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the life and death brigade’s parties are usually a private affair, open only to the most wicked, most hedonistic and, yes, the richest members of the academy. this year, however, our young compatriots are feeling rather magnanimous and have, in conjunction with the apothecary, rather outdone themselves - and you’re invited ! that’s right, each and every student is invited to take part in the coven’s annual blowout. these parties are always themed, always fun, and always full of debauchery, so i hope you’re ready for it. Click below for full details!

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June 4 1998 [cont]

The room feels both barely lived in and too lived in, and L can see that at least one or two ghosts have passed through here since A last inhabited the space – and recently, at that, tainting the evidence, or stealing what little of worth they might have found.

The almost-broken window is covered in layers of faded newsprint, a few strategic strips torn for look-out holes. L tugs at the paper and rips a large chunk of it away, staring out into the darkness. The block-style building across the way is nearly identical to this one, four stories tall, the apartment windows filled with junk and hanging laundry. Candles burning like hope in just a scant few.

The rear of the building, with its single back exit, is an expanse of dirty, graffiti-adorned brick. Some of it stands out as different from the rest, though. Triggers a memory. 

In the car leaving the Manan Airport in Yakutsk. I was driving, Watari and two SIS agents as passengers (Benji, that second stand-in for L). Warehouse by the Lena River, a pattern. Six lines one on top the other, the first two lines broken. Benji said he’d seen something like it in Moscow. Now here, too. 

Six lines, the first, fourth, and sixth incomplete. L feels like he knows what it means, but the answer isn’t quite coming to the surface.

“You see something?” 

L beckons B over, points his finger through the glass at the graffiti. 

“See those lines? Have you seen any patterns like that before?”

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