hanging out in the LIGHT


This is her current hair from what I understand. First photo from a party at her work, second from Amsterdam, third Instagram story, fourth and fifth from hanging out with friends, sixth from twitter. It appears that she had a light purple, it faded to lavender, then to a really light lavender pink. Could the top be a wig? Yes, but in the first photo you can see her scalp so she either has a really great wig maker or purple hair and potentially some extensions. I didn’t actually think it was her hair until it started fading honestly. Or there’s potentially she has a lavender wig and very light lavender hair. Either way there’s color in there, and before that I believe she had blonde in it? Her roots aren’t super grown out either, I’ve left my own hair alone for a month or two and the roots are much, much longer, so that color is newer.

-Admin Emma


i know i havent been online in a long time, but i do know and remember that a few of my friends have birthdays this month (two of them this week) so i asked to come online just to make this post, because i love them all so so much that i couldnt just let it pass (who would i be if i did, right)

so thewantonsong that tumblr wont let me tag but her name is torrie and she is such a beautiful and amazing person. so full of love and sweetness, i havent told her but i have a nickname for her: sugar plum fairy. because of all of this genuine love and sweetness she has stored inside of her. i love her, and i admire her. i love talking to her and i honestly wish operation Get ely to Oklahoma was a real thing but man would i love to hug her and be friends and hang out together all of the time. its like teres this light that shines from inside of her just reaches anyone and everyone. gosh. i am honestly so blessed to know her, she has been such a big thing this year. her friendship has been one of my favorite things this year. i pray the best for her, i pray that she continues to grow, that her light continues to grow and flow because we, and most definitely i, need a more light like torries light. light that honestly is God given. i love you torrie and i hope you know this. i know im a few days late aaaa but i do love you and i havent stop thinking about talking to you and making this post ever since last week.

THE NEXT is the one and only, the one whos birthday was yesterday and i was freaking out because i wanted to ask to use the laptop to say happy birthday but i got nervous and ended up not asking aaaaa. but im here now aaayyyeee. anyways. hemkinator. Matthew McConnaughey. UGH. you have been just one of my favorite people and things and friendships and beings that consume air and time ever. i thank God everyday that i know you, literally. youre such a special person. idek what to say darn it. heck you, why dont you stop being so amazing so then maybe i can find some words to use, huh. talking to you just makes my entire day and then makes the entirety of the day after that day and the next after that one because. idk. youre great. really great. kinda like how you repeat words i say for the entire day like a madman. like that, but with our conversations. youve been another favorite thing that has happened to me this year. hecker. youve been one of the people that has helped me get over a lot of bad things this year, so thank you. thanks for so many things. thanks for going along with so many insane things, oh gosh. youre like my partner in crime now. yeah, lets go with that. i hope you had the best day possible yesterday, and i hope this new year of life is full of good things and that Gods promises and word come to life in your life. tone down on the greatness why dont you. i hope we,re friends for a long time honestly. i cant and wont scream about phonetics and conversion with anyone else. i love you, hemkiNERD.

AND LAST BUT OH, OH NEVER LEAST is my brotha from down undaaaa (aayyee) Cory or as you know him, kokorodaki (cough kokoroDORKi cough) youve been like a big brother to me and honestly i love and appreciate your insane use of jokes all of the time. you have absolutely no idea how influencial you are to me in some things. youre the first and only australian i know i think, and i wouldnt change that for all the money and best things that the world has to offer. youve never bothered me, youve never annoyed me, youre always there even, and you admit this, if you dont know what to say. youre the older brother that ive been missing, possibly. ill give you that title. yeah. you have now become one of my tumblr brothers, officially. top tier hecker, has some of the highest heck ranks that ive seen in all my time on earth and as heck queen. you and ian have also given me one of my now all time favorite nicknames ever, and i never forget it and i use for a lot of usernames now lolol. youre great. some would spectacular and special, and i would absolutely agree on that. and yes, yes. i do know that youre birthday is in a week or so. but thats why im doing this now. i have no idea if ill personally be able to say happy birthday a week from now, and you know what, you deserve to hear this even if its not your birthday. love you bro. have a good one.

i love you all so much, but you already knew that.

I wish idols could vent to their fans without being judged. It must be so hard to pretend to be happy to hundreds of thousands of people who expect you to be some kind of perfect famous being.
I wish idols could hang out with their fans when theyre feeling down so we can try to light up their world the way they have lightened ours.

Rest in Peace Chester you saved our lives yet we were unable to return the favor.

