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“Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your home becomes your story" —Designer Erin Flett 

Here’s a few tips on how to achieve The Thrifty Thrill aesthetic: 

  • Step 1 – Collect everything; shells, stones, jewelry, stickers, trinkets, pictures, plants, and so on. Never stop collecting things you like. 
  • Step 2 – Collect plates, trays, shelves, wall hangings, mannequins, dishes, cups and other containers to hold or display your collections. *Make sure to put similar items together - Keeps you organized!
  • Step 3 – Use every inch of your dresser and every foot of your room to showcase your collections! 
  • Step 4 – SHOP AT THRIFT STORES to start or add to your collections!

anonymous asked:

so shotty do any of the other cups fit your fancy?

“Not really, no. I haven’t exactly talked to the lot of them. But they’re all pretty nice looking, I’ll tell ya that. That ink demon is an acception, he hangs around the cups pretty often. I like his bowtie.”

silverseamoons  asked:

#65 with Happy, please. And if it gets smutty, that's ok too.

  • #65: Reader getting the Character’s crow

You were laying atop the pool table, only you and Happy in the clubhouse. Your shirt and bra were bunched into a pile next to your head. You were staring up at the lights hanging above you and cupping your right breast as Happy’s face was leaning between you cleavage, the buzz of his tattoo gun echoing throughout the room. You cringed as he grazed along your ribs but you kept quiet. You clamped your eyes shut and reminisced on all the decisions that led you here.

When you met Happy you had zero pieces of body art. That was what originally attracted you to him. He was covered. From head to toe. Every time you saw him shirtless you shuddered. You’d never forget the first time you slept with him. He stopped in the middle of everything when he realized you didn’t have any tattoos. The heat and lust in his eyes after coming to the revelation scared you a tad. He muttered something along the lines of you being his blank canvas. From that point on he made it his life’s mission to decorate your skin. He showed you design after design but you turned every single one of them. Two years sped by and he finally showed you something that you okayed.

Now, that’s the compact version of how you found yourself lying on this table. Happy was tattooing his crow onto you. You understood the significance. You’d been around the club long enough to accept their customs. You realized when he showed you the draft up that he was serious about you. You said yes to it within seconds. You weren’t going to string him along, not if he was showing you exactly how he felt.

“You good?” He asked, pulling away from you.

You opened you eyes and gazed at him, “Yup.”

He gave you a smirk and a wink, “Almost done.”

“Yeah right.” You rolled your eyes, “I think you’re prolonging this just to keep me topless.”

He leaned forward and caught one of your nipples in his mouth and you gasped, arching up. He chuckled at your reaction but pushed you back down, dipped the needle into the ink and continued along the wing. You laid back again, losing yourself in the vibrations of his tool. After what felt like hours he finally let up. He turned the needle off and began packing up.

“You can move your hand now.” He mentioned.

You groaned and sat up, using both your hands to press your breasts down and examine the finished artwork. You admired the intricate knots he added to the body, and the swirls in the wings. You were still surprised at the size of it. It spanned the width of your chest, the wings hugging the underside of your breasts and the body of the crow between your cleavage.

“You like it?” You heard him ask.

You glanced up to find him studying you.

You smirked at him, “I wouldn’t have let you near me if I didn’t.”

“Is that so?” He grunted.

You let your hands fall away from you. You caught the subtle pause he took when your chest bounced away from your grip. You saw the harsh swallow he tried to hide. You bit down on your lip, giving him a sultry wink.
His nostrils flared and he grabbed the lotion and plastic wrap. He handed the lotion bottle to you but you shook your head.

“Nope.” You leaned back on your elbows, “I think this is a job you need to finish.”

He grunted, one of his hands dropping to his jeans and readjusting himself. You tossed your hair over one shoulder and caught him between your legs, tugging him forward. He lathered the lotion in his hands and stared down at your bare chest.

“You’re my woman.” He growled.

You let out a wicked laugh, “No. You’re mine. Not the other way around.”

His hands descended against you and rubbed into every nook and cranny. You moaned at the contact, high from the constant pain of the needle. You chuckled inwardly, feeling a bit like a masochist. Happy continued to moisturize the new ink and then wrap it up carefully. Ashe put the finishing touches on the wrap, you rolled your lower half into his. He reacted in the precise way you wanted. His upper body gave out and he fell into you, his arms barely holding him above you.

You leaned up, nibbling on his ear lobe, “How much longer do we have the clubhouse to ourselves?”

“As long as you want.” He mumbled back.

