hanging out in the LIGHT

Um. I am appalled. I never seem to manage to catch the bad parts of what’s going on in this fandom (or I just follow the right people) but trust me, I am protect natasha (or anyone from the carmilla crew) at all costs squad.


7 Days of Da Vinci

Day 4: What’s your favourite relationship?

Lorenzo de Medici and Clarice Orsini

im about island boy sora visiting city kid roxas and never having seen anything like twilight town before with buildings so big and so close together and streets that slope the way they do and the nice houses and mountains all around them
so he just walks around like a literal child staring wide-eyed at everything he sees which annoys roxas cause his pace is so slow and he keeps having to yank him off the tram tracks by his sleeve before he gets flattened

hanging w the bae (her name is mille)

small empty rooms

the radio plays as
I get up and
light my first cigarette
on the cold porch
and the grey light
out over the same
street I’ve looked at for years

there is nothing out
I’m certain of it,
there has to be nothing because
there was a time
when I had beat my knuckles against
the closed
doors until they were raw
and the ones that opened
opened to nothing,

just small
empty rooms
with more
lonely people

So we all know that the twins have an adorable relationship,

but we also know that they weren’t nearly as close before the show started.

“I’m not gonna let you ruin it with one of your crazy conspiracies!

“Everything was fine until you started bringing your friends over.”

“Hanging out with you this summer’s been fun.”

In hindsight, that sheds some light on their interactions in Summerween, doesn’t it? Mabel prioritizes her crushes over people whom she’s known much longer (Gabe Benson, Marius Von Fundshauser), so it seems kinda hypocritical of her to be so angry over Dipper doing the same thing, right?

Except that Halloween is their holiday.

“Back home, we were kinda the king and queen of Trick or Treating!”

“Twins in costumes …”

“… the people kinda eat it up.” 

One of the two days in a year that they were really close, that they spent together and that they owned. That and their birthday are the two times in a year that they’ve probably always been the way we see them in the show.

“Grenda, twins are born birthday experts.”

“We’ve shared every birthday together, so we know how to make them perfect.

So while Dipper sees it as just another day now that they’re all “mystery twins,” Mabel sees it as being every bit as important as it always has been. Suddenly, her brother doesn’t want to spend the one of the year that’s really and truly theirs with her, he wants to hang out with his crush. It takes what could have been Mabel just being a total hypocrite after her actions in 2-04 and 2-10 and turns it into something oddly heart-wrenching.

Then again, what am I expecting from Hirsch at this point?