Tip if you live with room mates or parents:

Make your bedroom your SANCTUARY. Make a place you want to go to at the end of the day to relax, having a dirty room is so stressful. And I get it, you sit there and stare at it, but don’t tackle the clutter because it’s overwhelming. My advice, just start somewhere. Even if it takes you a few days. GET RID OF STUFF YOU DON’T NEED. Minimize your belongings. (Read DO LESS by Rachel Jonat. It has seriously changed my view on organization and clutter and has opened my habits and my mind to minimalism) I donate all of my unused but salvageable goods to thrift stores, because keeping them around to try and sell them can cause you to continue to be overwhelmed.
Then, once you’re room is cleaned, let your bed be your bed. It’s for sleeping and lounging only. Try to get a good desk for homework and study.
Then for decorations
GET COZY SHEETS, CANDLES, FAIRY LIGHTS, drape tulle or tapestries along your walls or ceilings with push pins or command hooks. (Small Holes in walls are easy to fix by yourself btw, just do a quick google search.)
Get a cozy comforter and comfy pillows. If you have an uncomfortable mattress, get a comfy foam mattress topper (@ target for $12) to help. Keep a little tray that you can lay your night time goodies on. Mine has a lavender pillow spray, a wide tooth comb, water bottle, Vaseline (I put it on my lips, lashes and brows before bed), and my notebook in case I have any wild ideas I want to jot down during the night.
Keep a catch all try by your door. Lay your keys, sunglasses, watch, etc. there, so you know where they are when you’re rushing out the door. Also, have a place to put your purse. If you can’t put a hook on the wall to hang it up, get an over the door hook hanger from Walmart. (I love this thing because I keep my purse, school bag, fave Nike hat and umbrella there, and I always know where I put them.
Use things like white boards, calendars, and pin boards to keep yourself organized, and design yourself a motivational vision board.
ORGANIZE YOUR DRESSER. Keep socks, undies, bras, tights in the top drawer, then shirts, then pants. But if you can, hang up tips that you know will get wrinkles easy.
Put a cozy rug in your room to keep your feet warm, but don’t forget to clean it, because if you have pets it will start to stink.
Keep clutter off your bed and DIRTY CLOTHES IN THE HAMPER. I don’t care if you need 3 hampers, idc if you need 3 hampers for dirty clothes and 2 for clean clothes, just KEEP THEM OFF THE FLOOR.
Play some chill music while you just hanging out. Light your candles, sit back, and enjoy your beautiful chill room.

Let Me Protect You - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,337

Warnings: WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms, Daddy Kink, Shower Sex, Wall Sex, Bondage, Mitch’s Scruff, Mitch’s sexy ass arms and muscles and abs and face and MITCH’S ENTIRE BEING

Notes: Holy. Shit. It’s long overdue but THAT WORD COUNT??? I am dying inside from this. I hope you dirty people like this. Please let me know because this literally killed me inside to write. 

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Street dwellers 

Growing up in France we had a lot of those little cobble stone streets. They were nice but at 2 or 3 Am after a fun night out they were magical! With the little bistro lights hanging out and no one in site and the big shadows..

I know it’s just a sketch but sometimes, sketches like this make me happier than full blown illustrations.
It’s funny what motivates us as  artists in general. It’s usually not money although being paid a lot of money is nice and most of us dream about making a lot of it with our art…. when we think about it.. but mostly, motivation comes by doing a GREAT piece of art. Further more.. the piece of art has to be great in OUR eyes. We love being able to deal with a difficult problem and find a solution we had not yet thought of, or doing happy accidents and getting a  fantastic balance between the technical and the intuitive aspect of our work.. When we feel we’ve done something better than what we’ve ever done before.. we feel good.It breaks our heart when other people don’t see that and we tend to seek other people’s approval of our art because it’s a way for us to know that the intense stories that we live in our head actually have a connection and make an impact on the outside world.BT.. public approbation does NOT make an artist happy.. IF this artist doesn’t think his work is worth it. That’s a funny thing…. you can praise heaps and heaps of compliments on someone’s work and it will feel….nice… most of the time, but it will definitely not take precedence over the feeling the artist has of his /her own work. This is where the feeling of being a hack comes from.
We always hear “no pain no gain”.. we tend to think that you have to work hard at something if you want to get  better… and when we do a piece that takes us NO effort and people LOVE it, we feel like we’ve cheated. This feeling is reinforced when we actually work HARD at a piece and people barely take notice at all.
The best though… is when as an artist you feel like you’ve worked hard, HAVE learned something AND the public recognizes your work AND you make a million bucksThen… yeah…. that’s awesome.But money alone is not a great motivator for artists.

