hangin with mr. cooper


Black Hollywood: Sitcoms

Sister, Sister


The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Everybody Hates Chris

New York Undercover

In The House


Boston Public

All Of Us

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

Dear Netflix,

We the Black Community request the following tv shows to be put on Netflix for our viewing pleasure:

Martin (R.I.P Tommy)
Living Single
The Wayans Bros.
The Parkers
The Jamie Foxx Show
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
In the House
Smart Guy
Sister, Sister
Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

I know it still exist..

Black love for me is such an old school feeling. To me, black love is simply every aspect of the 90’s. From Candy Coated Raindrops to Movin with my auntie and uncle in Bel Air, black love brings such a warm feeling to my heart. Black love is happiness, freedom, strength, beauty and last but not least, power. Black love doesn’t just exist between a man and woman, black love is simply unity within. black love sticks together. for me, black love is such a sure thing

popular tv shows: black-ish, fresh off the boat, how to get away with murder, scandal, empire, orange is the new black, the melissa harris-perry show, the game, all-american girl, treme, oz, jane the virgin, ugly betty, the bernie mac show, the hughleys, everybody hates chris, the jamie foxx show, the boondocks, sister sister, the george lopez show, that’s so raven, kenan & kel, the proud family, my wife and kids, the steve harvey show, fat albert, hangin’ with mr. cooper, the wire, chappelle’s show, the oprah winfrey show, one-on-one, moesha, the cosby show, the fresh prince of bel-air, in living color, living single, girlfriends, reading rainbow, little bill, it’s a different world, martin, soul train, family matters, chico and the man, the jeffersons, different strokes, sanford and son, get christie love, good times, 227, roots………to name a few (and without listing similar popular movies)

hollywood: no one’s going to go see movies with predominantly black or non-white casts. there’s no market for well written movies with non-white lead characters. movies that are too diverse simply aren’t bankable. don’t blame us. it’s not racism. we just can’t take the uncertainty and financial risk

Family friendly tvshows

TGIF’s 1995 lineup of Family MattersBoy Meets WorldStep By Step & Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper was marvelous (Dinosaurs was also in there at some point). It crushes our hearts to realize that never again will a late night schedule be good enough to keep us home on a Friday. I believe this is why so many of us get slammered drunk on Friday nights. As a coping mechanism to block out memories of the greatness that used to be Friday evenings. I’ve tried to stay in and watch the malarkey that comes on currently  and all I can say is… Stay thirsty, my friends.

Is Raven still doing Sister Act? I mean I’m sure the casting called for an African American woman so she better drop that.

She better not do any more auditions/take anymore rolls calling for African Americans. Taking away opportunities for actual African American girls. 

She better donate her royalties where she was casted as/auditioned for the role of an African American girl (The Cosby Show, Hangin with Mr. Cooper, That’s So Raven, etc.) 

Netflix has TV shows that no one watched or knew about and lasted one season.

But heaven forbid they have Martin, or Moesha, Fresh Prince, Hangin with Mr Cooper, etc they don’t even have Friends.

I know technically its probably not Netflix fault its more likely the people who own rights to these show but damn. 

The TV category of Netflix is fucking up.