hanging out in the LIGHT

so i was driving back to my apt with my fluffy dog hanging out the back windows when i pull up to a stop light next to a car filled with really macho-looking men blasting music. but then one of them noticed louis and shouted in the most happiest voice ever: “PUPPY! OMGOSH PUPPY! AWW PUPPYYYYY!” and the entire car turned into a giant mass of squees

Teen Wolf Preference #100 What You Do On The Fourth Of July (Sorry to those who aren't American)

Aiden- He brings you to an open field and you do your own fireworks and sparklers.

Derek- You go out on a boat on a lake and watch the fireworks people put on from your boat.

Isaac- You two spend the whole night cuddling and watching movies indoors.

Liam- You go to the fireworks your town organized and set up a blanket while your lying on his chest and his arm is around you. 

Parrish- He is setting the fire works off in town so you go behind the scene and even get to light some yourself.

Scott- You hang out with the McCall’s all day then go outside and catch whatever fireworks you can from their front yard.

Stiles- You go to the  beach and sit in the jeep together kissing as the fireworks go on around you.

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I liked watching Ryuk and Light hang out. They were buddies. Murder buddies.

Ha, I always thought it was cute that they played videogames together.


Roman sat back on the couch, cigarette between his lips. He glanced over at the girl, quirking an eyebrow. “So uh, why do you even hang out here? I mean, couldn’t you be doin’ something more amusing than hanging out with a psychopath?” The boy smirked, a light chuckle following his words. When he expelled the smoke from his lungs, he blew it in Gwen’s direction.

✨ Finally found a plant that LOVES hanging out in my shower! Light from my window, cold and damp for the most part… He’s already been getting bigger since I got him!! Woo hoo Pothos!! 🌿🌿 Also, my sis gave me these candle holders! Cute shower times!! 💦💫

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Scenario with Taewoon and Zico, where they both like you and you like them too and have finally to choose between them. Fluffy end? I can't choose between them so, you can do it :D Surprise me xD

I hope you like it! We couldn’t choose either so me and Admin Boo played rock paper scissor to pick a winner :3 I hope you enjoy the results and the surprise!

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Hanging Lights From Hangers

Making hanging lights from recycled cloth hangers. That’s is a work from a UK-based designer Natalie Sampson. With this creative project. those ordinary hangers create beautiful patterns from your hanging lights. Check out more details of the project and many others on the website here. I am… keep reading


I’ve seen the I am Techblr hashtag going around recently and decided to contribute! I’m so happy to see all the different sorts of people we have working backstage in this tag!

I’m Caitlin, and I’m a lesbian costume designer/sound designer/director in the northern New Jersey area! I’m a recent college grad with a degree in Broadcasting looking for work in the TV or theatrical fields. I’ve recently also begun to learn about lighting operations and stage managing!

1) Hanging out in the booth before The Importance of Being Earnest.

2) My second and most recent lead costuming job for Pippin! One of my favorite shows to work on.

3) A spread of flower crowns and sashes I made for featured dance soloists in Pippin.

4) My first ever solo costuming job! Crossing Delancey.

5) Hanging out backstage last summer at Les Miserables with my favorite Javert ever, Anthony Logan Cole.

6) An ad for said production of Les Miserables!


Welcome to Jimmy Eat July

Or maybe July Eat World? Good evening folks, I’m bored, and it’s summer. You know what that means, time to kick out the jams (motherfucker). And as everyone knows (or at least should know), Jimmy Eat World are the best music for summer evenings. From their early emo masterpieces to pop punk and alt rock anthems and even on to later catchy power pop and indie rock choruses, they always have a way of capturing a specific atmosphere, and to me that is midsummer evenings. You know, when the sun’s setting and it’s actually nice out, there’s a light cool breeze and you’re hanging out with the people or person you care about most in a grassy field as you stare off at the horizon wondering how your life is gonna turn out. That beautifully disgusting nostalgic feeling. Most emo from around this time is really good at that (lookin’ at you American Football and Sunny Day Real Estate) but JEW do it in a whole new popier way.

So many have been influenced by their sound, from third wave emo bands like Taking Back Sunday, The Movielife, and Brand New to more recent emo-leaning pop punk bands like The Wonder Years, Real Friends, and Candy Hearts. Basically, I really love Jimmy Eat World so I’m gonna try to share a song from them every day so maybe somebody will come to see how amazing they are and come to love them the way I do. Maybe I’m just biased cause they’re from my home state but man do they bring the tunes. So without further ado…

Jimmy Eat World’s second album, Static Prevails, really feels like their debut release. It’s erratic, a little disjointed, but very powerful and raw and really shows what the band would become. Lots of emotion coming through, and probably their heaviest release to date. Released in 1997 near the height of second-wave emo, the record was pretty largely overlooked and the band were compared to similar bands of the time like The Get Up Kids, Texas Is The Reason, and The Promise Ring, who were showing just as much potential on their respective releases, if not more.

To kick things off I picked the album’s (kind of) title track, World Is Static. I think this showcases a good amount of the band’s potential here, while also showing off their more punk influences. The slower, tamer, instrumental at the opening is something they would come to perfect on their next release, and then it just kicks in, blaring guitars and vocals alike. You can really hear influence from early 90s post-hardcore acts such as Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, and Nation of Ulysses in the main riff there, as well as the harsher vocals on the track. Despite the attack the song has, it still has a soothing, melodic chorus, layered with multiple vocals, which it ends with as it fades into In the Same Room, making for a nice contrast in a punky, upbeat song and coming full circle from the softer buildup of the intro. Not as much 80s pop influence here as there is in a lot of their stuff, but the album was definitely not devoid of it as we’ll see tomorrow if I decide to keep doing this. I think the song is a good snapshot of the band’s punk roots as well as a glimpse of things to come. There is a lot of promise here, but they were really only scratching the surface on this record. Sooo uhh yeah I’m sure nobody is gonna read this. But I like sharing even if it’s with no one, which is why I talk to myself a lot. Anyway, tune in tomorrow for more rad sunset jams. I’ll try to make it less wordy.

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If you could tell anyone anything, who would it be and what would you say?

hmmm. this is quite a good question. um…I have lots of things that I would say to lots of people…but one specific person and thing? hmm…I think I would tell Nessa that I think she is such a super cool person, and I miss hanging out with her. She’s such a little beam of light. :)

i get it, i’m weird. not the right weird, not the weird you like, i’m weird weird. my weirdness isn’t commercial nor is it bankable under any angle. i like simple things yet i express it in the most complex ways, just to differ from the pack, or so it may seem, i’m so out of touch with the pack i may actually be an angry loner. that’s an actual thing.
so yea, i’m not cool weird, i’m aggressive secretive weird. i like to smoke and drink tea while listening to post-rock and dream-pop, wondering what the perfect version of me is doing right now.
i don’t like art-porn, i like actual porn, charley chase and nat nice. i don’t get art, i get bart and lisa and homer and marjorie. the marathon runs every single day here, in the dark or in broad day light. i don’t hang out with hipsters, i walk around with slightly sociable nerds humming themes from f-zero and super soccer. and my kind of party is getting drunk outdoors and taking group selfies with other weirdos, to the rythm of my lust-less wandering.
i like chicks with a story who’ve been wearing the same vans eras and thrift army jacket for six years, who keep their tweets to themselves and reply to the vaguest texts in less than five minutes.
i’m bad at parties, i can’t even get in most of the time and i never fight it.
catch me at the cdg store at 11am on a thursday.