As usual..this is just my opinion and you are free to disagree!

pidge and keith headcanons

  • pidge is lucy and keith is charlie brown
  • keith whenever he hears a weird sound: mothman pidge: i knew he’d show
  • keith always gets her peanut preferences mixed up and thinks she likes peanuts but hates peanut butter flavored foods and pidge doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’s wrong
  • pidge, with tears in her eyes and a mouthful of peanuts: i love them…they’re my favorite legumes
  • even though keith isn’t that short he is still technically the second tiniest and pidge holds this fact near and dear to her
  • pidge, sleepily walking into the kitchen: give me a boost [keith pops her up too hard and sends her flying through the ceiling] keith: shit
  • they hang out in pidge’s room and when they do they put signs on the door that say “don’t enter” and “cryptids only” 
  • when they hang out they turn out the lights and tell each other creepy stories
  • keith will get hungry randomly while they’re on missions and pidge just pulls out like three granola bars lance whispering to hunk: how did she get those
  • neither of them sleep enough so they see each other walking half dead through the ship at like 4:28 AM and they’re just like [waves weakly] hey
  • they’re both level 6000 roast masters so they insult each other all the time and shiro will be like “hey, hey enough of that” and they’re like “what? no we love each other”
  • they both are sarcastic so often that sometimes they talk to each other and they just “was that a joke” “fuck i’m not sure” “me neither”
  • keith: mumbles everyone: what pidge: god use your ears guys. he said he thinks the galra are going after the most densely populated planets first
  • [the crew goes to the beach] pidge to keith: pass me the sunscreen, scully
  • keith and pidge when any of the other paladins do anything annoying: men
  • keith: what is “truffle butter”? pidge: absolutely not
  • keith has a crush on zak bagans and pidge makes jokes every chance she gets
  • pidge: hurry up keith zak is waiting for you keith: SHUT- lance: who is “zak”… is he taller than me?
  • they’re both just. garbage goblins. there’s wrappers everywhere.
  • pidge drinks too much coffee and is all jittery and keith is the one who finally takes the mug out of her hands and is just like “that’s enough”
  • keith always gets minor cuts and scrapes when he trains alone and pidge and him have a routine where pidge kinda just bandages and disinfects the cuts and while she does that they gossip with each other
  • [pidge rubbing her hands together like a fly] 
  • pidge: that’s morally wrong you know keith: yeah pidge: let’s do it
  • shiro: you two cannot just go around asking random alien bystanders if they’ve seen the chupacabra. that is so unprofessional. 
  • pidge: were you listening to evanescence again keith, with tears in his eyes: no… pidge: give me the other earbud
  • pidge can rap the entire nicki minaj verse in monster and keith is just there in the back hyping her up
  • pidge capitalizes off the fact that lance doesn’t know who zak bagans is and is constantly making comments that imply that keith is romantically involved with him and lance keeps getting so mad and jealous and hunk is just laughing in the corner
  • keith finds pidge asleep in like, empty cupboards all the time and just. sighs and pulls her out and puts her in her bed
  • keith’s repeats the ghost adventures intro all the time bc echolalia and pidge is just like..there he is…my sweet son
The Bus Smut

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting. 

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Daddy kink, rimming, blowjobs, unprotected consensual sex

“Bye guys!” I smile, Dan smiles, waving at the enormous crowd ahead of us, flashing lights and squeals bombarding us.

We walk off the stage, and once my eyes adjust to the significantly darker lighting backstage, I suddenly become aware of Dan’s erratic behavior. He grimaces at every person who walks past us, pulling off his gold show-jacket as he speed walks into the dressing room.

“Dan?” I yell at him through the people, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, plowing past staff.


He slams the dressing room door in my face, and before I can say anything, I hear the lock click.

“Dan? Come on, what the hell is going on?” I pound on the door.

I stand there for a few minutes, assuring all the staff that he’s fine. I make up a lie about him having a stomache ache, and the stage lights made it worse.

I eventually sink to the floor, giving up my fight, talking to him through the door. I gasp for air, my lungs still not adjusting to the extremely high altitude of Colorado. Mile High City indeed.

