours, relishing in this moment.

After a moment, he broke the silence. “No, Y/n, I should be the one apologizing. After the way I treated you, after all this time. Then suddenly throwing my feelings at you like that…I don’t blame you for your reaction. Not in the slightest.”

“I realize now that I was wrong Calum, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it right away. I love you too Calum, so very much. You told me that you love me, is this still true?”

“Always” He smiled, pulling you into yet another kiss.

This was only the beginning of a beautiful relationship….


Author’s note: Guess who’s back bitches!! Lol Jk. Haven’t posted in FOREVER! I’m so sorry. Hope you guy’s like this one. I loved the storyline, and I hope I gave it justice. It was fun, and I think it turned out better than the beach tbh… Shoutout to the anon, hope you like it. Also remember guys I’m accepting all requests for the next two weeks!! Like, repost, comment, something. I crave attention haha. No but seriously, tell me what you think, and if you’d like something new! Thanks for reading!! -Lydia

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Caught - Muke

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Just look at them…how can you not want both of them to take you at the same time?

“Where the fuck is she?” Calum asked impatiently desperately needing a cig. He looked to his watching huffing once again as Luke shoved his hands in his pockets, baseball cap on top of his head as he sent the girl another text asking where she was. The guys had asked y/n to come on tour with them, mostly for the week break they had now that they were spending in California knowing she had always wanted to go to Malibu.

“Luke, go get your girlfriend,” Ashton teased causing Luke to roll his eyes flipping his friend off.

“Suck a dick, Ashton. She’s not my girlfriend,” he muttered, cheeks turning a slight red color as the three boys snickered.

“Whatever you say there, Romeo,” Michael chuckled before nodding to the elevator. “We’ll go make sure she didn’t slip in the shower or something. We’ll meet you guys over there.” Luke followed behind slipping his phone into his pocket before fishing for the spare room key of hers he had. “What do you think she’s doing up there? Usually she’s the first ready.”

“I don’t know? Why are you asking me?”

“Because you’ve known her for fifteen years? I don’t know,” Michael said as the elevator doors slid open on the fifteenth floor. They took the long walk down the hall stopping at the last door on the right, Luke sliding the key card in opening the door to the sound of Bad Girlfriend by Theory of A Deadman playing in her Bluetooth speaker she had brought from home, y/n lying on the bed with her eyes closed, shirt pulled up to her chest, bottom half bare as she pumped two fingers inside of her, moans escaping her lips. She was half dressed, face full of makeup proving she had attempted to get ready, but somewhere along the way became too desperate to finish without getting herself off. Luke quietly shut the door behind him so no one in the hallway would see or hear her, neither boy removing their gaze from her body as blood rushed to their cocks.

“Do we stop her?” Luke whispered palming at himself slightly.

“Why not see if she needs any help,” Michael muttered back doing the same as Luke, their eyes raking over her body as she squirmed under her own touch desperately wishing it was their touch making her crazy. They made their way to the bed quietly, Luke’s hand covering her mouth as Michael grabbed at her hands, y/n screaming into Luke’s hand until she caught sight of both boys, a deep blush creeping onto her face. “It’s alright, sweetheart. We’re here to help.” Luke hummed in agreement climbing onto the bed kneeling by her head.

“When’s the last time someone gave you an orgasm baby?” Luke questioned caressing her face as Michael ran his hands along the inside of her spread thighs, a whimper escaping her lips as her eyes fluttered closed.

“I don’t remember,” she muttered not sure if this was a dream, but at this point she didn’t care. It had been too long since she got off on something that wasn’t her fingers. Her eyes snapped open at the feeling of something wet running between her folds, a loud moan leaving her lips at the sight of Michael between her legs, Luke chuckling as he kicked off his shoes, y/n’s eyes snapping to him watching him touch himself through his jeans. “Luke,” she breathed out, the blonde’s eyes snapping towards hers as she let out another desperate whine before making grabby hands at his pants. He shuffled closer to her as Michael made himself comfortable in front of her of her dripping core taking his time to clean up the arousal with his tongue. Y/n unbuttoned his pants, reaching into his boxers pulling out his hard on pumping it in her hands, a soft moan leaving his lips as he watched her. She slowly slipped his length in her mouth teasing him, the warmth from her mouth causing him to screw his eyes shut in an attempt to hold himself from a release so quickly.

“Holding up there, Hemmings?” Michael teased chuckling before going back to his mid afternoon snack, y/n moaning around Luke’s cock, Luke shooting his friend a quick look before closing his eyes again throwing his head back in pleasure as she sucked harshly at the tip.

