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100 Things To Do This Fall

By: Maria

Fall season is officially upon us and with that comes the excitement of all the unique autumn activities we can now engage in. Thus, I compiled list of fun things to do this season with your best buddies, favorite family members and of course all by your gorgeous self-enjoy!

  1. Go for a long walk

  2. Collect leaves

  3. Have a bonfire

  4. Roast chestnuts

  5. Dance in the rain

  6. Go for a bike ride at dusk

  7. Jump in a puddle

  8. Knit something

  9. Buy a sweater

  10. Bake cinnamon cookies

  11. Make a pumpkin pie

  12. Make hot chocolate

  13. Go to a homecoming game

  14. Have a scary movie marathon

  15. Make a fall playlist

  16. Spent evening at a cafe

  17. Have a Halloween party

  18. Read a new book

  19. Go to a fair

  20. Stargaze wrapped in a blanket

  21. Have a sleepover

  22. Write a fall-themed poem

  23. Buy nice-smelling candles

  24. Hang paper lights

  25. Museum

  26. Watch a movie at the cinema

  27. Volunteer

  28. Go for a picnic

  29. Go to the library

  30. Built a blanket fort

  31. Have a fall-themed photoshoot

  32. Visit grandparents

  33. Dress up for Halloween

  34. Go to the park

  35. Take care of a plant

  36. Paint

  37. Go to the zoo

  38. Drink warm wine

  39. Go bowling

  40. Drink a new kind of tea

  41. Watch the sun set and rise

  42. Girls night in

  43. Go to a haunted house

  44. DIY

  45. Eat caramel-apples

  46. Fall asleep to the sound of rain

  47. Make a fall photo album

  48. Decorate a mug

  49. Kiss

  50. Go to a concert

  51. Buy a beanie

  52. Starbucks date

  53. Make leaf lanterns

  54. Go to the woods

  55. Make s’mores

  56. Start a new series

  57. Have a Chai tea latte

  58. Fall nail art

  59. Disney movie marathon

  60. Make soup

  61. Crafts night with friends

  62. Make a time capsule

  63. Have roasted corn

  64. Curl up around fireplace

  65. Fall shopping spree

  66. Layer

  67. Stroll in the foggy crisp morning

  68. Decorate front door

  69. Cook-out with family

  70. Trick or treat

  71. Country-side road trip

  72. Harry Potter movie marathon

  73. Get a pen-pal

  74. Go antique-hunting

  75. Have a table-games night

  76. Bake a cake in a mug

  77. Vlog

  78. Learn to make origami

  79. Pull off a prank

  80. People watch

  81. Keep a journal

  82. Spa night

  83. Create a dance routine

  84. Wreck this journal

  85. Make a throw pillow

  86. Go record-shopping

  87. Feed the ducks

  88. Write fan-fiction

  89. Scrapbook

  90. Write a song

  91. Blog

  92. Fondue

  93. Adopt a stray animal

  94. Collect and decorate room with pines

  95. Have a Sunday brunch

  96. Join a club

  97. Sneak out

  98. Wear dark lips

  99. Ride a bus to nowhere

  100. Go to amusement park

Photographer: Emily Keenan


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Protective Paper Charm

piece of paper
hole puncher

  1. light candle 
  2. decorate the paper however you’d like, adding symbols or sigils that represent protection
  3. punch hole into paper
  4. thread string through the hole and tie
  5. gaze into the lit candle and meditate on this charm providing protection from negative energies and harm for you and your home
  6. when finished, snuff out the candle and hang the charm in your home, preferably above a doorway

The Yule Tree

Pagan Tree of Life Symbol

Yule trees go way back in Pagan tradition, and generally were outdoor live trees that were decorated with hanging candles. The Yule tree lights and ornaments originally symbolized the sun, moon and stars as they looked on the Tree of Life. The Yule tree decorations also represented the souls of the departed who we remember at the end of the year. And then there is the modern day gift giving which originated from hanging sacred presents on the Yule tree as offerings to deities such as Attis and Dionysus. And to think all of this sprung from the pine groves equated with the Great Mother Goddess

Another custom dating back to Pagan roots is the burning of the Yule log. Originally the Yule bonfire was meant to give renewed life and power to the sun, thus the sun was reborn with the shortest day marking the time of year when the days started becoming longer. Traditionally Yule logs are oak, with the oak tree symbolizing the Cosmic Tree of Life, per Druid lore. Pine is also used to represent the dying Gods Attis, Dionysus and Woden.  

Yule Tree Decorated only with Pine Cones and a Star

The Christmas Tree

The Non-Christian Origins of Christmas

“CHRISTMAS (the ‘Mass of Christ’) — Clement of Alexandria (about 200 AD) mentions several speculations on the date of Christ’s birth, and condemns them as superstitious — The exact day and year of Christ’s birth have never been satisfactorily settled. When the Fathers of the Church in AD 340 decided upon a date to celebrate the event, they wisely  chose the day of the Winter Solstice, which was firmly fixed in the minds of the people, and which was their MOST IMPORTANT FESTIVAL.” ( Meaning that the population had already been celebrating a winter festival that was not Christian, ed.)

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