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Andrew is at least one child's favourite athlete (Andrew and Kids Part Two)


 A young girl with leukemia, Coach Kinzie tells Andrew sombrely, wants to meet her favourite sports star. For a brief moment, Andrew assumes she’s talking about Kevin, or maybe Neil, or really any of the other players on the Olympic-gold-winning team, but a second later he realises Kinzie is looking at him expectantly, itinerary in hand. Andrew doesn’t agree outright but when he leaves, he takes the itinerary with him. He thinks it’s more than the Coach expected. 

 "What did Kinzie want?“ asks Neil later, glancing up from his phone as Andrew walks through the door of their apartment, trying to shake off a damp autumn leaf that has adhered itself to the toe of his shoe. 

 He gives up, kicking his shoes aside aggressively before handing the Make-A-Wish itinerary to Neil, who scans it and passes it back with a smile. "Well, you’re no Disney World.”

 Andrew gives him a flat look. Neil hadn’t even known what Disney World was until a couple of years ago, when Matt and Dan had organised a Foxes reunion there for their twins’ fifth birthday. 

 "I think I’m a bit old now to really appreciate all the things I missed out on as a child,“ Neil had told Andrew when they got back. "But I wouldn’t mind going back one day. It was fun, I guess." 

 Andrew had hummed noncommittally as he closed the window in which he’d been researching US adoption law on his laptop and deleted the search from his history. 

 "Kidding,” says Neil now, standing and holding his hand a centimetre from Andrew’s. “Disney World is a wasted wish, apparently. You’re the best goalkeeper in the league, Andrew. I’m not surprised you’re some kids’ idol.”

 "One kid,“ grumbles Andrew, clasping Neil’s hand briefly before retreating to the kitchen to feed the cats. Neil won’t have remembered. "And I’m questioning her taste in athletes." 

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The Marauders: Three Things Each

James Potter
•Mother hen to e v e r y o n e. It doesn’t matter if you’re his best friend or some random person who fell in the hallway, James Potter is now your mum and you can’t do anything about it
•somehow knows exactly what everyone in the Gryffindor house’s favorite food is and gets the house elves to serve it every year on their birthday without fail
•a mommas boy both to his actual mother (she tucked him in every time he was home without fail) and to McGonagall, who he’d have tea with occasionally to talk about quidditch, transfiguration, and his friends (including lily). These talks were a big reason why the boys were able to figure out how to become Animagi

Sirius Black
-loves being touched? From having his hair stroked to lying with his head in remus’ lap to throwing an arm around James after a big game. Because his family never gave him that kind of affection, so he sucks it all in when he can
-an actual romantic? Like Jily’s biggest fan, secretly reads love poems and has a huge stash under his bed, every Gryffindor guy went to him for relationship advice at least once, plans out the best dates kind of sappy romantic
-the embodiment of a puppy. He was the first one to start a snowball fight, the last one out of the water at the beach, the instigator of every pillow fight. He was always willing to hang out with the younger boys because usually they were more willing to light things on fire or create a mess than older ones

Remus Lupin
•always had chocolate. Always. All the girls knew to ask him for some if they got cramps in the middle of class. No one knew where he got it from. He never got packages of it in the mail and whenever there was a hogsmeade weekend he didn’t buy anything at honeydukes. Truly a mystery
•only wore clothes if they were soft. Also he didn’t care whose they were. Known to steal James’ flannel pajama bottoms, peter’s huge sweaters, Sirius’ silk socks that he got imported from some foreign country, and Lily’s best scarves. All at once. The layer king and also a babe
•always ready to fight. Sirius steals a piece of bacon at breakfast? Remus cusses him out. James hits him with a snowball before Herbology? Remus literally buries him under a large pile of snow that had been on the branches of the tree James was under. Someone calls lily a mudblood in the hallway? Remus hexes them so many times they end up in the hospital wing, unrecognizable and throwing up goldfish

Peter Pettigrew
•dj for every party. Had the best records, and people would have competitions over whether or not they could request a song he already had. It only happened once, and the song was an American folk song from the 1800’s that Lily had requested
•always the perfect temperature. Cool in the summer and warm in winter. This may not seem like such a big deal but really having someone around that’s always warm in winter is a 10/10 life win everyone would be cuddled up to peter like he was living furnace
•could be counted on for anything. Always had notes done, even for classes he didn’t take somehow. Ask him to remind you to do something and he would. Ask him for a shortcut because you’re running late and he’ll lead you to the portrait of the man eating grapes that the staircase to the fourth floor is behind. Most reliable friend ever which is why Lily and James chose him for secret keeper

Bonus: the marauders in general
•in love with life. Had the loudest laughs, the brightest smiles, the biggest tears. Lived everything to the fullest and without regret
•the bravest boys. would do anything for what they thought was right. Threw themselves into the fight against Voldemort before experiencing any of the world because if they didn’t, there would be no world to experience
•loved without fear. It didn’t matter who you were, once one of them loved you, you were in and they were all going to protect you. And it didn’t take much to create their love usually, just being a decent person seemed to do it. Were always loved in return, because how could you not?

