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How’re Ur Roots?

- Succulent Edition -

A few weeks ago someone asked me to post some pictures of healthy vs. unhealthy roots. I assume they meant succulents so that’s what I’ll be covering today! My mom recently got a really cute hanging succulent planter, but OF COURSE the damn thing was an overcrowded, peat moss hell. But it was PERFECT to photograph for this post…

^ Let’s start with some dehydrated roots. You can see that they’re completely wizened. They’re usually a dull brown or greyish-brown color. They are dry and sometimes crunchy to the touch. These roots here are completely dead, and incapable of taking up water. At this point, I had no choice but to cut off the entire root ball and start over again.

^ Here’s an example of the direct opposite: overwatered roots. Note how limp and squishy this big ol’ root is. It’s mostly a sickly brown, but in some spots is turning dark with the beginnings of rot. Advanced rot due to overwatering will turn roots black, gooey, and will sometimes have a bad odor. This particular plant was rescued before all of its roots were affected. In this case, I was able to simply cut away the two or three mushy roots. If ALL roots were squishy, I would have AGAIN had to cut off the entire root ball and start over.

^ Here we have an ADORABLE baby nubbin. A new, healthy root will be firm and white, with a touch of green or pink. You should be able to bend them gently and they’re usually lightly moist.

^ Remember the first photo of dehydrated roots? This is the same kind of plant with some healthy roots. Note the arrow pointing at the nice, fresh white. This is helpful in judging whether or not mostly dry roots are still capable of taking up water. If you can spot any white, those roots are okay. I ended up leaving about 50% of the roots on this guy.

BONUS! Some examples of different types of roots. The outside two are echeveria and the center is a pachyveria. These needed very little trimming – as you can see, plenty of robust, white roots.

I hope this was helpful! <3

The Daisies Across the Street

Summary: Nico di Angelo, the town’s tattoo artist, has longed to meet the blonde florist across the street. On Valentine’s Day, Nico realized he much more prefers daisies to roses.

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TS2 > TS4 Hanging Planters Conversion 🌿

Just a little something today ~ Found these beautiful hanging planters and I just knew we must have them !! ^^/ 
I edited the mesh a tiny bit so the pot is empty and you can fill it with any plants you like !! ^^

What you get :
- 3x Hanging Planters, large, medium and small, about 20 swatches each in natural colours ~
- Hanging Vines in a bunch of different variations and shades ~

Use bb.moveobjects on and 9/0 to place them ^^

Download at Simfileshare

Feel free to tag me if you use them since I would love to see !! :3
/Recolour them but please link back to here for the mesh ^^ 

Enjoy !! ^^

P.S. thanks again to everyone who sends nice comments !! ^^ it makes me sosoo happy ~ ^^ ♡
and thanks to all the cc creators for the stuff I used in the pics ^^ @mxims @peacemaker-ic @steffor-for-sims3 @veranka-s4cc  @tingelingelater

@chintastic, @lunagalemaster, and i got talking last night about a really cute idea and i thought i would compile it and share:

danny, tucker, and sam move out together into a small apartment - small but not uncomfortable. it’s decorated with this weird mix of all of their stuff: plants everywhere, an amazing media center, nasa posters, black out curtains, and an random ghost gear littered about. there’s a rocket hanging from the ceiling between some hanging planters, and there’s a small astronaut figure peaking out of one the plants. there’s a small bookshelf leaned against the wall overflowing with goth poetry, random astronomy books, and outdated tech (it looks like it used to be organized, but the idea was now long abandoned).

there’s a couch in the middle of the common space - worn and just big enough to fit all three of them. each of them have their own blankets to cuddle in when their watching tv or a movie, but there’s still a friendly fight over the blankets. more often than not, sam and tucker wrestle the blankets away from danny until he pouts and sneaks in with them. even tho danny’s always cold, he’s usually in the middle of the three of them. they all fall asleep on the couch often, but danny more than the others. (in his sleep, he pulls his friends close and even if they wanted to, it’s so hard for them to escape)

they try to keep the place clean (sam’s definitely the enforcer on this - she has a “look”), but there’s still light bickering among them. they don’t do laundry as often as they should and end up sharing shirts and clothes. one day while sam is away on a trip, tucker and danny go through her closet in an act of desperation on a laundry day. they appear to have no shame, sitting in the nasty burger next to the laundromat in tank tops that just too small.

sam and tucker cook their own food and danny just slims a little from each of them (and gets really weird meals because of it). they have the fridge divided so the vegs and meat don’t touch, and the kitchen is full hand-me-down fentonworks appliances. if there’s something wrong with the food it’s always the appliances’ fault, not the cook’s. danny does cook sometimes, but his specialty is fenton hot chocolate in the winter. 

they’ll tie their ghost hunting with their grocery shopping trips and get annoyed whenever there’s a ghost that interrupts any errand because who has the energy really

people are often surprised when they hear that all of three of them are living in such a tight space, but when they visit they understand: it works.