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The Daisies Across the Street

Summary: Nico di Angelo, the town’s tattoo artist, has longed to meet the blonde florist across the street. On Valentine’s Day, Nico realized he much more prefers daisies to roses.

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TS2 > TS4 Hanging Planters Conversion 🌿

Just a little something today ~ Found these beautiful hanging planters and I just knew we must have them !! ^^/ 
I edited the mesh a tiny bit so the pot is empty and you can fill it with any plants you like !! ^^

What you get :
- 3x Hanging Planters, large, medium and small, about 20 swatches each in natural colours ~
- Hanging Vines in a bunch of different variations and shades ~

Use bb.moveobjects on and 9/0 to place them ^^

Download at Simfileshare

Feel free to tag me if you use them since I would love to see !! :3
/Recolour them but please link back to here for the mesh ^^ 

Enjoy !! ^^

P.S. thanks again to everyone who sends nice comments !! ^^ it makes me sosoo happy ~ ^^ ♡
and thanks to all the cc creators for the stuff I used in the pics ^^ @mxims @peacemaker-ic @steffor-for-sims3 @veranka-s4cc  @tingelingelater

lucismywifedontfuckingtouchher  asked:

hi! I was outside taking care of my rabbit today when i noticed what looks like a dove (?) very close to me before it flew away. I looked and it had laid 2 eggs in one of my abandoned hanging planters though, it laid right on top of some nails! I put down some of my rabbit’s soft hay for the dove just in case, but im wondering if you think the dove will move its nest to the hay?Would it be bad if I quickly picked up the eggs and placed them on the hay instead so I can take out the nails? Thanks!

The dove might move the eggs, but they’re likely fine where they are. Putting down some nesting material for it to utilize just in case is good, but don’t move the eggs - it won’t help, and if you’re in the US and it’s a native species of bird that’s also illegal to do. 


I’ve been busy working on the next chapter of Fisheye Placebo and here’s a sneak peak of some of the scenes!

This is the warehouse turned greenhouse and art studio that Jen and her roommate lives in :D

Unlike my last video tutorial, the backgrounds in these are built in 3D first so that I can reuse it for multiple panels in the comic. I plan on doing a video tutorial on to integrate 3D into 2D backgrounds in the future, and maybe give a video tour of the place! There’s lots of silly things hidden in the models :p


Gift 30 By Milla

Hello! :)
Getting the last gift! Finally this calendar (last year lol) is complete! I hope you enjoyed all the goodies … Btw, I loved to see them in your interior! You are incredibly talented and creative! ♥
I felt that something was missing to beautify the outside and created this together with love for you.

>> I edited the pillow knot textures in potoshop and you will have to do the same if you want your images look more real. Note that the knot detail is a texture, it is not 3D … It has parts where texture is clearer (that’s what I corrected). The smudge tool does the job. ;) Credits for Petunia Mae.

>> The hanging planters come with slots so that the plants can be placed in them. For hanging plant you will have to use OMSP’s to desired height. All credit goes to @yumesims (I converted from your conversion)…

>> The Wreath Flowers and Wreath with plaque are by Luna. I only edited the mesh and added recolors.

D o w n l o a d at sfs

>> Note: I’m using Reshade the images. The house is by @rubyred, edited by myself.


Parfait house part5 - library room

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Day 17 (04.05.17)

I have brought all of my sweet chlorophyll children outdoors so that they can bask in some long-awaited natural light and warmth. I shaped and put up a basic wire cage around them, but I have yet to nail it in place and add a removable top. I hope this will protect them from anything that might want to nibble on them…it will also be a good structure to drape cloth over in case there are any unusually chilly nights (which there are supposed to be this weekend here in PA). I hope to re-pot my spider plant in a hanging planter as it gets bigger! I cleaned up fallen/dried leaves with my tweezers today too. The contact lens solution bottle between the beaver tail cacti is there to keep them from leaning inward too much (they keep trying to hug each other).


etsyfindoftheday 4 | 11.3.16

theme thursday: copper finds

mirror + copper | mini planter wall hanging by snlcreations

this small copper patina mirrored cube planter is accented by a taller mirror and hanging arc to display neatly on your wall. awesome, snlcreations!