You winked, “Good. Take your clothes off.”

He pulled back, his head tilted at your demand. You yanked his face towards yours and crushed your lips into his. He groaned into your kiss.

You turned, taking a short breath, “Let me show you just how much I like my new ink.”

You felt the shudder run through his spine and you laughed out loud. You reached down, popping the button to your shorts through and shimmying them your legs. Happy snapped out of his reverie and followed suit, ready for some rowdy clubhouse sex. His favourite kind.

Wales need Bale blockbuster as World Cup hopes hang in the balance

Wales need Gareth Bale to take centre stage once more if they are to produce a stunning sequel to their Euro 2016 heroics and reach the World Cup.

The remarkable story of Wales’ march to the semi-finals hit the big screen earlier this month, offering a timely reminder of  what Chris Coleman’s men are capable of as their hopes of automatic qualification hang in the balance.

Don’t Take Me Home – the documentary by filmmaker Jonny Owen that received its general release in cinemas on March 1, St David’s Day – charts the team’s journey from the tragic death of manager Gary Speed in 2011 to the climax of their surprise run to the last four in France last year, where they were beaten 2-0 by Cristiano Ronaldo’s eventual champions Portugal.

The film ends with the team’s homecoming on the streets of Cardiff – Bale’s home city – and a sense of optimism that Wales could reach the 2018 World Cup, returning to the tournament for the first time in 60 years.

But the road to Russia has not gone entirely to script for Bale and Co. so far, and a trip to Dublin to face Group D leaders Republic of Ireland on Friday is pivotal to their qualification ambitions.

A 4-0 victory over Moldova in Cardiff was followed by a creditable 2-2 result in Austria. However, home draws against Georgia and Serbia have left Wales four points adrift of Ireland and in danger of falling a daunting seven behind at the Aviva Stadium.

Wales have a squad capable of topping a group that features none of European football's big hitters, but the importance of Bale to their chances of living up to unprecedented expectations is difficult to underestimate.

Seven goals in Euro 2016 qualifying, three in France and four from as many matches so far in this campaign - Bale has had a hand in 53.1 per cent of Wales’ goals since they set out on their Euros journey back in September 2014.

Indeed, Bale, who spent three months out with an ankle injury between November and February, is closing in on Ian Rush’s Welsh goalscoring record of 28 - a hat-trick on Friday would see him surpass that marker.

Aaron Ramsey and Hal Robson-Kanu are the next top scorers over the same period with just three apiece, playing a part in 28.1 and 12.5 per cent of goals respectively.

Compare that to Madrid, where Bale (20 per cent) has shared the load with a supporting cast of Ronaldo (45.1 per cent) and Karim Benzema (22.7 per cent) in the same timeframe, and the additional responsibility on the former’s shoulders on international duty comes into sharp focus.

But it is a role Bale has taken on with relish over recent years and, while some may suggest Coleman’s side are a one-man team, it is more accurately a golden generation enhanced by the presence of a man who, for Wales, is a once-in-a-lifetime player.

And if they are to embark on another adventure worthy of the silver screen, it seems likely Bale will be the man to prevent the credits from rolling prematurely.


Testosterone Thursday

Take Yourself To A New Level, And Let Jimmy Gopps Be Your Guide!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Titus and Lexa watching the finale like
  • Titus: Heda, why didn’t you say I love you back.
  • Lexa: Tantor don't be stupid, that is clearly an imposter of me, you know I would never leave my baby pudding cup hanging like that.
  • Titus: but...
  • Titus: Wow heda...that was deep

April 6, 2016 - Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla)

These vireos are found in areas of low scrub in Texas and Oklahoma in the United States and in parts of Mexico. Their diet is made up of insects, their larvae, and spiders, which they pick from foliage, sometimes hanging upside down or hovering while feeding. They build their hanging cup nests from leaves, grasses, plant fibers, spider silk, and sometimes paper scraps. The only sexually dimorphic vireo species, males acquire their adult plumage at two years old. They are classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN due to nest parasitism by cowbirds and habitat destruction.


Being of a rather oblivious nature, it took my manager pointing out to me that the Sherlock production base is set up just over the road from our office. We regularly get film crews over there but it’s usually Casualty - this is a marked step up! It seems to be pretty quiet and there were no paparazzi or crowds hanging around - since there’s a cut-through over the site to a footpath anyone can just walk across it. I’m surprised more people haven’t followed the pink signs over there really…


Beginning my month-long training on how to win over an old man’s heart