“Fuck, y/n,” he moaned, her moans becoming more needy as her body started to thrash from pleasure, Michael grabbing her hips holding her in place continuing to get her off with just his tongue. Her legs started to shake on either side of his head, Michael humming in content on being able to get the girl off, her arousal falling on his tongue that was still inside of her lapping up her cum, humming once again at how sweet she tasted. He let go of her legs moving away from her as she flipped over onto her stomach to show a bit more attention to her best friend who’s dick was currently down her throat.

“Look at you, y/n just accepting a threesome like the dirty girl you are. I always knew you were kinky,” Michael said pulling off his hat and cutoff, stripping off his jeans and boxers as well leaving him bare as he fished for a condom in his wallet. “Or are you just that desperate and greedy that you want both cocks?” He ran his fingers through her folds causing her to moan again, fighting with Luke’s hands to remove him from her mouth to look at Michael for a moment, jacking off Luke’s length as she bit her bottom lip. Luke tugged on her hair bringing her attention back to him as Michael entered her slowly, not waiting for her to get used to him once they were skin to skin, snapping his hips quickly causing a throaty moan to escape her, Luke pressing her face as close as she would go so her nose was against his happy trail, the feeling of her throat contracting around him as she choked made his legs shake.

Of course, just as he wanted to shoot his cum down her throat, his phone started ringing the familiar ringtone that belonged to Calum, Luke knowing he couldn’t ignore it answered the phone with a small squeak for a ‘hello’, Michael laughing at how pathetic he sounded.

“You alright mate? Where are you three?” Calum asked, Michael pounding into y/n as she was practically screaming around Luke’s dick, skin slapping together filling the walls of the hotel room, Michael’s fingers digging into her hips leaving bruises.

“We…the hotel,” Luke said trying his best to sound normal, but it was hard when he was getting probably some of the best head of his life.

“You’re still at the hotel? What the fuck?” Luke’s eyes shut as he held it together trying to think of something else that didn’t have to do with the fact she was now playing with his balls, on top of choking on his dick. But, when he felt her teeth lightly graze the skin on his cock before she started to just suck at the tip, that was when he lost it letting out a low moan, pulling at her hair as he came in her mouth, the line going silent as he blushed embarrassed, y/n swallowing it all, licking the tip clean before licking at her own lips, a smirk on her face as she watched him.

“What…the fuck…was that…are you having fucking sex? Where the fuck’s Michael?” Calum’s questions came spewing out as Luke watched y/n’s eyes roll back into her head, eyes moving down watching Michael pound into her causing the blood to rush to his dick once again.

“I’ll call you back, Cal,” he muttered into the phone before hanging up. Michael thrusted into her one finally time, letting go of her hips as he thrusted into her, y/n collapsing onto the bed, her arms being too weak to hold her up any longer as Michael took off the condom, rubbing at his still prominent erection as she whimpered, being so close to her second orgasm only to have it taken away from her. “Flip over, sweetheart.” She did as she was told, rolling onto her back looking at Luke, only to have Michael grab her arms, pulling her to the edge of her bed so her head was hanging off as Luke entered her pussy, Michael taking her mouth this time. She gripped onto the duvet beneath them to keep her from falling, Luke’s arms gripping her legs holding them closed and over a shoulder as he thrusted into her roughly, the new angle making her seem extremely tight, both of them moaning loudly as Michael fucked her mouth carefully not wanting to choke her too bad, knowing the position wasn’t the most comfortable.

“Fuck, you’re good with your mouth,” Michael moaned as she started to suck harshly before letting him slide down her throat slowly until he was fully in her mouth, a low groan leaving him. “Fucking hell, y/n,” he muttered releasing down her throat, y/n humming at the feeling of his cum sliding down her throat as he pulled out, y/n letting out desperate moans as Luke continued to fuck her, switching positions again to be able to kiss at her neck, her hands getting tangled in his hair as Michael chuckled shaking his head watching them as he put his clothes back on.

“L-luke…I,” she started, being cut off by his lips on hers, a hand between them rubbing at her clit as she reached her second orgasm, the feeling of clenching around him being enough for him to reach his second orgasm, releasing inside of her, lips still locked as their tongues fought for dominance, Luke’s movements halting, holding her tight to him before pulling back slightly, the two looking at each other, lip between Luke’s teeth as he tried to catch his breath.

“I-,” he started being cut off by a pounding on the door, all three heads turning to the door quickly.

“You three are un fucking believable!” Ashton yelled, Calum agreeing with him as they all laughed.

“Nice fucking job, Luke. You got us caught.”