I saw a Death Note trailer, and had a Thought ™. 

I’m not going to address the whitewashing since many people more knowledgable on the matter have already done so. But if you’re going to take Light, the charismatic, intelligent, handsome antihero, and make him white…

…why is he so ugly?

I’m not being shallow here. What makes Light so insidious is he’s attractive and charming and smart, so he puts people at ease. He’s an expert at earning people’s trust. But beneath that charisma, he thinks he’s better than everyone else, that he’s the chosen one, a god. Light uses his attractiveness and charm to ingratiate himself with the right people and avoid detection. His duplicity to his loved ones and his inflated sense of self-worth makes him a force to be reckoned with. 

This narrative could work really well for a white dude. I’m sure the world hasn’t forgotten the likes of Brock Turner, or the hundreds of other guys like him who hurt others and never expect to feel any consequences because they are white, affluent, and male. An Americanized retelling of Death Note–a Light who used his whiteness as a cloak as well as his charisma–could’ve presented a great opportunity to interrogate that entitlement. 

Based on the trailer, this movie is positioning Light as some sort of outcast at his school. The actor isn’t just unattractive; he looks untrustworthy, dressed in grubby clothes and hanging out alone in the schoolyard. 

Netflix!Light isn’t just whitewashed. He’s been scrubbed of the traits that make him so powerful. 

“I’m borrrrrrrred,” Sombra exclaimed over a communications channel she definitely did not have clearance for. “Pay attention to me.”

“I am somewhat occupied,” Satya responded, staring more intently at the menu in front of her. All the options sounded delicious but none of them sounded trustworthy. The waitress was beginning to tap her foot.

“You’re always busy! What happened to the Symmetra who always had time for me?”

“She was a figment of your imagination.” Satya found something she hoped would not kill her and indicated on the menu with a single finger, not trusting her pronunciation. Relieved, the waitress nodded and swept up the menu, practically skipping back to the kitchen.

“That can’t be true,” Sombra said over her earpiece. “I bet you’re up to something super boring like getting dinner.”

“I could be in a life or death situation, you have no way of knowing.”

“Actually,” Sombra said as she materialised in the seat opposite her. “I do.” She stayed there looking smug and expectant until Satya leaned over and greeted her girlfriend with a kiss. “Much better. So what are we having?”

The waitress came out, bearing what was once going to be an indulgent meal for one and, on seeing Sombra, grabbed another set of cutlery.

“Were you so lonely you could not survive a day without me?” Satya inspected the food closely, held at the end of her fork like a research specimen before taking a measured bite. It was, as the menu had promised, exquisite.

“I wasn’t lonely, it’s just I get freaked out hanging out in your apartment without you. All those light sculptures are creepy.”

“My work is not ‘creepy’,” Satya replied, insistently. Sombra was busy scooping food into her mouth, clearly having forgotten to eat today.

“It’s a little bit creepy,” Sombra insisted back, “I can’t read any of it. Those holodisks you leave around just have a neat little message that they belong to the Vishkar corp and nothing behind them.”

“They are not coded, there is nothing for you to read.” Satya explained, clearly demarcating the portion of food she intended to eat with her fork. “Once a hardlight sculpture is formed, the process of maintaining it is largely analogue. Trying to ‘hack’ them is no different than trying to discern the coding of a construction drone from a concrete wall.”

“Yeah, like I said, creepy.”

Somehow, that made her smile. “Creepy might describe your augmentations, my sculptures are beautiful.”

“I thought you liked my augmentations!” Sombra defensively covered the polished lines of metal coating her scalp, their purple glow showing through her fingers.

“I did not say I did not like them,” Satya replied, stealing a mushroom from Sombra’s side of the plate and eating it before it could be stolen back. “Just that they are creepy.”

“I’m wounded! You wound me!” Sombra replied, hands flinging up in her usual overt dramatics. Satya did not mind so much; overt dramatics were easy to read.

“I did not say they were not beautiful,” she said, pulling one of Sombra’s hands down into hers.

“Really?” Sombra asked.

“They are light.” Satya leaned across the table to trace the lines across her scalp. “All light is beautiful,” She whispered, and kissed her girlfriend again.